Communication is Power

World has become a smaller place in this digital age of social networking, with ease of communication like never before. As we are closer to each other more than ever, our lives and emotions are on a wider public display, mandating the need for effective communication skills.

Be it personal or business communication through mails, written letters, chat boxes or the latest lazy-online terminology, communication is a tool for survival and co-existence in the present world. The power of language or communication is still underutilized by most of us, when there is a tremendous scope for growth. Focusing on this powerful human attribute is worth the time spent.

Local Languages

With geographies vanishing, and people representing a single globe, the need to understand each other's communication styles and languages has also gained significance. Though English is a globally accepted vital language, people these days are learning other local languages or first language of different countries to become more effective while communicating locally in various work environments and nationalities.

Language is Not the Only Means of Communication

Language is power, but communication sans language is also possible through images, signs, sounds, body language, facial expressions, and more. Language is a part of communication, but not communication in itself. Therefore, to communicate effectively with people from different places, it's important to understand their culture and values as well.

Business Communication

Business communication relies on formal communication style, yet effectiveness is the key here. Be it written, oral or body language, you have to ensure that you achieve maximum effectiveness in less words while communicating. Even if conversation is causal at times, it is mostly formal and free of slang or SMS-language.

At office or in business, different communication styles are followed depending on whom you talk to. Tonality and communication protocols vary for your employees, your co-workers or your clients, colleagues or friends.

Communication is the Best Way of Learning

All learning happens through communication. It could be oral, written, physical expressions or mere observations. Communication is power and the lifeblood of learning and acquiring any kind of knowledge.

Some of the features of poor communication skills are: lack of voice modulation, incorrect use of language, not using right style for the right occasion, incorrect body language, lack of proper intent while communicating, etc.

A key differentiator between people who are successful and people who are not is the effectiveness of their communication skills. Successful people tend to communicate with power while others lack this quality. If you lack effectiveness you may end-up sending uninspiring or even wrong messages. So always remember to use communication power in the most effective way.

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