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Benefits of Live Chat Support for Customer Service

Top 6 Benefits of Live Chat for Customer Service Teams

Live-chat services are 17-30% cheaper than phone calls. But that's not the only reason why it is one of the must-have tools for a business. Live chats offer a fast and convenient way for customers to get in touch with businesses. They enable customer care agents to get a better understanding of customer needs and offer more personalized solutions. The result is enhanced customer delight.

80% of the businesses today are striving to improve the consumer experience while steering customers to more cost-effective processes. If you are one of those businesses, incorporate live chat support in your call center strategy today!

Leverage The Benefits of Live Chat Support to Grow Your Business

From market awareness to post-sale support, organizations can use live chat to increase their top line. Top 6 benefits of live chat -

  1. Higher Rates of Conversion

    Higher Rates of Conversion

    Live chat can drive 3-5 times more conversions and rev up the ROI by 6000%. According to a survey, customers who use live chat are 3 times more likely to make a purchase. So clearly, having a website is not enough! If you have a live chat option on your website, you can provide your customers with the assurance and the guidance required to make instant purchase decisions.

  2. Quick and Personalized Responses

    Quick and Personalized Responses

    Live chats allow for the one-to-one connection that is usually missing in a digital backdrop. Through live chats, agents can acquire a quick understanding of consumer requirements and pain points. They can offer quick and personalized responses and create a better customer experience.

  3. Enhanced Customer Experience

    Enhanced Customer Experience

    Live chats have a higher customer satisfaction level at 73% as compared to telephones (44%) and e-mails (61%). The problem with today's businesses is not over communication. It is scattered communication! As a result, consumers must keep reiterating their issues while coming through different channels. In the case of live chat, the agents have quick and simultaneous access to previous chats and notes which means that the consumer does not have to keep repeating the same things.

  4. Increased Team Productivity

    Increased Team Productivity

    Live chats can boost productivity among agents to a good extent. In the case of traditional telephones, one agent can be on one call at a time. But, on live chats, an agent can juggle multiple queries at once, thereby increasing efficiency and resolve rate.

  5. Heightened Customer Loyalty

    Heightened Customer Loyalty

    90% of digital customers agree that the Live Chat feature on websites gives them the confidence that help is at hand and easily available. Live chats give them the guarantee that you are there when they need you! Thus, live chats ensure greater customer loyalty and more up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

  6. Lesser Wait Time for Customers

    Lesser Wait Time for Customers

    Live chat support enables call center agents to resolve customer issues quickly and in real-time. Through the chat window, the agent can push important links and share training guides to help resolve issues in the here and the now! Moreover, through screen-sharing abilities, agents can resolve relatively complex issues quickly and efficiently.

  7. The Future of Live Chat in Customer Support

    To sum it up, live chat is one of the most significant touchpoints between your customer and your business. To a large extent, live chat systems humanize digital channels by enabling a certain level of personalization. It serves both businesses and customers. This future of live chats will be more AI-driven than ever! AI-enabled live chats allow bots to track online interactions. They will continue to ensure that consumer grievances are solved before they become worrisome.

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