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App Localization Services

Outsource App Localization Services

Localize your app to help your target audience enjoy your app features and content in their native language. We keep in mind the local sensitivities and localize apps at rates starting at ¢8 a word

App localization is a complex and sensitive service. It involves not just translating the language of an app to the targeted regional language but also pinning down the cultural rules and preferences of the region. Outsource2india has over a decade of experience in localizing apps for its clients. Our app localization services are carried out ensuring there is no change in the original intent or functionality of the application. Likewise, we ensure there is no change in the looks and appeal of the app after localization.

As a reputed app localization services provider, we bank on our global delivery centers as well as crowdsourced language experts to deliver high-quality and time-bound app localization services. Our crowdsourced language specialists are predominantly people belonging to the regions where the language is dominantly spoken. Once localized we get it validated with an independent set of experts. This ensures app quality is maintained thoroughly in the regional flavor. We have a proven track record of changing the language of apps to ensure it appeals to the specific target market.

App Localization Services We Offer

As a specialized app localization company, we have developed our expertise in app localization services by localizing apps for a wide number of requirements such as -

  1. Language Translation Services

    We have translators all over the world. Our translators cater to across 50 different business verticals around the world. We provide them with the best software to ensure the turnaround is quick and errors are few. All our translators are trained to ensure that the translation fits the exact layout, without compromising on the context.

  2. Language and Code Editing Services

    Our app localization language editing service is carried out simultaneously in the mobile app. It entails reviewing the translated content internally, merging code, copying and pasting strings, and manually taking and supplying screenshots. This ensures perfect alignment with the local needs and app functionality.

  3. Language Proof Reading Services

    This is the third stage of our service in which we have a final look at the translations to spot errors. It is done with the help of experts. The experts also ensure that the language conveys the true intent of the app's functionality. Our proofreaders also confirm that the language is adapted to the context.

  4. Cultural Preference Check Services

    With this service we the app aligns with the region's cultural needs for greater market success. We look into the varying preferences for products, foods, and even brands in a regional market. We also take into account the meaning of shapes, colors, and iconic features in the region and their cultural significance.

  5. App Localization Testing Services

    With our app localization testing service, we validate that the application is operating smoothly in a specific environment. During the process, the created translations are applied and verified with native speakers of the region. Our localization testing services primarily focus on the alignment of translations with user interfaces.

  6. Implementation in App Stores

    This service is dedicated to listing the localized app in App Store and Google Play. We do this by making use of the mechanisms such as built-in internationalization; quick export, auto layout, and auto-formatting made available in the two major app stores.

  7. Localization of Videos to Promote Apps

    Though this service is not related directly to app localization it is an integral part of app localization. We create short quirky videos to promote the app in regional language. With this service, we aid in marketing the app in the target region.

Mobile App Localization Process We Follow

As an expert app localization services providing company, we follow the following steps to app localization -


01. Project Scale Assessment

Given the diversity of the mobile app market, we tailor a specific approach to localize an app. The approach includes aspects such as the scope of your mobile app and the target region which tells us the extent to which localization is needed and the best way to meet your requirements along with specifications and time frame


02. Volume Analysis and Preparation

This is the first pre-implementation stage wherein the client provides us the extracted source content. Our team of experts analyzes the content and gets in touch with the local language experts. Once the team is briefed about the needs we go on to the next steps of localization


03. Translation and Localization

This is the second pre-implementation stage. All the information gathered from the extracted source is translated into the local language. During the process of localization, our experts keep an eye on the quality of translation and localization processes


04. Implementation of Localized Content

In the implementation stage, the localized content approved by our experts is implemented into the localized app. Every care is taken to ensure the content fits into the layout and doesn't interfere with the user experience


05. Linguistic Testing

Once the implementation is done, our linguistic team carries out a final analysis of the localized version of the mobile app to spot linguistic errors that may creep in and go unnoticed after the implementation of localized content


06. Client Review and Feedback

Once the linguistic team clears the localized app, the app is sent to the client for a final review. We seek improvements, though in most of the cases there are no major suggestions from the client


07. Implementation of Client Feedback

In the unlikely event of the client giving feedback, we implement the changes as per the client's specifications. After the implementation, the completed project is finally delivered to the client

Other Services We Offer

Why Outsource App Localization Services to Outsource2india?

Our clients outsource app localization services to us because we make app localization quick, easy, precise, and cost-effective. Some such exclusive reasons include -

  • Increase App Sales at Affordable Rates

    When an app is customized for a particular region it comes with a host of benefits. Localization ensures maximum end-user experience and therefore great potential reach to meet specific end-user needs about different cultural, age-based, and linguistic backgrounds. This leads to wide acceptance and increased sales.

  • Wide Experience in End-to-End App Localization Services

    We have experience in handling a range of app localization services. From translating to the regional language to being in alignment with cultural preferences; from changing the default currency if applicable to ensure the time and date are correct for that location, from taking into account all the differences in legal matters to assigning correct language keyboard we take care of the end-to-end requirements of app localization.

  • Vast and Diverse Industry Expertise

    We understand app localization like the back of hands because we have carried out localization service for a range of industries cutting across domains. From medicine and life sciences to eCommerce, and from finance and banking to e-learning we have localized apps for all types of requirements.

  • Expert Team of Translators

    We provide complete translation project management to our clients. With over 30000 translators across every country on our crowd-sourced platform, we provide precise localization services in hours. We dedicate a project manager to the needs of each client and so guarantee completion of work with high accuracy. All translators come on board only after meeting strict eligibility criteria for each level of translation.

  • Latest Technology

    We carry out our services with the help of the latest app localization technologies. This includes popular app localization platforms, advanced software, glossaries, and translation memories. While working with all resource file types we develop integrators specific to your requirements for your particular file formats or system. At the same time we ensure continuous localization for projects that need regular updates — or in other words, ensure both app development or upgradation and localization happen at the same time.

  • Reach out to New Users from Around the World

    A highly localized app is accepted widely by users with great satisfaction. This helps the app developer to reach out to every nook and corner of the world, which otherwise would have been very difficult because of the huge linguistic and cultural differences across the world. The direct fallout of this outreach is business growth.

  • Enhance User Experience

    Users feel handicapped when they are unable to understand app instructions properly. A correct interpretation of features in the local language makes them be more at ease with the app. This gives them the experience they look forward to and take to using the app with more ease.

  • Improve ROI Across the Board

    Localization helps to improve the ROI of a company. Since the direct impact of localization is wider acceptance, the company can look forward to more business from different parts of the world. This translates into greater returns on investments.

  • Improve the value of your app in the App Store and Google Play Store

    The value of an app in the App Store and Google Play Store depends on the number of downloads. The higher the downloads the greater is the app's value. As localization helps in a further outreach there is a significantly higher number of downloads and consequently higher value in the two major app stores.

  • Boost SEO across the board

    When there is more app downloads search engine traffic to an app's site increases considerably. This can have a significant impact on search engine rankings as domain authority receives a boost. Other sites would vie to get links from the site on account of higher SEO rankings.

  • Flexible Hiring Options

    We provide our clients with a flexible service model. In other words, our clients can get localization services for all budgets. The cost of our service is tailored to a client's specific needs such as language translation, time zone corrections, currency conversions, and so on. By outsourcing app localization services, our clients can avail of a one-stop solution for all their app localization needs.

  • High-quality ISO-certified Translation Service

    We are an ISO-certified company and hence guarantee high-quality translation and localization services. We carry out multiple levels of quality checks before closing a project. This ensures complete accuracy and satisfaction.

  • 24/7 Services

    As a specialized app localization company, we work round the clock. We work from different global centers in the world which is why we can provide services cutting across time zone differences. Our dispersed global service centers guarantee quick turnaround time to our clients. Besides assured turnaround time, we also guarantee high-quality app localization services to our clients.


The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student, Australia.
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Outsource App Localization Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has over 2 decades of experience in handling app localization as part of website translation support to meet the specific needs of different organizations across different verticals. We specialize in incorporating the correct cultural preferences by taking into consideration factors such as images and icons that are perfectly acceptable in the region. Also, integral to our app localization service is incorporating the additional language option for app store optimization. For this, we carry out keyword research in the local language and focus on creating optimized titles and descriptions to make it appealing for the people of that location. To ensure all of these we get people from that country and region involved in the project. This helps us to carry out exact translations and identify culturally sensitive images.

If you are looking for the best app localization services in India, get in touch with our experts now.

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