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Lead Generation Process

Outsource Lead Generation Process

Up your sales target, improve profitability, and save on operational costs with a healthy lead generation process at O2I

Is it difficult for you to reach sales targets and meet the monthly/yearly quota? If so, you need to establish an efficient 360-degree lead generation process that could cater to the exact demands of a B2B or B2C small and large business. For that to happen, you have to strengthen your inbound and outbound channels. You can take a proactive approach, like setting up a sturdy outbound marketing/sales process, like procuring a comprehensive database of leads, and then cold calling or emailing them, etc. You can also take the more creative approach of inbound marketing/sales that requires attracting/influencing your leads to become your customer.

Whatever the lead generation channels you use, you must strengthen that by outsourcing lead generation processing support services to an expert company, like Outsource2india. Our expert team can help you get more potential customers, expand your branding skills, and nurture your business.

What is Lead Generation in Marketing?

Lead generation is a process that awakens an audience's interest in a product/service offered by a company to become its customer via inbound or outbound channels.

Through a healthy lead generation process, your call center staff can integrate the potential customers into a CRM system or marketing software, hoping to promote the purchase so they can trust your offers and turn them into the paid client.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

What is the Process of Lead Generation?

Lead generation is about cementing trust in the prospects by introducing them to your offerings. At O2I, we help you build more valued leads and turn them into sales prospects. When you choose us to outsource lead generation processing, we can help you integrate a relevant list of potential customers. The strategy used by us can ensure that your potential customers have high prospects of conversion.

We have developed a 5-step lead generation process to help you identify and attract potential customers -

  1. Woo your Leads with Content

    Start by generating compelling content that can be shared across various marketing platforms. Create and share contents that suits your business and share that in the proper marketing platform or social channels where your audience generally come to read. The contents may be in the form of regular blog posts, infographics, articles, whitepapers, etc. The key here is consistency. Also, give your customer a means to contact you. It can be a nice CTA, where the customer fills his contact details. Thus, the more and better you channelize your content strategy, the more will be your leads.

  2. Nurture Leads

    If the prospect turns into an integral part of your lead management system, you must maintain it to ensure that it passes through the marketing funnel at the appropriate time. It is important to build a long-term relationship, involving mutual trust.

    You can do this by setting up an automated email responding system by triggering custom emails in a customized event. Like when your potential customer decides to download your website's content or choose to fill up the contact form, you can automate a pre-written email to be sent to the lead.

  3. Lead Scoring

    Lead scoring helps you sieve the more interested lead from the less interesting ones. This will help you understand the needs of a confined audience, thereby helping you strategize your lead generation process in a much better way.

    You can gradually analyze your potential customers over time to clearly understand their odds of making a purchase. This way you can better segment your communications to move your leads to the next step of the lead generation process.

    If you choose us as your lead generation processing company, we can take it up a notch by helping you analyze and understand the stages where customers are losing interest in your services, so that you can correct those immediately.

  4. Pass Lead to Sales

    Once the lead is nurtured and ready to make a purchase decision, you have to pass it along to the sales team. This end of the marketing funnel is important as the actual money is generated here. Also, the salesperson must emphasize on the marketing team's requirements in the form of conversions that will be initiated. Once the customer has made a decision, this is the sales team's work to enrich their experience with the product or service offerings.

  5. Analyze Lead Generation Process

    Your team, whether marketing or sales, should review the complete lead generation process to ensure that new leads are introduced with the offerings as efficiently as possible, that potential customers are nurtured, converted, and retained with effective inbound or outbound strategies.

    As an expert lead generation processing service provider, we can measure the impact of your lead generation process on your customers, and if that is not good, we can help you create a better one.

    The marketing analytics that we provide can help your team understand whether certain benchmarks have been implemented in an orderly way or not. As traffic increases to your site, more visitors will become the part of your list, thus, the conversion rates will be higher. You can determine if they directly influence the funnel or not so that you can prevent them from losing interest in your business.

Industries/Verticals We Cater To

We can create or better the lead generation processing of clients belonging to several industries/verticals. Some of them include -

Information TechnologyInformation Technology
Public Sector / GovernmentPublic Sector/Government
Retail & EcommerceRetail & eCommerce

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Why Choose O2I for Outsource Lead Generation Processing?

As a leading lead generation processing company, we have been serving our clients for the last 25 years. Our lead generation process can help you increase your sales quota and enhance the closure rates. Some of the benefits of outsourcing lead generation processing to O2I are -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    If you are struggling to maintain a healthy lead generation process because of a limited budget, then do not let that concern you. You can offshore lead generation processing requirements to us and avail our flexible services based on factors such as the scope of the project, project complexity, etc.

  • 100% Information Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS certified lead generation processing company, we maintain a robust information safety framework to strictly evaluate the compliance of all information management norms. Our IT systems are safe, and our staffs prudently adhere to the ISMS regulations.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our team has access to the best tools, systems, and infrastructure facilities. Our place of work has cutting-edge VPN technology and has achieved 100% redundancy in data, network, power, and internet connections.

  • High Quality

    When you decide to outsource lead generation processing to us, you can be assured of receiving only high-quality service that will help you meet your sales target and boost the ROI.

  • Multilingual Language Support

    Our lead generation executives have multi-lingual expertise and they can communicate in the language our client prefers.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Our call center staff focuses on doing more work on average workdays. They are available 24*7 and you can expect a quick resolution of your queries or problems.

  • Experienced Team

    We recruit only qualified marketing & sales reps. Our support team is comprised of more than 200 capable employees and combined management experience has surpassed 100+ man-years. So, when you outsource lead generation processing to us, you will be certain of setting up a robust lead generation process.

  • Comprehensive Monthly Report

    We can provide comprehensive monthly reports to help you do the gap analysis and find out the areas where you can focus more to generate leads.

  • Ease of scalability

    Thanks to our efficient team of lead generation processing experts, we can fine-tune our services anytime, so that you can demand to increase or decrease our services.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Provided Outbound Call Center and B2B Lead Generation Services to a European Research & Manufacturing Company

Find out how Outsource2india's team assisted a leading precision equipment manufacturer to generate more sales leads through pre-sales and B2B lead generation services.

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O2I Provided Disaster Recovery Services to Customers' Offshore BPO Centers

O2I Provided Disaster Recovery Services to Customers' Offshore BPO Centers

The UK's leading general insurance company wanted to expand its Indian business process outsourcing center. Through our business continuity services, our customer benefitted from seamless expansion and increased their efficiency.

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Outsource Lead Generation Processing Services to O2I

Customer Testimonials

With Outsource2india we found a reliable partner who was quickly able to jump in and handle competently the first level support for our 10000+ users.

Project Manager,
Non-profit organization for Healthcare
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Outsource2india, a foremost lead generation processing company in India offers a gamut of call center services to its global customers. Our lead generation experts can sort, qualify, filter, cleanse, append, manage, and follow-up the prospects and help you strengthen your prospect-to-sales percentage.

At O2I, we not only help you set up a healthy lead generation process but also help in creating a long-lasting bond with the prospects. Our B2B appointment services provide comprehensive solutions to businesses across the world. We have a team of experts who can solicit cross-selling and up-selling advice that will accelerate the lead generation procedures and expedite the customer engagement.

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