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Outsource2india Provided 3D Character Modeling and Rigging for an American Design Studio

Case Study on 3D Character Modeling and Rigging for an American Design Studio

The Client

Based in California, our client is a specialist in 3D graphics design and visual art. One of their primary markets is the real estate industry, where they have built a stellar reputation by providing high-quality animations, walkthroughs, and visualizations. When they team up with a company, that outsourcing partner must be able to meet the high demand for quality. So when our client was sent an important, highly valuable animation project, they found Outsource2india (O2I) and contacted us with their requirements.

  • The client required character rigging, modeling, and texture services to be performed for six characters.
  • The client would provide character details to us. This included the age of characters, required facial expressions, and other essential details.
  • Although there was no urgent timeline for these models, the client required an exact representation of their descriptions.

Project Challenges

The O2I team found themselves facing several unique challenges that had to be overcome.

  • The biggest challenge was translating the client's perceived character models into a working visual medium. Fortunately, the descriptions they provided were highly detailed, and they were also available for questions.
  • This project required a lot of feedback from the client since they had precise character models in mind, so the initial stages required a lot of back-and-forth communication.

The O2I Solution

To meet all the challenges for this project, Outsource2india developed a fully customized process to ensure everything went smoothly.

  • We assigned two 3D modeling experts to work specifically on this project to ensure that six-character models could be completed within the agreed timeline.
  • Initially, a sample of the first character model was sent to the client to ensure that they were happy with the result.
  • Once receiving the sketches of the characters, details on texture, and the character profiles, the O2I team modeled the characters using 3dsMax software.
  • O2I teams sent initial models to the client for approval before rigging and textures were added. This would allow for base modifications and, ultimately, saved time.
  • All models were put through rigorous quality control measures before sending the final deliverables to the client.

The Results

Outsource2india was able to deliver two full character models with rigging and textures per month to the client. O2I's process and transparent communication impressed the client, thus prompting them to leave stellar feedback.

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