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Outsource CATI Services

CATI Services

Computer-aided telephone interviewing (CATI) is a labor-intensive task. The interactive system guides interviewers to probe with important and effective questions, ultimately improving your market research data. Spending more time on multiple respondents can significantly raise operational costs coupled with the risk of errors in data processing. If these are your concerns, then you need the help of professionals like us. You can stop slogging and start surfing while we take care of all CATI market research process from data logging to result analysis.

If you want structured interviews carried out in substantial number to provide professional pre-coded response, turn to Outsource2india's CATI market research services. We quickly set up questionnaire on CATI system and export error-free results to give you the ultimate marketing edge in business. All that by working under tight deadlines and tackling challenges with due diligence.

Why Offshore Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing Services to India?

By outsourcing CATI (computer aided / assisted telephone interviewing) services, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that you're obtaining quality performance data that you need to capture. Our automated predictive dialer center employs Rapid Dial to interview consumers and improves your international business-to-business market. The growth of market and efficient tools means that there's never been a better time to outsource CATI solutions to India.

CATI Market Research Services We Offer

Are you wondering why CATI service outsourcing to India, and specifically to O2I?

Outsource2india's CATI services are fully comprehensive, covering all your needs for questionnaire design, design functions, automatic call scheduling, interviewer training, and enterprise reporting. Questionnaire design is critical for getting the most useful information from your data. O2I's CATI system constructs the most sensible questionnaire design, with special attention paid to logic and response values. Our design functions are uniquely customized to your needs and make use of autodialing to limit human error.

Our automatic call dialing aligns all factors to ensure that you get the highest response rate and most valuable responses possible. Interviewers are trained by outsource2india to ensure reliable and high-quality data. Enterprise reporting condenses the critical information and delivers it to you in real time. All these services operate smoothly from offshore, allowing you to focus on other processes and tasks while remaining assured that your CATI needs are taken care of quickly and efficiently.

When you outsource CATI solutions (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) to O2I, we put our world-class expertise in action to bring high-performance insights at your fingertips. Our automated predictive dialer center interviews customer by leveraging Rapid Dial. With the fast-paced growth in the market and availability of automation tools, there no dearth of market research solutions when you outsource CATI market research services. We offer the following services as part of CATI market research -

Questionnaire Design

1. Questionnaire Design
We work closely with your team to understand the purpose and goals of CATI market research. Once a rigid understanding is formed, we develop questionnaire that is focused on end users to collect critical insight. Before deployment, we rigorously test the functionality of the questionnaire and check the response values.

Design Functions

2. Design Functions
The design is an important aspect of CATI market research. We specialize in customization of the questionnaire. Our customization methodology is based on previous answers. By running the analysis, our system will detect errors and discrepancies in answers based on the respondent's input. We also scan to extract precise values from answers submitted by respondents. By auto dialing we minimize the load and errors from human operator's end.

Training and Monitoring

3. Training and Monitoring
Our skilled interviewers employ best persuasion tactics to extract high-value marketing insights from respondents by bringing them to participate in the survey. Routine monitoring and real-time feedback will help unravel pitfalls and optimize the efficacy of the survey.

Enterprise Reporting System

4. Enterprise Reporting System
O2I's offsite CATI market research services are aimed to round up client data before coding it into the database in real time. We generate performance and control report to enhance the quality and efficiency.

Other Services you can benefit from

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

CATI Market Research Service Studies

The CATI market research services are designed to offer a wide coverage when it comes to collecting marketing & business intelligence. We conduct studies in the following segments -

  1. New product development studies
  2. Pricing research
  3. Data processing services
  4. Report and Presentation Services
  5. Market segmentation and buyer behavior
  6. Remote and rural studies
  7. Event and conference feedback surveys
  8. Customer-satisfaction and employee assessment surveys
  9. Product use and development-based studies
  10. Advertising testing
  11. Buyer behavior and need analysis
  12. Market segmentation studies
  13. Social, cultural and indigenous studies
  14. Event/conference feedback surveys

CATI Marketing Research Process We Follow

By outsourcing CATI market research services to experienced professionals at O2I, we follow a mix of well-practiced methods to get past barriers en route to profit generation. The method we follow to collect & interpret data, design questionnaires, and carry out the interview is as follows -

Requirement Gathering  

01. Requirement Gathering

We work with your team to gather a comprehensive list of requirements. It helps us understand the root objective

Training Interviewers and Scheduling Interviews  

02. Training Interviewers and Scheduling Interviews

To gather accurate information and encourage participation we impart training that will let interviewers track feedback and improve the effectiveness of the survey

Design Questionnaire  

03. Design Questionnaire

We shortlist questions specific to end users and design the layout that will enable users to easily interact with options

Interview Respondents  

04. Interview Respondents

We interview your target audience by presenting the questionnaire and collect the data. If the client wants to edit the previous question we help them modify their submitted answer

Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data  

05. Collection, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data

The data is collected from the interview and analyzed by our expert team. The extracted data is further lined up for report generation

Report Generation  

06. Report Generation

The interpreted data is checked for errors before the creation of custom reports that act as an excellent marketing insight

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Why Choose O2I's CATI Marketing Research Services?

When you want to make the best decisions based on the industry's most accurate insight, you need a partner with expertise in building usable reports. In the competitive industry, no other name towers over Outsource2india when it comes to CATI marketing research services. With a team of experienced project handlers, researchers, and automation experts we have the resource to interview your target audience for key data. Get the following benefits outsourcing CATI market research to us -

  • Certifications

    O2I is an ISO certified company with experience in market research projects. We are backed by 25 years of experience in computer-aided telephonic interview services for product launches, Insurance, healthcare, and other customer satisfaction surveys that help interpret the market in depth

  • Data Security

    Market research data is highly confidential and sensitive in nature. When you want a reliable partner to handle your project with care, you need not look past us. We provide CATI India and overseas solution that take care of designing questionnaire without your data falling in wrong hands

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The CATI services we provide is an optimized solution that is designed with your needs in focus. Our high-quality solution is 98% accurate and 100% transparent so you can see how your project is being implemented from start to finish. We audit the output and reports from the research to ensure high accuracy. Our CATI call center has the technology to detect customer churn via voice recording

  • Short Turnaround

    We value your time and concern. Hence, we have optimized our services to ensure quick turnaround time and quality results. You can save 35% of the time spent on executing interviews and designing questionnaires when you outsource outbound call center and CATI market research to O2I

  • Scalability

    O2I's CATI market Research is a solution that has produced exceptional results for an array of industries such as software, online printing, real estate, retail, broadcasting, and much more.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Cost is the typical reason why companies prefer to outsource CATI market research services to third-party vendors. You can save big on staffing and training because we follow a flexible pricing model to let you avail services that fit your budget

  • Single-point Contact

    We assign a dedicated member who will be your point of contact during the project. So, if you have concerns that need to be addressed, get in touch with our subject matter experts.

  • CATI Market Research Services Software

    To save time on simple and routine tasks we automate portions of CATI market research services that will help you shave off significant expenditure and time involved in keeping tasks in-house.

  • Experienced Team of Marketing Researchers, and Analysts

    We are never short of savvy marketing researchers, analysists, and statistics experts who can help you set up focused questionaries' in brief time. Our staff has over 10 years of experience in CATI services to bring you the results you need.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our call center infrastructure is modern and equipped with the latest resources that will allow you to get maximum satisfaction for the service we render. Get faster, safer, and better results by electing to work with us.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    We employ secure FTP and firewalled VPN that facilitates safe transmission of project files. You can send your files without concerns about loss or misuse.

  • Round the Clock Availability

    Get 27/7 support anytime, anywhere. We offer consistent support to resolve any challenges you face in the quickest manner. We got you covered in all aspects with our time zone support.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided CATI Services

Outsource2india's CATI Services Increased Productivity and Reduced Operating Costs for a leading Customer
O2I conducted 500 surveys within a very short turnaround time for a leading internet media and market research solutions company using CATI Services. Our customer benefited from 30% cost savings & increased productivity.
Read the case study

O2I CATI Field Services Helped a Client Study the Internet and Technology Behavior of Children Across Australia
Client availed O2I's CATI services to conduct 500 surveys of parents and children (aged between 6 & 17 years) across all the Australian states to develop a B2C database within 4 weeks & estimated budget.
Read the case study

O2I Provided CATI Field Services

Outsource CATI Market Research Services to O2I - Leader in Call Center Service


I concur that we have used O2I Call Center services, during which time they have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of marketing, data research, lead generation & customer service. The team at O2I displays excellent & constant communication with our team to stay current with updates & feedback. I can confidently recommend O2I as a solid & reliable supplier & experts in their field. We are considering using their services in other areas as well.

Online Advertising Company, Amsterdam, Netherland
More Testimonials »

Outsource2india is a top provider of CATI market research services in India with footprints in 160+ countries. Our call center services have brought immense success to more than 80+ global marketing companies. To complete challenging research projects in a swift and efficient manner we are backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure capable of handling multiple projects at unbeaten pace. Our solutions are flexibly priced, so you need not worry if your budget is limited. Experience the power of automation software that will speed up the work in no time and free your staff to focus on other tasks.

Calculate your call center staffing and budget before taking the plunge!

Reach us now to select CATI market research services that fit your budget and needs. We are happy to handhold you through the procedures from inception to completion.

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