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Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services

Outsource CCTV Monitoring Services

Enhance security with our 24/7 CCTV Monitoring- offering HD visuals, remote access, and instant alerts. Secure safety today!

The increasing challenges of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access faced by businesses and homeowners have underscored the need for a robust security solution. Our 24/7 CCTV monitoring services offer an ideal solution to this problem, providing round-the-clock surveillance for onsite and offsite locations. Using high-resolution IP cameras, AI-powered analytics, charge-coupled devices (CCD), and complementary metal oxide semiconductor technology (CMOS) sensor technologies, our services ensure real-time monitoring, enabling businesses to respond quickly to emergencies and potential threats.

Our services encompass real-time video surveillance, threat monitoring with instant alerts, intruder tracking, and customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements. What truly distinguishes us is our implementation of smart analytics powered by cutting-edge AI technology, enabling proactive threat detection. Our AI-powered video analytics enable real-time threat detection through object tracking, facial recognition, and license plate recognition. The robust network infrastructure we've put in place ensures seamless connectivity, while our efficient storage solutions make accessing video data quick and effortless.

In today's security-conscious world, you can't afford to compromise on your surveillance needs. Choose O2I as your CCTV monitoring service provider and experience the peace of mind and security enhancement that comes with our state-of-the-art solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services and secure your world with the best in the industry.

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    A renowned restaurant chain across the US and UK faced serious issues with its CCTV monitoring. We provided 24/7 support, implementing a single operating system for all locations, and developing an advanced surveillance recording system.

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    Advanced CCTV Monitoring Services: Tailored for Corporations and Industrial Environments

    Choose us for your CCTV monitoring services, as we offer comprehensive, customized solutions, advanced technology, exceptional 24/7 support, and a proven track record of enhancing security and productivity.

    • 24/7 CCTV Monitoring Services

      24/7 CCTV Monitoring Services

      Our 24/7 CCTV monitoring services provide persistent surveillance, detecting threats swiftly with advanced analytic technology. Our certified experts and robust quality assurance processes ensure unflinching vigilance against crime and vandalism.

    • CCTV Alarm Monitoring Service

      CCTV Alarm Monitoring Service

      Our CCTV alarm monitoring service offers immediate response to emergencies. The system triggers an alarm in the event of a threat, enabling the CCTV operators in our advanced monitoring facility to take immediate action.

    • Cloud Video Surveillance Services

      Cloud Video Surveillance Services

      Our cloud video surveillance services eliminate the need for physical storage, securely storing CCTV footage in the cloud. Our certified experts conduct video reviews, identifying suspicious activity and ensuring remote access to your surveillance data.

    • Live Video Surveillance Services

      Live Video Surveillance Services

      Our live video surveillance services offer real-time insights, streaming live footage to our monitoring centers for immediate action during incidents, including security breaches or fire emergencies.

    • Live Video Monitoring Services

      Live Video Monitoring Services

      Our live video monitoring services provide round-the-clock surveillance with real-time video feed. With schedule monitoring and immediate response to security events, we ensure your premises are well-protected.

    • Real-Time Video Surveillance

      Real-Time Video Surveillance

      Stay updated with our real-time video surveillance. This service detects security threats instantly, with certified experts conducting regular security risk assessments for potential vulnerabilities.

    • Real-Time Security Camera Monitoring

      Real-Time Security Camera Monitoring

      Our real-time security camera monitoring service offers continuous surveillance, rapidly identifying and alerting you to potential security risks, backed by advanced sensor technologies and quality assurance processes.

    • Proactive Monitoring

      Proactive Monitoring

      Our proactive monitoring service prevents security incidents, with experts continuously identifying potential threats. Comprehensive real-time reporting and analytics ensure your premises remain secure.

    • Motion Detection Monitoring

      Motion Detection Monitoring

      Motion detection monitoring triggers surveillance upon detecting movement, ensuring efficient monitoring. Our trained CCTV operators respond rapidly to threats, guaranteeing immediate action when required.

    • Remote Premises Monitoring

      Remote Premises Monitoring

      Monitor your property from any location with our remote premises monitoring service. Our surveillance monitoring system assures constant vigilance, backed by an experienced security team and robust security measures.

    • Continual Perimeter Coverage

      Continual Perimeter Coverage

      We offer 24/7 surveillance to ensure your property's boundaries are always monitored, identifying any breach or unusual activity instantly.


    iSpy Security Monitor Pro Blue Iris Zoneminder Luxriot Evo Netcam Studio Genius Vision XProtect Essential+ Contaware ContaCam

    Process Flow


    01. Arm on Demand

    Our system offers the flexibility to be armed or disarmed as per your requirement, ensuring optimal security control at your fingertips.


    02. Immediate Intruder Detection

    Our advanced CCTV technology instantly detects any intruder, activating alarms and notifications for immediate action.


    03. Instantaneous Audio Intervention

    Our systems are equipped with audio intervention features that can instantly deter intruders by triggering loud alarms or verbal warnings.


    04. Intruder Flees Premises

    Our immediate detection and intervention measures are designed to ensure that intruders are quickly deterred, promoting their swift exit from the premises.


    05. Keyholder & Police Notification

    Any security breach instantly triggers notifications to designated keyholders and, if necessary, the local police, ensuring prompt response and resolution.

    Safeguard Your Industrial Processes With our CCTV Monitoring Services Home CCTV Monitoring

    Homeowners can use CCTV monitoring to safeguard their properties from burglaries or vandalism, ensuring the safety of their family and belongings.

    • Commercial CCTV Monitoring

      Automotive Accounting

      Businesses can use commercial CCTV monitoring to protect valuable assets, monitor employee productivity, and provide a safer workplace.

    • Outdoor CCTV Monitoring

      Outdoor CCTV Monitoring

      Outdoor CCTV monitoring can help deter criminal activity in public spaces and provide valuable evidence in case of incidents.

    • Indoor CCTV Monitoring


      Indoor CCTV monitoring can be used in offices and homes for enhanced security, allowing for immediate response to any indoor threats.

    • Construction Site Video Surveillance

      Construction Site Video Surveillance

      Construction companies can use video surveillance to monitor onsite activities, prevent theft of equipment, and ensure worker safety.

    • Business CCTV Monitoring Services

      Business CCTV Monitoring Services

      Companies can use CCTV monitoring to secure their premises, protect confidential information, and ensure the safety of their employees.

    • Logistics Live Security Surveillance

      Logistics Live Security Surveillance

      Logistics companies can use live security surveillance to monitor their warehouses, track vehicle movements, and prevent theft.

    • Off-site CCTV Monitoring

      Off-site CCTV Monitoring

      Off-site CCTV monitoring allows businesses to remotely monitor their premises, ensuring security even when they are not physically present.

    • Industrial CCTV Monitoring Services

      Industrial CCTV Monitoring Services

      Industries can use CCTV monitoring to safeguard their machinery, monitor production processes, and ensure the safety of their workers.

    • Private Properties

      Private Properties

      Owners of private properties can use CCTV monitoring to deter trespassing, monitor visitor activities, and maintain overall security.

    • Residential Properties

      Residential Properties

      Property managers can use CCTV monitoring in residential properties to ensure the safety of their residents and maintain a secure living environment.

    • Factories


      Factories can use CCTV monitoring to observe production lines, ensure worker safety, and prevent equipment theft.

    • Restaurants


      Restaurants can use CCTV monitoring to monitor their kitchen operations, ensure customer service, and prevent theft.

    • Banks and ATMs

      Banks and ATMs

      Banks can use CCTV monitoring at their branches and ATMs to prevent fraudulent activities, ensure customer safety, and provide evidence in case of disputes.

    • Warehouses


      Warehouses can use CCTV monitoring to prevent theft, monitor inventory, and ensure the safety of their workers.

    End-to-end CCTV Monitoring: Choose Excellence in Digital Surveillance

    When it comes to ensuring the security of your business, on-site or off-site, residential, or logistics, we understand its gravity. Our service is not just about surveillance; it's about creating a secure, safe, and efficient environment for you. We provide a comprehensive 24/7 video monitoring service that is top-notch crystal clear in quality, accuracy, and security.

    • High-Quality and Cost-Effective Solutions

      We believe in delivering high-quality video footage using advanced surveillance High-resolution IP cameras and sensor technologies. Our quality assurance processes are rigorous, and we constantly improve our quality and performance. We offer this high-quality service at cost-effective pricing, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.

    • Enhanced Security and Safety

      Our video surveillance monitoring solutions enhance safety and security by providing real-time event-based video monitoring. Our service includes intruder alerts, fire alarm monitoring, and law enforcement dispatch, ensuring immediate action during emergencies. Our trained security experts and dedicated support team are always ready to respond instantly to any threat or vulnerabilities detected, we have a robust network infrastructure for seamless connectivity.

    • Improved Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

      Our video monitoring solutions not only improve cyber hygiene but also increase efficiency by reducing downtime. With our high scalability, we can adjust our services according to your needs. Our enhanced customer satisfaction comes from our commitment to the safe and secure operation of your business.

    • Dedicated Support and Real-Time Reporting

      We have a dedicated support team that provides 24-hour assistance. Our 24/7 service includes real-time event-based video monitoring, ensuring an instant response to any incident. We provide comprehensive real-time reporting and video reviews that help you keep track of all activities.

    • Proactive Monitoring and Quick Action

      Our proactive monitoring approach enables us to detect any suspicious activities and take quick action. We provide round-the-clock surveillance, reducing the risk of crime and vandalism. Our CCTV operators are certified experts who improve compliance and provide legitimate security.

    Additional Services You Can Benefit From

    In addition to our core services, we also offer Text, Audio, Remote, and content monitoring solutions that are tailor-made security solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Text Monitoring Services

    Our advanced Text Monitoring Services provide a robust solution for safeguarding your business confidentiality and integrity. Leveraging innovative technologies, we automatically scan and analyze text-based content across multiple platforms, identifying potential threats and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. This service enables businesses to mitigate risks, prevent data breaches, and maintain their reputation in an increasingly digital world.

    Audio Monitoring Services

    Our sophisticated Audio Monitoring Services allow businesses to monitor and analyze audio data in real-time. This innovative service uses advanced speech analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect abnormalities, potential security threats, or compliance violations in audio streams. It offers an extra layer of security, ensuring a safer, more secure business environment for your stakeholders.

    Remote Video Monitoring Services

    Our Remote Video Monitoring service provides round-the-clock surveillance for your business infrastructure. Utilizing high-definition cameras and state-of-the-art video analytics, we offer real-time visual surveillance and incident response, ensuring the safety of your assets and personnel. This service not only deters crime but also provides actionable insights for business operations and risk management.

    Content Monitoring Support

    Our comprehensive Content Monitoring Support is designed to provide businesses with total control over their digital content. By continuously monitoring and analyzing all forms of content across diverse channels, we help businesses detect potential vulnerabilities, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure content compliance. This service enhances your digital security posture while allowing you to focus on what matters most - your business.

    Why Outsource CCTV Monitoring to O2I

    Our CCTV monitoring services leverage cutting-edge technology to offer not just surveillance, but a comprehensive security solution. The high-definition imaging ensures clarity in every frame, leaving no room for ambiguity. The remote access feature puts control in your hands, allowing you to monitor your premises anytime, anywhere. Real-time alerts ensure you are always in the know, enabling prompt action when necessary. Moreover, our services are not a one-size-fits-all. We understand that every business has unique needs and challenges, hence we offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We endeavor to provide a service that not only safeguards your assets but also contributes to your business efficiency by reducing security-related disruptions.

    Ready to secure your business with 24/7 surveillance? Trust our certified experts to provide real-time monitoring and rapid response to security threats. Click here to learn more about our advanced and cost-effective CCTV Monitoring Services

    Contact us now for the most effective surveillance solutions!

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is the actual expense associated with CCTV surveillance?

    The actual expense associated with CCTV surveillance encompasses the cost of the cameras, installation fees, maintenance costs, and possible ongoing fees for monitoring services.

    How to Safeguard Your Business 24/7 with Monitored Security

    Safeguarding your business round-the-clock using supervised security measures involves implementing a comprehensive security plan which includes installing security systems (like CCTV cameras), hiring security personnel, utilizing cybersecurity measures, and regularly monitoring and auditing these systems for any irregularities.

    Explain the concept of Remote CCTV Surveillance Services?

    Remote CCTV Surveillance Services refer to the use of security cameras that transmit a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. These services allow for remote monitoring of a property via internet-enabled devices like smartphones or computers.

    What are the advantages of outsourcing CCTV Monitoring Services?

    Outsourcing CCTV Monitoring Services offers advantages such as professional installation and maintenance, 24/7 monitoring which ensures immediate response to security breaches, and it also allows businesses to focus more on their core operations without worrying about security.

    What will be an estimate for the cost of these CCTV Monitoring Services?

    The cost of Surveillance Services can vary based on factors such as the number and type of cameras, installation complexity, and whether ongoing monitoring services are included. Please consult with a professional service provider for an accurate estimate. You can get your estimate by filling out our form.