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Engineering Translation Services

Outsource Engineering Translation Services

Get all business-related engineering services content translated to any language with native linguists from Outsource2india at affordable costs starting at ¢8/word within a short deadline

Over the years, the engineering sector has become highly competitive and leaves little to no room for any error. It's because even a tiny error in the engineering documentation may result in creating unsafe working situations, increased expenses, legal liabilities, or even canceling projects. Furthermore, it may damage the reputation of the company and create havoc in the market. Hence, precise writing and translating (as businesses share information to other regional or international offices) it effectively is essential for any business. Hence, creating content in a clear native language builds a strong relationship with the counterpart.

So, if you lack the budget, workforce, or infrastructure to handle engineering translation, then Outsource2india is an engineering translation service provider you should partner with. O2I is a leading provider of engineering translation services in Indian who are experts in engineering translation including terminologies and phrases. With a huge workforce and two decades of experience, it's believed outsourcing engineering translation services to O2I ensures engineering translation with precision and high quality.

Engineering Translation Services We Offer

Outsource2india offers a wide range of engineering translation services that help convert your engineering documents and information into various foreign languages like German, French, Spanish, Italian, etc. At O2I, we make sure that our clients receive quality engineering translation services at flexible prices within a short time. Here are some of the major professional engineering translation services we offer -

  • Civil Engineering Translations

    Civil Engineering Translations

    Civil industry deals with structural elements that involve several people from different regions serving a wide range of diverse populations with numerous demands and needs, including the markets that are entirely different from each other. So, O2I offers an effective civil engineering translation service to create an environment-friendly workspace at your construction.

  • Electrical Engineering Translations

    Electrical Engineering Translations

    Due to the rapid growth of electronic and electrical devices in the world, companies around the globe are partnering to manufacture and sell their product to the global audience. So, O2I provides clients with electrical engineering translation into various formats like XLS, TIFF, INDD, PDF, etc.

  • Geotechnical Engineering Translations

    Geotechnical Engineering Translations

    At O2I, we have geotechnical linguists who possess extensive knowledge of soil and rock mechanics. O2I professionals provide eloquent geotechnical engineering translation in all categories like petroleum, mining, physical and chemical properties of subsurface systems, and many more.

  • Mechanical Engineering Translations

    Mechanical Engineering Translations

    We have well trained mechanical engineering linguists knowledgeable in all mechanical terminologies. They are highly educated in technical engineering concepts and make sure we offer quality translation in vehicle engineering, industrial engineering, manufacturing engineering, and process engineering.

  • Environmental Engineering Translation

    Environmental Engineering Translation

    The entire world is trying to create a 'green' environment for humankind. Regardless of the countries, many businesses, NGOs, celebrities, and others are coming together for the same. To ensure their ideas reach all people, O2I offers accurate environmental engineering translation across the world.

  • Architectural Engineering Translation

    Architectural Engineering Translation

    From Europe to the East, and South to North, we have teams who know different languages and their architectural theories. So, O2I has experts to offer architectural translations about old buildings, constructions, etc.

Engineering Translation Process We Follow

Outsource2india's quality engineering translation services are transparently provided to clients. As even a slight mistake in translation can give a different meaning, on which wrong decisions by the clients. Hence, we have a robust process flow that ensures 100% quality and accurate translations. This process flows as below -


01. Customer Briefing

The fundamental step in the process involves discussion with clients where our experts meticulously understand the client requirements. Then the convertible documents are received as an encrypted file or through a secure FTP channel


02. Data Analysis

Most of the locations will have different dialects for one language, hence, it's vital to ensure that proper dialect is used. So, after receiving the documents, we analyze the type of dialect to be used based on the target audience


03. Engineering Translation

In this step, O2Is skilled professionals perform engineering translation by defining, measuring, and translating precisely to the foreign language. Before sending it to the quality control team, they re-check the translated document to improve further


04. Quality Control (Proofreading)

Engineering concepts are very tricky to translate. This is why we have Quality Assurance teams consisting of engineering subject matter experts who proofread the translated documents before delivering to the clients. Here, we do multiple rounds of QC which ensures error-free output


05. Confidential Data Delivery

The QC'ed error-free translated documents are sent to the clients through a secure FTP channel. Then we collect the feedback from clients to see if there are further chances of improvisation in upcoming projects

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Why Should You Outsource Engineering Translation Services to Outsource2india?

By outsourcing engineering translation services to O2I, you can be assured of receiving a great quality engineering translation service. It's because engineering translation services in India and offshore are handled by the exclusive teams of professionally skilled engineering translators, proofreaders, and quality analysts. As if it's not enough, O2I offers a lot more advantages to its clients when they outsource engineering translation services, which include -

  • ISO Certified and HIPAA Compliant Company

    O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that follows international standards in delivering engineering translation services. Also, we provide HIPAA compliant services that fall in line with respective local govt, regulations.

  • Access to Professionally skilled Linguists

    O2I has a huge team of engineering translation experts who are familiar with several native languages and nuances of various dialects. So, outsourcing engineering translation services to O2I assures you of highly accurate and sensitive translations.

  • High Data Security

    While finalizing the projected deal only, we sign a transparent agreement of 100% data security and confidentiality to satisfy the clients that their data is in safe hands. Also, O2I maintains international standards protocol to secure its client data.

  • Cost-efficient Services

    One of the reasons that made us a leading engineering translation service provider is our cost-efficient services. We have engineering translators from around the globe who can translate to any language in the world. So, the clients don't have to look for other translators for multiple language translations. Additionally, we have a proven track record of providing translation offers by reducing 40% of the client budgets.

  • Highly Scalable Services

    We are aware of the fact that the engineering industry is growing rapidly. So, the translation requirements for clients may fluctuate accordingly. This is why we have a huge team of linguists, engineers, high-speed internet, and other resources to scale our operations according to client needs.

  • High-quality Services

    At O2I, we hire extremely skilled experts with years of experience and follow a proven process flow that outputs quality engineering translation services to all types of businesses.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    O2I offers top-notch quality engineering translation services within a quick time. Our experts use the latest software and tools and work with one another 24/7 to translate the client subjects into foreign languages within a short time.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    O2I has hundreds of clients operating in various parts of the world. To support each of them equally without any delay, we have a huge customer support team working in shifts to operate 24/7 and assist in resolving client queries and concerns.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you outsource engineering translation services to us, we appoint a dedicated manager for you who closely works with you. This manager travels with you throughout the project and keeps you updated at each stage along with resolving any concerns and queries.

  • Latest Technology and Infrastructure

    As O2I has been offering engineering translation services in India for two decades now, we have learned to update ourselves to pace up the translation services. So, we regularly upgrade our infrastructure system of workspace, internet, devices, and the latest software and technologies.

Outsource Engineering Translation Services to Outsource2india


I appreciate the quality of work that you have provided to us. I can understand why your work has been so highly appreciated globally and I thank you for the translation work provided to us.

Training resources organization, Las Vegas
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Outsource2india has become a leading engineering translation service providing company in the world. We have been offering quality engineering translation services for more than two decades to the global clientele. We do industrial engineering to translate for a wide range of companies like the developers of integrated technical systems or product manufacturers. O2I has a huge team of technical translators who are professional, highly experienced, and academically knowledgeable in all engineering subjects. Additionally, we also have experts who translate bills of materials (BOM), CAD drawings, schematics, and many more.

So, if your company is in multiple locations or looking for reliable, quality, and accurate engineering translation service providing company, then partnering with Outsource2india is the ideal option. We help you explore more about our translation services and how it can benefit the companies.

So, contact us now to outsource engineering translation services.

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