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Over 6900 languages are spoken across the world, out of which 20 are major languages. But nothing seems to deter globalization, as economies are amazingly intertwined and people are going beyond borders to learn, travel and do business. At the bottom of all these lies language translation - a huge connecting factor.

Why Translation?

Internationalization, multiculturalism, globalization, localization, language globalization - all these are possible due to language translation. Businesses are dependent on translation if they wish to expand across the globe. Here are some reasons why you can't ignore translation in globalization, if you aim to take your business across borders:

  • e-commerce - Internet has erased borders with online trading opportunities, and you can practically reach anyone sitting in another part of the world. Though Internet is largely dominated by English speakers, major economies of the world still speak their ethnic languages. If you want to penetrate those customer pockets, it helps in a big way to speak and present your business information in their native language. This can be achieved through translation

  • Advertising - Going global with your business means that your advertising strategies need to be localized and encapsulate a local fervor. To ensure results for your advertisements, it is important that you translate those into local languages, so that it doesn't lose its effectiveness. This doesn't call for mere word-to-word translation, but some real expertise in different languages

  • Legal Translation - As people are regularly doing international business, the need for legal translation has become extremely important. You need to translate agreements, documents, policies and other important legal communications into your client's native language

  • Localization - Localization comes as a package along with globalization. To reach a global target audience, you have to localize your products, services and messages. It goes without saying that a localized approach to your business will require language translation services

The above mentioned were some of the very basic globalized business scenarios that require translation. However, global translation industry serves many other crucial requirements like:

  • Medial Translation - Sharing of medical information between countries, medical tourism and outsourcing medical transcription and insurance related work - all these call for translating medical terminologies

  • Technology Translation – Software and other technological industries seamlessly interact with each other across the world. In such a scenario, translation has become a level player that helps in sharing technical knowledge

  • Literary Translation - The history of translating literatures (novels, short stories, plays, poems, etc.) dates back to ancient times, and its importance has only grown with globalization

  • Global Cinema - With globalization, international cinema has gained access to world-wide audience like never before. Translation is used for dubbing and subtitling international cinema into local language to increase its acceptability and popularity

Language Translation Services from Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we have a team of language and linguistics experts, who speak and write different languages, and have experience in working with global clients. Our team provides quality translation services that help our clients reach global audience, by erasing the language barriers. Be it Spanish translation, German translation or French translation, we provide the most efficient translator services that will help you expand your business in the global domain.

If you want your website translated into a language your clients prefer, Get in touch with us right away!

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