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Outsource Call Center Customer Testimonials

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Quotes LeftThrough online research, and after contacting several organizations that provide Virtual Assistants, the Company finalized an agreement with Outsource2india to provide the results needed for us. We began with one virtual assistant and has since added a second with the expectation of adding two to four more additional members during 2021.

The Outsource2india team has been very communicative, patient, and responsive to our needs and has contributed to the Company's success. The Outsource2india team has found some wonderful candidates to choose from while developing their own training program to complement our needs, so that as future virtual assistants are added, less time will be needed by us to intervene in the educational process. Probably the most important aspect of our process relative to the team at Outsource2india has been the ability to think outside the box; recognize the difference between types of equipment and ask the right questions. As time has gone by, the partnership that has developed between us and the Outsource2india team has become invaluable.

The loyalty and dedication from the Team and the Call Center employees we interviewed and hired, has far exceeded that which has been experienced in the past by in-house staff members, and the willingness to learn and grow has been outstanding. We highly recommends the Outsource2india team to anyone who has the need for quality results to help grow their business.Quotes Right

Office Manager,
International Commercial Vehicles & Marine Equipments Company, Texas

Quotes LeftWe would like to appreciate your good work and the endless hours of service that you have dedicated to our company. You have all those affluences which accolades in a good and honest company.

We appreciate your positive attitude and your ability to motivate people for work. You have proved your plausible work which results in leading heights of achieving targets.

We are pleased to have your service for customer support. You deserve high praise for the way you handled the work. Thank you for giving this company your best.Quotes Right

Executive Team,
A Leading Medical Coaching Institute in India

Quotes LeftWe utilize Outsource2india to reach out to our clients and potential clients to pre-screen for eligibility and transfer clients over to us that can benefit from our services. O2I has made this process extremely easy for us. All our contacts with O2I have been very responsive and have made it a pleasure to work with them.

We would highly recommend Outsource2india to any company that is looking for additional phone agent services. They are highly motivated and do everything possible to make our jobs easier.Quotes Right

A Reputed Medicare Insurance Company in US

Quotes LeftMy name is Jeffrey Tan. I offer premium online advertising services for businesses to help them expand their reach to increase their customers, clients, and sales. I recently hired the services from Outsource2india to perform cold-calling to prospective leads for the purpose of appointment setting. I am happy with the services they provided and they carried out the cold-calling project as expected in a very professional manner and they provided updated daily progress reports. Additionally, they also provided me with audio recordings of some of the calls that they made. I am happy with the cold-calling services that Outsource2india provided and I would recommend their services to anyone looking for professional cold-calling services or any type of professional outreach service.Quotes Right

Business Owner,
Online Advertising Company, Canada

Quotes LeftOur company was founded by in 2011 on the philosophy that every individual should be treated with respect and integrity despite his or her background, identity, or experiences. By combining our specializations, our therapists help our clients in many different perspectives and increase the chances of their success in meeting their treatment goals. Collectively, we have been working in the psychological counseling sector for nearly a decade.

Not so long ago, we started out relationship with Outsource2india who help us with answering e-mails/chats texts and data entry. Not only did they do the task utmost professionalism, but also acted within the initially agreed-upon timelines regarding hiring/training and starting the process. Need I add that their services are the most affordable. They have been a joy to work with their staff. While sourcing for a partner to handle the task, I checked reviews and what I received, was overwhelming! By placing your bet on this firm, you stand to join a long list of happy clients.Quotes Right

Practice Director,
Mental Health Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts

Quotes LeftWe are a seafood import company, based in the Northeastern portion of the US. We have been a wholesaler of high quality varieties of Squid, Octopus, Crab, Cuttlefish, and more for over 35 years. Our experience with Outsource2india has allowed for our client base to become more rounded. Working with the staff of Outsource2india has truly been an informative, worthwhile partnership, which is an added bonus. All of Outsource2india representatives are extremely dedicated to making sure the correct connections are made. This is truly evident with the dedication that their staff encompasses towards reaching unique goals for our company. We would highly recommend Outsource2india for any organization looking for contact center assistance that is high in quality, willing to align with your company's needs and trustworthy.Quotes Right

Seafood Import Company, NJ

Quotes LeftI highly recommend Outsource2india. They are easy to work with. The process was easy to get started. We were able to meet and select the callers we felt were the best fit for our campaign. We were able to train them and give them the information they needed to do the job. We can listen to the recorded calls to give feedback to the callers to help them improve. The callers are professional and very good at gathering the information we requested. The reports are thorough and complete. They were quick to fix any problems we identified and proactive in notifying us of any issues and concerns.Quotes Right

Chief Operating Officer,
Drug and Alcohol Testing Company, Texas

Quotes LeftWe are a full-service agency founded in 2003. We made a transition to a multiline insurance agency grossing over 10 million in annual premium. We have grown our personal lines auto and P&C division by 30% year to year since 2014. With this swift growth came a need for diligent service within the agency. Outsource2india was recommended to me from another agency writing over 2,000+ auto insurance policies per month. They were using several O2I representatives for servicing and increasing retention among policyholders. My initial meeting with the O2I managers left me confident that Outsource2india was going to help us reach the level of customer service and retention we were seeking.

Within the first 60 days we have seen significant increases in policy count and positive policy feedback from customers thanking us for staying on top of their insurance policies. O2I took the time to bring qualified representatives into our team with the background in the insurance industry. They monitored their performance daily and constantly perfect the agent weekly. I would highly recommend O2I to any business seeking increased efficiency within their workforce.Quotes Right

Principal Agent/Owner,
Insurance Company, CA

Quotes LeftOver several months we had the distinct pleasure of working with Outsource2india to complement our lead generation efforts with targeted calling in the United States. Overall, our experience has exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend them for your consideration if you are looking for an outsourcing lead generation partner. We sell software to solve an external, technical problem. Our competition is fierce because there are many different types of solutions available from dozens of providers. Target prospects for these solutions are inundated with sales calls vying for their attention. We employed O2I to contact potential buyer or influencer leads and set appointments for our sales team. In a short amount of time, they were delivering on this objective and showed continuous month over month performance increases.

Outsource2india will take you through a very methodical process to gain an understanding of your business and your objectives and identify the right resource that matches your execution plan. They provide superlative supervision and management, providing great customer feedback aimed at improving the results that they can get on your behalf. We have been very impressed with their recommended adjustments, and the results that were achieved following them. I especially appreciated that while they deferred to me as the final decision maker, they offered a clear path to lead generation process stability: quickly get their resource trained, constantly evaluate the message and delivery to targeted prospects, then adjust, recalibrate, and provide feedback continuous feedback. This appears to work great with their own resources, and greatly improved how I could help them help us.

Outsource2india is highly effective, but most of all, they are team players invested in winning for their customers. Our experience makes referring them as an outsourcing lead generation service for any business an easy recommendation and a pleasure to provide.

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Director, Sales Operations,
Software Company, USA

Quotes LeftWe at Smart Home are pleased to partner with a company such as Outsource2india for our telephone needs. We are in a fast-paced Smart Home automation industry and rely on timely and responsive telemarketing services to meet our sales demand.

Efforts from Outsource2india has been a major factor in our success relation. They help us doing verification calls and follow up with our customers on feedback calls. The real gain we have from this relation is that it helps our team focus on what we are good at-i.e. Providing value add service to our end customers. Outsource2india's team has been extremely tentative to our needs. They are professional and communicate consistently. If you want to take out the pain of managing a call center then I can confidently recommend Outsource2india as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.Quotes Right

Chief Executive Officer,
Energy equipment and solutions in Kitchener,
Ontario, CA

Quotes LeftWe are a skincare clinic in New Jersey, USA and pride ourselves on delivering superior dermatology care to all of our patients. We continue to have a positive and productive engagement with Outsource2india. Our company has been experiencing double digit growth and we signed on with Outsource2india for help with ramping up patient bookings. We were impressed with the high level of professionalism that Outsource2india displayed in setting up and operating our customer support channel. O2I's responsiveness to our demands has been exemplary and their singular focus on customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why we expect to continue using their services for the foreseeable future. We have no doubt that Outsource2india will be an asset and a trusted partner to any business that is looking for help with customer support.Quotes Right

Skincare clinic, New Jersey, USA

Quotes LeftOur company has outsourced customer service to Outsource2india for more than a year now and continues to trust them to provide quality service.

As an e-commerce company, great customer relationships are essential. We receive calls from checkout process, troubleshooting, to post-sale customer service, and Outsource2india has helped us deliver and maintain quality image of trustworthiness. Not only has it helped us optimize our customer service strategies, the company provides us critical feedbacks, all at a competitive price. Good customer service is a sign of reliability and can make your company stand out from the competitors. As Outsource2india has delivered great performances, we invite you to consider Outsource2india for the customer service needs of your company.

Should you wish to discuss my recommendation further, please do not hesitate to email me.Quotes Right

Imports Company, CA

Quotes LeftWe specialise in the supply of construction & building materials to contractors and end users. It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to recommend the services for Outsource2india. I have been using Outsource2india for handling our customer service though e-mails and phone calls and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. They are knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly, are always punctual and always go that extra mile than what we ask of them.

I am happy to recommend the services of Outsource2india to anyone who is looking for reliable partner to handle their Customer service.Quotes Right

Construction and Building Materials Marketplace, UK

Quotes LeftWe have partnered with Outsource2india recently and they have been supplying us with a bespoke CCTV monitoring system. Outsource2india have great customer service and are available for all our needs at any given point. Furthermore, Outsource2india has become a part of our family and always seem available to help.

I am assertive about the services of Outsource2india and I can surely endorse their services. I have particularly pleased with how they have tailored their service to meet our very specific requirements.Quotes Right

Property Management Company, Nottingham, UK

Quotes LeftI just wanted to thank Jay / Customer Service Rep. who contacted me twice regarding my order status. He left me a second message today at 12:46pm (CST) with detailed information. What a wonderful customer service!! I never had this superb customer service from any other companies before.

Thank you!!Quotes Right

Pet Pharmacy Company in Florida, USA

Quotes LeftWe are powering the next generation of sales, marketing and support with P2P text messaging for businesses. With our Messenger platform businesses are able to unlock 1:1 personalized communication with their prospects and customers at scale while cutting through the noise. Teams are increasing the efficiency and performance across their respective departments while simultaneously generating more revenue. Text messaging is the new way to cost-effectively deliver customers what they want when they want it. Organizations utilizing our texting platform are building stronger relationships and meeting or exceeding their goals 4x faster and more effectively than cold calling and emailing. Our existing clients today are seeing engagement rates up to 60% and some have seen up to 23x ROI in their 30 first days of use.

After successfully gaining the majority market share within sports entertainment, it was time for us to dream bigger. Knowing well the immeasurable value that our solutions have brought to our existing clients, our desire was to grow and bring our technology to other industries. This is where Outsource2india came in to help. We had been effectively and systematically generating new leads and customers through our own outbound sales efforts, but we couldn't scale internally as fast as we wanted to. Hiring data and email specialists from Outsource2india to help us predictably scale our top of the funnel lead generation was the first and best-step to increase and maintain the health of our sales pipeline. With Outsource2india's efforts and contribution we were able to increase our sales pipeline by 41% in 77 days. In fact, their contribution has been so effective in enabling us to scale our outbound sales efforts, that we had to put a halt to their services so that our internal sales team can catch up. As a result, we are now hiring more internal sales reps so that we can run through our existing lead database faster.

For us, results speak louder than words. When the need arises for more top of funnel lead generation and database building, we will surely go back to using Outsource2india for these services. Their prices were competitive, the leadership was outstanding, and the communication effective. Most valuable to us was the flexibility and understanding they extended to meet our needs from billing cycles, to bandwidth and budgeting. If you're considering Outsource2india to predictably scale your efforts, look no further.

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Founder, Real-time Text Messaging Company,
Scottsdale, Arizona

Quotes LeftI am proud to personally recommend the services of Outsource2india Solutions to organization seeking a top-notch partner who can quickly and efficiently, deploy effective outbound communication campaigns. They were extremely easy to work with in all aspects of the campaign from being on-boarded as a new client to mobilizing and allocating resources, and finally to delivering concise progress reports on a timely basis. The representatives I conversed and corresponded with were all very amicable and yet highly professional - easy to approach as a stranger, then equally easy to coordinate for project setup and execution on a very short timetable (less than 2 days, which is remarkable).

After being caught in a tough situation where we needed to quickly dispatch as many invitations as possible to local potential attendees for an in-house failure analysis engineering event, I turned to Outsource2india Solutions to quickly scale up our outreach throughput by an order of magnitude. Not only did they deliver admirably, by quickly saturating the entirely of our provided contacts, but their calls were immediately responsible in the attendance of some of the most important guests of the night for our company.

Suffice it to say, I'm more than impressed with Outsource2india Solutions' abilities to turn a short-notice campaign in to an enormously successful one at a moment's notice if absolutely required.

If you have any reservations at all working with an outsourcing partner to mitigate some of the workload on communications campaigns, you can rest assured you are in great hands with Outsource2india.

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Excerpt from a recommendation letter,
Operations Specialist,
Scientific Innovations Company based in Korea

Quotes LeftWe offer personalized, high-quality dental care for patients of all ages. Ever since Our first practice opened in 2010, we have been providing families with quality dental care in and around Houston, Texas.

We have been associated with Outsource2india for the past 2 months to support us with outbound calling campaign and we find this company to be very effective, focused and professional. The team is highly qualified, efficient and accurate - not only providing us with daily status to keep us constantly informed but are also very attentive with any questions or additional items we may need. We are extremely satisfied with our experience and will continue to employ them for future projects. The pricing for the services needed is also reasonable and a great investment for us. The services of Outsource2india dire highly recommended and will provide all companies with great value.

Thank you!!Quotes Right

Dental Care Company in Houston, TX

Quotes LeftWe are an Event Staffing Agency. We supply frontline staff in the field of hospitality; Servers, Cooks, Housekeepers, Concession, Porters, Bartenders or anything else you may need. We recruit, train and develop the best people in the industry. We then supply you with fantastic staff at a reasonable price. Hospitality Staffing with White Glove Service! We don't just make events we make experiences.

We have been working with Outsource2india for the past few months and they have accomplished an extra ordinary effort in executing our Campaign and have delivered their skills and abilities to meet our promised targets. They have shown their excellence in delivering promises what we have made to our valued customers and also maintained the standards of quality.

The team worked together with us during the course of our business and helped us generating our revenue more than what we have expected. The team made sure that there was no compromise on Quality and the standards of International business. The communication between us was handled efficiently without any reluctance.

We like to continue our business with Outsource2india in the future so that we could recreate the history of intelligent business. We would be glad to refer Outsource2india for Outsourcing Customer Service Operations to any business organization globally.

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Excerpt from a recommendation letter,
Executive Vice President, Evet Staffing Agency, CA

Quotes LeftWe are the first Ad Exchange for High Impact Ads and are doing business with over 2500 selected publishers and networks, in Germany, Belgium, UK, USA, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, MENA, and The Netherlands.

I concur that we have used Outsource2india Call Center services, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of marketing, data research, lead generation and customer service. The team at Outsource2india displays excellent and constant communication with our team to stay current with updates and feedback. They have showed remarkable work culture and eagerness to push the boundaries of performance, making it easier for us to entrust them with additional geographies to work on. That being said, the Project Manager at Outsource2india who manages all the communication has been on outstanding at all times making sure our expectations are always met and exceeded.

I can confidently recommend Outsource2india as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field. We are considering using their services in other areas as well. Quotes Right

Online Advertising Company, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quotes LeftWe only use Outsource2india for marketing purposes and no one else due to the extremely high levels of professionalism and clear communication that they deliver on a consistent basis. We have used marketing organizations all over the world, but not one of them come close to what Outsource2india produce daily for us, I hope they will use this letter as a reference so they can grow and help other companies who struggle with marketing. Outsource2india will have a positive effect on any company's turnover I have no doubt about that. Quotes Right

Marketing Director,
Spray Foam Insulation Company, UK

Quotes LeftWhen launching our new web portal, we knew that our standard support structure would not be sufficient to handle the expected volume of user requests during the stabilization phase. We therefore needed to quickly implement a flexible support structure that complemented our own crew.

With Outsource2india we found a reliable partner who was quickly able to jump in and handle competently the first level support for our 10000+ users. The integration in our support process worked seamless and to the full satisfaction of all stakeholders. The success of this support model actually exceeded our expectations, hence we are currently considering making it part of our normal support process.

I therefore look forward to continue to work with Outsource2india also in the future. Quotes Right

Project Manager,
Non-profit organization for Healthcare

Quotes LeftWe have established a global start-up company which provides a 'Safety Connection' for anyone in need of urgent or emergency care services through a cloud based platform and smart wearable devices. Our mission is to empower both ordinary members of the public and the trained health care professionals to provide safety for their clients at the touch of a button.

The team Outsource2india have provided excellent support and always delivered an extra mile in their efforts. Right from the outset, it has been a great experience to work with the O2I team. They are proactive and enthusiastic, provided simple logical solutions and we are awed by their sheer dedication which has been the cornerstone for a long lasting successful relationship. Every member of this team has made us feel as a part of the family by their caring nature to every detail.

We wish to extend our business with Outsource2india in the future. We would be delighted to refer them for Outsourcing Customer Service Operations to your organization. Quotes Right

Tech-startup based out of UK

Quotes LeftOutsource2india has provided a 1st Line remote help desk service for us since August 2008. The service and SLA provided by Outsource2india has exceeded expectations. We are delighted to have Outsource2india as a partner in providing quality technical help desk services to our office and site based employees. We predominantly provide a managed fit-out service for our high street client base. The reliance on our IT systems and infrastructure are critical to the delivery of this service. The flexibility of support provided by the Outsource2india team accommodates this reliance. Quotes Right

Systems Manager,
Property Support Services Company in U.K.

Quotes LeftI'm impressed! :) You ladies and gentlemen are doing fantastic work. Thank you so much! Quotes Right

Reservations Supervisor,
Travel Website Company, CA

Quotes LeftWe are very happy with your service and have been doing very well with our business. There is a 65% increase in call volumes, as you've seen. Quotes Right

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