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Case Study on Animation Services

Creative Design

The Client

Outsource2india was approached by a client based out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The client owns a leading online recruitment portal in the Middle-east which is used by over 5 million experienced professionals from different sectors and job categories.

With an industry experience of more than 10 years, the client has grown its recruitment portal as a source of both local and expatriate talent, and currently serves 6,000 of the largest employers and recruitment agencies across the region.

The Requirement

The client wanted to innovate in its service sector by showcasing their service offerings through animation videos, thereby benefiting both job seekers and employers. After trialing with different service providers, they chose O2I based on our excellent creative output during the trial phase. The client was also extremely impressed with our competitive pricing, and our promise of on-time delivery.

The Challenges

During the course of the project, we faced certain challenges, including -

  • The project was to be delivered in an extremely short period of time. At the same time, our designers had no standing instructions from the client regarding their choices nor any creative input
  • Our designers had to make a lot of amendments after delivering the first draft copy of the animation, while sticking to the pre-decided time-frame
  • Owing to the nature of their business, the client was extremely busy and was willing to communicate only via email. As a result, a lot of project-related decisions had to be taken on the spot by our team

The Solution

Since time was of the essence, we had to take the following important steps in order to ensure enhanced client satisfaction -

  • We employed the best creative animators available for the project
  • All our workstations were equipped with the latest versions of Anime Studio
  • A dedicated project manager ensured the client was always kept within the loop regarding all the creative decisions being taken in-house to prevent future complications

The Result

Even after going through one stage of exhaustive revisions, we were still able to meet all client requirements in terms of both creativity and the quality of the final animation. Some of the other high-points from the project include -

  • Keeping to our promise, we delivered the final animation to the client within the mutually decided turnaround time
  • Extremely satisfied with the project results, the client has promised us repeat business every year
  • By outsourcing to us, the client was able to achieve a significant reduction in costs by as much as 50%
  • The client is now one of our largest billing clients

Choose Outsource2india for High-quality Animation Services

Even though creating animation videos is a heavily computerized activity, the animation designers at Outsource2india pool their creative talent and their ability to create touching, attention-grabbing animations in order to create something truly special for our clients.

From initial storyboard creation to designing concept arts, and from asset creation to developing the final render, our animation services ensure a high-quality output for our global clients. Contact us for all your animation requirements.

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