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Outsource Proofreading Services

Proofreading Services

A badly proofread document can jeopardize the intended message. Larger the volume of content, higher the chances of grammatical and proofreading errors, though eventually, it is not about language and typos but more of textual elusiveness that most writers face. The more acquaintance with content, more punctuation, spelling errors and flawed sentences emerge. Owing to these inevitable issues, it is always suggested to avoid proofreading one's own content.

Outsource2india offers editorial proofreading services which help authors concentrate on writing structured and coherent content. At O2I, we tie it all together making it flawless and marketable at a cost-effective price!

Our Proofreading Services

We specialize in proofreading documents in various forms like novels, business, documentation, Marketing & Advertising, Newsprint and Websites.

  • Books
    • Autobiographies
    • Biographies
    • Educational
    • Fiction
  • Business
    • Correspondence
    • Job Advertisements
    • Job Applications
    • Proposals
  • News Print
    • Articles
    • Magazines
    • Newsletters
  • Marketing & Advertising
    • Advertisements
    • Brochures
    • Catalogues
  • Documentation
    • Research papers
    • Manuals
    • Reference books
    • Essays
    • Translations
  • Websites

Our Proofreading Process

Outsource2india's team has writers and editors who can work on various genres of writing. O2I has a process in place and this helps in defining the exact outlay of the edit and proofreading exercise undertaken. Our editorial proofreading services process is as follows -


Outline Editing Need

Scope of editing and proofreading project


Create Sample Edit

Sample document presented to client after edit and proofreading


Define Style Guide

Based on feedback create style guide for edit and proofreading


Plan Schedules, SLA and Cost

Set up team of editors, delivery schedules and costing


Implement Final Edit

Edit documents based on defined style guide.


Handover after Quality Check

Quality check by team, signed off for uploading


Upload Edit Documents

Documents edited in required medium, upload files based on client requirement

Benefits of Outsourcing Editorial Proofreading Services to O2I

  • Save on Fulltime Proofreaders - Employing a permanent proofreader is passé. Reach the content to O2I's team and we will proofread it and guarantee you that it is executed professionally within the stipulated timeframes
  • Engage with Specialists - Proofreading is a specialized service that closely inspects edited documents and fixes inconsequential errors that a writer may have unobserved. We arrest and purge all spelling and grammatical inaccuracies and turn the writing into accurate, articulate and highly-readable content
  • Shape Saleable Concepts - USA, Europe's team will add perfection, precision, and excellence at every stage of proofreading. We make sure that the prose is intelligently presented, error-free and carries a polished finish that can better sales and give shape to ideas
  • Create a Masterpiece - Nothing will miss our proofreaders' trained eyes! They meticulously analyze every page and execute the changes right from the most serious blunders to minute gaffes , transforming the project into a masterpiece
  • Extraordinary Eye for Detail - The proofreading team at O2I is highly skilled and emphasis on an eye for detail. They are trained to identify the minutest mistake, be it a comma, missing letters or language
  • Accurate, Quick and Affordable - We are accurate, quick and affordable. O2I's qualified proofreaders are tuned to work at a short notice without compromising an inch on quality

Outsource Proofreading Services to Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we understand the fine distinction between excellent and mediocre writing. O2I is one of the leading companies offering proofreading services in India to Travel and hospitality, Healthcare, Exports, BPO, Information Technology, Handicrafts, FMCG, Education and other niche sectors. Our proofreading services have been availed by multinational companies, students, individuals .and on some occasions proofreading for translated documents. Read our well-researched article on Proofreading and its importance in translation.

Outsource2india's proofreaders are versatile and can accommodate projects based on per word, per page, or per screen model. Our mission is to enable writers to create content that would leave a long-lasting impression and also enhance their brand equity. Outsourcing proofreading services to O2I and working with us can never be disappointing, as we are tuned to handle every form of proofreading requirements. Contact us for information on our editorial proof reading services.

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