Video Monitoring Services

Video Monitoring Services

Delivering surveillance excellence!

Get round-the-clock remote surveillance solutions to safeguard your premises with our video monitoring services.

Ensuring the safety of your premises and monitoring your employees is no longer an option. It is a mandate to stay on top of your business and thrive. Although video monitoring has been here for a long time, only companies considering remote video monitoring reap the maximum benefits. Traditional video monitoring is no longer sufficient to mitigate growing sophisticated threats. A proactive approach is what you need. This is where outsourcing video monitoring services comes as a game-changer.

Entrusting your surveillance needs to a specialized expert like us helps you unlock many benefits and fortify your security efforts. As an experienced provider of live video monitoring services for the past 23+ years, we use cutting-edge technology to help you mitigate security threats, identify and thwart anti-social behaviors at workplaces, and secure your premises.

Live Video Monitoring and Surveillance Services We Offer

We deploy advanced technologies and monitoring tools to make the task systematic. This helps you minimize your video monitoring expenses and improve your efficiency. Our services include -

  • Live Security Camera Monitoring

    Live Security Camera Monitoring

    We monitor your assets and resources in real-time and report any untoward incident immediately through live CCTV camera feeds.

  • Commercial Video Monitoring

    Commercial Video Monitoring

    Remotely monitor and manage your video feeds from surveillance systems installed in your business or commercial environments.

  • Monitoring for Video Conferences

    Monitoring for Video Conferences

    Supervise and evaluate video conferencing sessions for compliance, smooth operation, and optimal user experience.

  • Construction Site Video Monitoring

    Construction Site Video Monitoring

    Implement video surveillance systems in your construction sites to secure and monitor your area.

  • Security Camera Monitoring

    Security Camera Monitoring

    Monitor your security camera feeds to safeguard your property and people. We monitor both recorded and real-time videos.

  • Proactive Video Monitoring

    Proactive Video Monitoring

    Get intelligent monitoring solutions to prevent incidents with our proactive video monitoring.

  • 24/7 Video Monitoring

    24/7 Video Monitoring

    Monitor your premises round-the-clock and bolster your security efforts with 24/7 video monitoring.

  • Outdoor Video Monitoring Services

    Outdoor Video Monitoring Services

    Install video surveillance systems to monitor your outdoor environments, such as parking lots, building exteriors, gardens, and other places.

  • Residential Video Monitoring Services

    Residential Video Monitoring Services

    Get custom-configured video monitoring services for your residential property to monitor and enhance security.

  • Industrial and Manufacturing Video Monitoring

    Industrial and Manufacturing Video Monitoring

    Install strategically placed cameras throughout your industrial and manufacturing facilities to monitor various processes/areas.

Pre-recorded Video Monitoring

Our team reviews hours of recorded footage, takes out snippets and screenshots from the videos, and compiles the findings.

Video Monitoring System Maintenance

We conduct planned and unplanned audits to assess the state of your monitoring system, which includes the hardware and software components, the entire surveillance network, camera functioning, signal strength, motion detectors, and more.

Reporting and Documentation

We identify and categorize irregular activities and report them to you with timestamps, screenshots, and video snippets of the evidence.

Video Archiving

We label and archive video footage to categorize videos based on keywords and descriptions. This makes it easy to retrieve.

Video Monitoring Process We Follow

We follow a transparent process in video monitoring. Our team ensures that you are notified about the progress through weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to ensure that you understand how we deal with the video monitoring challenges. Our process is as follows -


We analyze your security infrastructure and connect it with our remote video monitoring system through the internet


We define the service levels, objects and events to be monitored, kind of alerts and escalations, and the reporting format


We deploy a team to monitor live video feed 24/7 or according to your time preferences


In case of any incident, the operator will take the necessary steps to report it to the concerned authorities immediately


The operator can also send a real-time voice alert to the intruders to prevent them from causing damage


The operator would look at the event through multiple camera angles and zoom in to get clear pictures


The operator would prepare a quick report about the incident, along with photo and video evidence and send it the right person

Why Should You Choose Our Video Monitoring Company?

Outsourcing video monitoring services to us helps you avoid overhead expenses and save time because you need not invest in full-time resources or sophisticated infrastructure to run your monitoring operations. The top benefits of partnering with us are -

  • ISO Certified Provider

    We take pride because we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our certification reflects our service quality and dedication to providing 100% reliable video monitoring services.

  • Total Security and Confidentiality

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited video monitoring services company, we assure 100% data confidentiality and prevent information breaches.

  • High-quality Video Monitoring Services

    Quality control teams supervise our services regularly to ensure service levels meet your expectations and the SLA. Our QA experts will furnish timely reports on the performance and provide recommendations to our team to improve the service levels if necessary.

  • Video Monitoring Experts

    We have 500+ video monitoring experts who are highly trained in using monitoring software. With over a decade of service experience, our team can complete the human monitoring of videos in record time.

  • High-end Infrastructure

    We have a sophisticated infrastructure complete with proprietary and in-house monitoring technologies.

  • Easy-to-scale

    We have a team of 200+ video monitoring experts who are ready to get started whenever you need. We take up short and long-term video monitoring assignments and scale the surveillance teams as per your needs.

  • Quick Response Time

    When working for you, we follow the SLAs and offer instant alerts and escalation protocols defined by you. We respond instantly with a detailed report on the incident.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Our remote video monitoring services have reduced our client's surveillance costs by up to 60%. Our offshore service model allows us to deliver round-the-clock coverage for your requirements, so you don't have to hire local security personnel and manage their shifts.

CCTV Monitoring Services

Get best-in-class surveillance support to monitor your premises with our CCTV monitoring solutions.

Remote Video Monitoring Services

Our professional remote video monitoring services help you monitor your home or office spaces from anywhere.

Audio Monitoring Services

Get quick and efficient remote audio monitoring services that cater to your unique requirements.

AI Monitoring Support Services

Outsource AI monitoring support to optimize customer support with cutting-edge AI monitoring solutions.

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O2I help us is doing verification calls and follow up with our customers on feedback calls. If you want to take out the pain of managing a call center, then I can confidently recommend Outsource2india as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.

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Energy equipment and solutions in Kitchener, Ontario, CA
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Contracting out video monitoring services to a professional creates a paradigm shift in how you approach security. It gives you access to cutting-edge technology and a team of specialized professionals. You can establish a robust security infrastructure without administrative hassles and focus on your core business commitments.

Our security professionals possess extensive experience in surveillance operations. They follow the latest security protocols and implement industry best practices to ensure seamless surveillance. When you choose us, we help you -

  • Establish a proactive and vigilant security system.
  • Get instant alerts and detailed reporting to streamline your surveillance operations.
  • Gain access to new surveillance technologies without any hefty investments.

Embrace outsourcing to unlock the potential of fortified security. We look forward to hearing from you.

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