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Outsource Call Center Operations Process at Outsource2india

Any outsourcing service provider has the responsibility to provide faith and instill a trust in the client that will carry him through the project with ease and without having to worry about data security, data loss or even value-for-money. In today's business world, call center outsourcing services are easily available and this increases the need to understand and meet certain possible client apprehensions that could arise out of outsourcing to an all new country.

We at Outsource2india, give you the facility to see exactly what happens, as it happens. We provide unfiltered information of what we do, allowing you to be convinced of our high standards of quality, integrity and professionalism that we strictly adhere to.

Complete Transparency in Call center operations

We guarantee complete accessibility to information at O2I's call centers. We maintain international standards of data security and allow our customers to have the advantage of anytime access to the data. O2I provides the perfect example for call center operation transparency and leaves the customer satisfied with his level of accessibility.

100% Recording of all calls

On an average, call center outsourcing service providers record about 10-20% of the calls, which are more often related to sales conversions.

Every single customer is important to our client and we offer 100% complete end-to-end recording of all calls for analysis and research. Our agents are trained to treat each call as their first. If there is a call that doesn't result in a conversion, it serves as a learning experience for our agents, allowing them to hone their skills and better their performance.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and software allows each call to be analyzed based on more than 128 parameters. These calls can be picked out any time during research. The voices of the customer and the agent are recorded on separate channels along with the amplitude and pitch graphs that help decipher situational responses and improve the process constantly. These calls are accessible to our customers to listen to and provide necessary feedback.

Web-based access to Call Center Operation processes

Our customers have web-based access to all our call center operation management. Our customers or remote users take decisions remotely and in a timely fashion so that they can focus on exactly what they want early in the process and improve the quality standards. This is possible only because of the access we provide through real-time dashboards, review interviews and trend analysis reports.

Remote users have VPN access to the voice recordings and can save the calls locally for action. The data tagged along with the call with various specifics including keywords used, number of calls previously made by the customer, questions asked, voice amplitude and pitch etc. can be used to analyze calls. Our customers can also access and view voice envelopes of both the customer and agent separately and understand the various situations that arise during the course of a call and the methods followed in response. Based on this observation they can make suggestions for further improvement. The suggestions given by customers are immediately incorporated into our processes.

  1. Outbound service – Remote Access
    • Remote users can login to the dialer
    • Access the voice by calling the 1-800 number
    • Can select the agent to monitor
    • Can coach the agents remotely
    • Take control of the call
    • Along with the voice, the agent's screen is also visible
    • Allows remote monitoring of complete agent activity
    • Can monitor data capture and call flow
  2. Inbound Service – Remote Access
    • Supervisor
      • Remote users can login as supervisor using soft phone
      • View agent states and call information
      • Change agent states
      • Silent monitor
      • Coach through Chat Messages
      • Queue Monitoring
    • Reporting
      • Remote users can have easy access with web-based Reporting
      • Real-time & historical reports
      • Monitored thresholds

Your Advantages

  • 100% recording of all calls
  • VPN access to all voice recordings
  • Access to real-time dashboards
  • Review interviews and reports
  • Calls can be saved locally for analysis
  • Automated data tagging
  • Call analysis using data tagged with call
  • View voice envelopes of customer and agent separately

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Call center transparency is the key to the success of Outsource2india's call center service. Outsource2india offers you the transparency that you have always wanted to achieve. Over the years, we have established trust and goodwill with our customers who have through their many projects, enjoyed the experience of outsourcing to us.

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