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Articles on Creative Design

Outsource2india is hub of creative design; whether it is designing, writing, artwork, animations, or films. You can not only outsource creative services to O2I, but also learn a lot about how these services are rendered by diving into our resource pool. Here we present highly-researched articles that will help you learn a lot about the nitty-gritties of creative services.

How Can Outsourcing Creative Design Services Benefit Your Company?

Creative design services, requires possessing the right skillsets and having the required knowledge to execute projects. Read this article to learn how outsourcing your requirements can benefit your company.

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Artwork Personalization and Localization Through AI in Design

Read this well-researched article from Outsource2india to know how artificial intelligence and algorithms can enhance artwork personalization and localization in creative design.

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Make your Animation Realistic with 8 Indigenous Animation Tips

Animations are one of the most popular forms of movie making and communicating a message to the audience. It is important that animations look realistic in order to attract the audience. Read this article to know the top 8 tips to follow to ensure that your animations look realistic.

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Top 21 Graphic Design Trends for 2019

Here's a list of 21 innovative, creative, and path-breaking graphic design ideas which can help you create distinct brand identity and establish a connection with your audience.

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7 Video Editing Tips and Tricks to Make Your Videos Enjoyable

Videos are being used extensively these days for different purposes including marketing and advertising. Read some of the tip and tricks which can be used to make your videos more enjoyable.

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Top 20 Resources That Can Help You Develop Great Graphic Design

The field of graphic design is always changing and new designs keep flooding the industry every now and then. Read our list of top 20 resources which can help you create great graphic designs.

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8 Tips to Edit Drone Videos Flawlessly

Drone videography is an upcoming trend which is being adopted by many people for their marketing purposes. Here are some tips which you can follow to edit drone videos flawlessly.

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Popular Graphic Designing Predictions for 2018

The field of graphic designing has evolved and progressed in an exponential way. The major driving force has been the technological advancement in this field. Read some of the latest graphic design predictions for 2018 and beyond.

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10 Emerging Videography Trends

Videography is an intensely creative process, and recent technological advancements are allowing videographers to create innovate videos and share them with the whole world in exciting new ways.

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10 Quick and Effective Video Editing Tools for Business

Here are some quick and effective video editing tools which can be used by businesses to edit videos for their online marketing purposes.

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What are the 10 Key Elements of a Magazine Layout Design?

Designing a magazine layout can be challenging if a publishing company is not aware of the 10 most important elements of a magazine page. If you plan to publish a magazine for your or your client's business, this article can help you.

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5 Useful Tips for Magazine Design and Layout

Designing a magazine can be one of the most rewarding experiences for a designer. A great deal of creativity, imagination and thought goes into magazine creation and coming out with an affable magazine design.

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Selecting Correct Digital Artwork Format

Providing customers/users/designers with a correct digital file format is as important as the artwork itself. Read more on to know how to select correct format for digital artwork.

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6 Steps to an Effective Creative Design

Creative effective design ensures that any of your design catches the fancy of your customers and is appreciated by them. Have a look at six major steps in developing an effective creative design.

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5 Tips for Brochure Printing

Here is a list of handy brochure printing tips that can help you create impressive and great looking brochures.

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Prepress Services for Printing & Publishing

We provide prepress solutions both in print and electronic formats for directories, journals, newsletters and technical/ non-technical documents. Our solutions are used across educational, financial, medical, technical, legal, scientific and other multiple domains.

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Prepress Infrastructure at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we use the latest in prepress technology, infrastructure and equipment, to provide our global customers with fast, high-quality, accurate and reliable prepress solutions.

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Outsource Business Writing

Writers at Outsource2india are expert at writing different kinds of professional content; including white papers, case studies, newsletters, industry primers, marketing brochures, analysis reports and blogs among others.

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Outsourcing Creative Design to India

Outsource creative design to O2I and let the creativity shine in my blogs, web pages, marketing collaterals, brochures and professional documents.

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Outsource to India Adobe Services: InDesign CS5.5 and Illustrator CS5.5

We are focused on serving International customers and specialize in Adobe Creative Suite CS6, which includes Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive and Acrobat.

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The Potential and Perils of Outsourcing Writing to India

If you outsource journalistic writing, business writing, website content writing services or other creative design, expect to edit or tweak the final work according to the target audience.

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Looking for a Writer in India? Discover Diversity

With the world changing every second, every company needs to catch up with emerging technology or be left behind.

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Storyboard Tips for Short Films

Here's a list of useful and handy tips and techniques that will help you in storyboarding for short films.

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Video Editing Software Proficiency

Video editing is a complicated process that involves time, efficiency, vision, and above all else, software proficiency.

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Virtual Reality: Changing the Way We Look At Things

The promise of virtual reality is enormous, and can change the way we communicate and interact with the world around us.

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