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Outsource Fully Managed Translation and Editing

Unhindered and precise movement of meaning and information across languages is crucial when it comes to language translation. O2I's fully managed translation and editing services give you an edge by helping you achieve the right expression, tone, and, intent in other languages. Apart from English translation, O2I also offers other native language translation services that are delivered by people highly efficient in reading and writing multiple languages.

O2I's Model to Deliver The Finest Translation Services

O2I delivers the finest translation services through a well-established network of professional translators and editors, audit teams, and project management & delivery system. Let's have a look at it in detail -

  1. Native Language Experts

    Accurate and complete translation demands an in-depth and wider understanding of foreign languages, different dialects, written and oral communication styles, cultural variations, translation styles, and greater acumen into literary heritage. O2I's professional translation experts are hand-picked keeping these specialized qualities in mind so as to ensure accuracy and consistency in the translated text/information.

  2. Expert Audit Teams

    Our audit team consists of linguistic experts who solely work on translation editing. The exclusive nature of their work makes them adept at handling translation proofreading and error handling to give zero-error translations to our clients.

  3. Post Translation Comparative Analysis

    This is a key element in O2I's translation work. Our team of experts conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of the source and the translated work to guarantee its exact similarity in every sense. They ensure that not just the words and sentences are translated correctly, but also the meaning of the source text or dictation is conveyed appropriately.

  4. Expert Editing Services

    Once the basic translation is completed, we co-drive with our client into elaborate analysis and feedback sessions to ensure that the translation objectives are clearly and completely met. This is where our expert editing team steps in to manage translation editing and do all that is needed on a feedback to feedback basis to arrive at the exactness of translation and carry the language ethos across.

  5. Project Management

    Managing the whole process, right from reviewing the source text, translation, editing, proofreading, to delivering the translated text, requires a different set of management skills. Remember that these are not just individual tasks which can be simply clubbed together and done by one person. Our project managers assist clients in synchronizing and fine-tuning the whole process to give them right translations at the right time.

  6. Customized Delivery System

    O2I is capable of delivering any required number of translated and edited words per hour/day. This ensures that you always meet your business targets on time. You can discuss your entire delivery needs with our project managers at any time of the day, and they will be ready to help you with each varied requirement.

O2I Advantage

  • Highest quality assurance and unmatched trust
  • Specialized resources including linguistic experts, editors, English translators, software experts, and translation proofreaders
  • Finest infrastructure, software, logistics, and support staff
  • No administrative hassles
  • Quick turnaround time and cost-effectiveness

Outsource Text Translation to O2I

O2I leads in delivering complete translation and editing services in most languages to its clients. We are the preferred outsourcing vendor for any text translation or document translation projects. If superior quality is what you need, get in touch with our project managers now.

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