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Outsource Property Management Back Office Services

Outsource2india has over a decade of experience at handling comprehensive client data and back office data management services. We understand that some of the biggest challenges of a real estate professional or a property owner are -

  • Answering calls and responding to emails from tenants regarding maintenance activities and general upkeep
  • Advertising on newspapers, magazines and websites regarding properties available on lease or rent
  • Offering live chat support to property owners and supervisors
  • Managing all legal issues, reminders for payments, etc.
  • Creating property related documents like rental and lease agreements and processing transactions related to payroll and property management accounting

These tasks form an important part of your day to day activities, but consume a lot of time and effort. Have you considered looking for a strategic partner who could perform a host of your real estate and property management tasks in a professional manner? If yes, then your hunt ends here! We, at Outsource2india, completely understand that it is not easy to manage your property all by yourself or by assigning the task to a resident manager. Therefore, instead of getting stressed, we advise our clients to opt for the services of a professional company that can manage properties, tenants and related stakeholders efficiently on their behalf.

Our property experts take complete care of property maintenance and ensure that you maintain a relationship of trust with your tenants and key stakeholders.

Property Management Back Office Solutions We Offer

Whether your property maintenance services requirement are, be it rental property management, professional property management, commercial property management, residential property management or taking care of the overall property management system, we have the experience and the expertise to meet all your bespoke demands. We have been providing property maintenance and management services such as:

  • Taking care of repairs and upkeep of your property
  • Collecting rent on your behalf
  • Addressing all complaints made by the tenants
  • Enabling legal evictions, if needed
  • Other tasks related to your property and stakeholders

Our in-house team consists of property management experts, property contract managers and administrators, and support staff. They make sure that all your property related requirements are addressed successfully at one place. Our services include the following (though not limited to):

  • Addressing all complaints and queries raised by tenants through email, call or live chat
  • Attending to all the repair work related to the properties that we manage in near-real-time and also provide a report containing all the updates of repair work done and pending
  • Checking the properties of our clients on a regular basis to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed immediately
  • Collecting rent from tenants and managing all documentation requirements that are needed for legal processes
  • Contacting the relevant vendors for performing maintenance work
  • Inspecting the ongoing maintenance work and organizing regular maintenance audits
  • Interacting with property owners, prospective buyers, prospective tenants, present tenants and other stakeholders and coordinating with all of them for smooth functioning
  • Making sure all our stakeholders are satisfied with our services that are delivered as per the mutually agreed SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Managing the payroll for all employees who are involved in property management and property maintenance
  • Performing the activities related to background verification of prospective tenants and buyers, as required
  • Publishing advertisements about your property in leading newspapers and websites like Craigslist
  • Undertaking complete maintenance of commercial and residential properties as well as studio apartments

Want us to manage your property? Know more about our process workflow.

Why Outsource2india for Property Management Services?

We understand that no property owner wants to handle the stress related to managing or maintaining their property. This thought drives us to constantly offer property management and administrative services of the highest standards to our customers, keeping their tenants and all other stakeholders highly satisfied, and their daily operations stress-free.

Partnering with us for your property management requirements will help you if:

  • Satisfaction of your tenants and stakeholders is of great importance to you
  • You do not have the time to manage and maintain all the properties or rental setups you own
  • You are looking for optimum utilization of resources and space for your property
  • It is of paramount importance for you to maintain a good relationship with suppliers and vendors
  • You want all your tenants' needs to be addressed in a professional manner with a personal touch
  • A congenial, healthy and happy environment is what you want for your property
  • You are on the lookout for a reliable service provider who can take care of all the stress involved in managing your property

Benefits of Outsourcing Property Management to Outsource2india

  • Outsource2india is an ISO certified company with an expertise in serving global clientele
  • We are one of the pioneers in the outsourcing industry and never compromise on our work process to ensure delivering high-quality property management services
  • When you outsource your property management requirements to us, you can expect professional and timely services for the upkeep and maintenance of your property, without having the need to invest heavily in technology, staff or any other resources
  • Having serviced international customers, we have the desired experience required for ensuring a well-maintained property and highly satisfied tenants
  • Our in-house team is well-versed in communicating with customers, tenants, vendors and other stakeholders in the language they are comfortable in
  • We maintain complete transparency in all our activities, which is why our customers trust us with managing their properties
  • While we provide full-time support to your property from our delivery center in Bangalore, our complaint redressal window is available 24 hours in a day, 6 days in a week
  • Our aim is to leave no room for complaints from tenants by providing exceptional property management back office services
  • Our dedicated property manager for your property makes sure that all aspects related to a property are taken care of in a professional manner. He is the go-to person for all your and your tenants' property requirements
  • Among the other tasks that he performs, he also takes care of accounting and reporting, reducing costs related to labor and property repairs, addressing concerns of tenants, and maintaining data entry related to payroll. Not to forget, he also takes care of all the legal aspects of your property, be it preparing (or renewing) rental agreements or issuing receipts to vendors

Outsource Property Management Back Office Services to O2I

Whether you are a real estate dealer, a property owner, or anybody who is looking for professional property management services, we guarantee effective and efficient back office services from our end that will make property management easy for you. We are also well versed in handling the financial nuances related to property management. Our vast expertise and connections with vendors has helped us gain trust of first-time property owners as well as serial investors in real estate.

Read one of our client success stories to know how we are helping a prominent US based property dealer manage over 110 properties effectively.

Contact us to get a detailed insight into high-quality and hassle-free property management services from our team, and learn how we can help you meet your business requirements.

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