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Proofreading and Its Importance in Translation

Proofreading and Its Importance

How do you feel when you come across a non-grammatical sentence or a miss-spelt word? It surely spoils your reading-flow and gives you an odd impression about the business or the content writer. Would you like your prospects to have the same kind of impression about your business?

As largely assumed, proofreading is more than mere spell and grammar checks. It is a meticulous and at times even more tiring and focus-demanding job than actually writing the content. Moreover, it calls for a greater dedication from the proofreader when the matter to be checked is a translated document.

So let's try to understand the importance of proofreading in an original or translated text:

Your Content Speaks About Your Business

A neatly written article, accurate web translation without any errors, or crisp business content creates a good impact on your prospects and clients. It innately suggests how articulate and comprehensive you are with the presentation of your services and products and sends out a powerful message to your audience. On the other hand, a poorly written text full of silly mistakes makes you and your business the laughing stock.

If you hold your content writer responsible for the overall quality of your digital content, think again. Your proofreaders and editors should be sharing an equal blame or praising, as they all are equal partners in crime. Content quality is not just the responsibility of a writer; it's actually the proofreader who is responsible to ensure error-free text. That's precisely the reason why is proofreading important for your business.

Knowledge Representation

A well-written and proofread copy clearly suggests that the people running a business are knowledgeable and take their work seriously. On the contrary, a poorly written article would imply that the business owners or whoever had written the article are careless with business communication and would adversely showcase their business knowledge as well.

Proofreading Is Not Just Spell Check

Proofreading is the decisive factor between a poorly presented and an effective and error-free document. However, it is a deeply conceived notion that proofreading is just spell check or checking content for grammatical errors using some automated grammar correction software. In reality, proofread document will be full of mistakes if proofreading is done just by using some automated applications and tools.

Proofreading involves checking a lot other things apart from spellings. A proofreader has to continuously seek answers for the following questions:

  • Is the essence of the text conveyed clearly?
  • Are the most appropriate words used?
  • Is there a consistency in word usage and layout?
  • Is paragraphing done properly?
  • Are the sentences too long?
  • Does the content follow any writing style guide if yes, which?
  • Are paragraph breaks appropriate for printing, or press writing, etc.?
  • Are page numbering, indexing, and other headings correct?
  • Are the images and their captions along with enclosed text accurate?

Additionally, while proofreading a translated document, proofreader has to check all this while ensuring that the original and the translated copy convey the same meaning and are free from any errors.

Effective Ways to Proofread - Proofreading Tips

I am sure by now you understand why proofreading is important for your business. But, do you still wonder how to proofread, and if there are any proofreading techniques or steps that can be followed?

If yes, one easy way is to understand how professional proofreading is done by experts and practice those proofreading steps on your own. There are three things that professional proofreaders are good at, you can take those as proofreading tips to become an accomplished proofreader yourself:

  1. Desire for Reading: Proofreaders are naturally good readers, who understand & appreciate well-written and grammatically correct content. This makes them notice and identify mistakes in any content easily, and in-turn fix them. So, start reading more often.
  2. Understanding Written Expression: Proofreaders are good with expressions, and know which word or sentence structure would convey the right meaning. So, add more words to your vocabulary to convey your thoughts with greater impact.
  3. Ease in Software Applications: Use of software and tools is necessary to make any job easier, same is with proofreading. So, you should be good at handling different software applications.

Outsource Your Proofreading Requirements to Us

Do not consider proofreading as just a spell check exercise; it is best done by professionals. Even when you are extremely convinced about the correctness of what you have written, it never hurts to get a professional second opinion, as it usually adds value to your words.

Importance of proofreading is much more in translation and online marketing; areas where written text brings you revenue. Contact us to proofread / edit your translation projects, we will ensure that your content is error-free and captivating.

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