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10 Reasons Why All eCom Sites Should Have Live Chat Support

10 Reasons Why All eCom Sites Should Have Live Chat Support

Know the key benefits of live chat support for your ecommerce websites and how it can be useful in creating the best experience for your customers

The eCommerce industry is growing tremendously over the past few years. The trend is showing no indication of slowing down. Rather shopping is now one of the common activities over the internet. People are preferring purchasing goods and services online and this is making the online business owners very happy. But it is a competitive industry and to remain ahead in the competition, eCom sites must provide the best customer service to their consumers.

The right service to the customer is one of the important tools for eCommerce growth. One of the best customer support tools is live chat. For most of the online shoppers, it is one of the preferred tools when compared to other channels. The present-day rapid-paced environment and enhanced use of social media users are preferring a business to act very fast and provide immediate support.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Website Should Have Live Chat Support

So, to cope up well with ongoing trends, businesses must provide support to consumers through live chat. It is still an intact potential that can easily give a boost to your sale and assist you in understanding the behavior of the visitor on the site. Some of the key live chat benefits for ecommerce sites are listed here -

  1. No longer waiting and frustrating consumers

    No longer waiting and frustrating consumers

    The old method of phone support gets slated with several queued calls when you are promoting something or when there is an issue with any of your services. This becomes a challenge for several businesses that cannot afford to employ a big team and it results in a frustrating consumer base. But with Live chat support services you can help your consumers fast and also avoid the stress of customers from going through stretched IVR menus before speaking to a human. From a consumer perspective, live chat helps the eCom site owner to migrate one step towards the goal.

  2. 24/7 Availability

    24/7 Availability

    When eCom site customers are spread across the world, they will strive hard to offer the best customer support with old traditional methods. But with live chat, it is easy for all businesses to interact with consumers no matter where the customer is present. All your customer need is an internet connection.

  3. Driving ecommerce sales and conversions

    Driving ecommerce sales and conversions

    Well-managed marketing campaigns along with right sales funnel can indeed assist you in achieving your sales targets but there is a high chance of losing visitors who don't make a purchase. With live chat service, it's not only easy to monitor the website visitors while they are browsing but it also incorporates well with all third-party services and helps in analyzing the traffic patterns. Moreover, a lot of visitors also make a purchase instantly when they chat live with any support agent. It helps then in deciding well whether the product and service are right for them. It helps you to customize the way you interact with your consumers during the purchase. A live chat is like a personal assistant in a local store.

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  5. Support to multiple customers at a single time

    Support to multiple customers at a single time

    The benefit of live chat is that one agent can easily interact with various consumers. It is not possible over the phone to connect with five to six customers at one time but with live chat it's possible. The features of the live chat app allow agents to reduce chat response times considerably. No more waiting in the queue over the phone for customers and questions are also answered fast.

  6. It's easy to find the chat window

    It's easy to find the chat window

    Most of the contact forms available online remain hidden in the depth of the website, live chat is easily visible on each page of the website a customer is browsing. Whether it is a chat window or a chat bubble, it easily draws the visitor's attention and enhances the chance of chatting. If a customer decides to look for assistance, they are only a click away from the customer service representative. Those consumers who are given a good service would certainly make big orders.

  7. Chat greetings

    Chat greetings

    It is one of the crucial chat features. It's like a store assistant greeting its consumers. When a visitor visits the eCom site, the chat greeting is initiated and provides assistance. Analyzing the website and knowing a consumer pain points, helps in setting up chat greetings to initiate chat at the moment when the consumer requires it. This helps at the time of sale.

  8. Less cost and more gain

    Less cost and more gain

    Live chat assists you in decreasing the cost of customer service by decreasing the demand for phone support. Besides, it becomes easy to handle a large customer base with the prevailing team as a skilled agent can handle multiple customers instantaneously. Less investment in new equipment when the customer base increases.

  9. No need of multilingual agents

    No need of multilingual agents

    A customer service representative of an ecom site will receive inquiries that are not in English. With live chat customer service, there is no need to hire multilingual representatives and one can use some of the online tools like Google translate for efficiently answering consumers in several languages. Some of the live chat features also allow agents to easily handle chats in several languages.

  10. Enhances the efficiency of marketing efforts

    Enhances the efficiency of marketing efforts

    An ecom site needs some of the serious SEO and marketing efforts that need time as well as money. But all these efforts will be of no use if there are no good leads. Love chat helps in engaging customers immediately. For example, if an ecom site is providing a discount on some product, then in live chat greeting message it can be written: "Want us to assist you with a discount offer?" Several kinds of messages can be used in several pages of a site.

  11. Enhances your business reliability

    Enhances your business reliability

    A live chat allows your consumers to make an easy interaction with humans that too instantly as well as easily. It enhances consumer's satisfaction and makes online business more reliable. It's like a win-win situation for both business owners as well as consumers.

Good customer service is a consistent process that lays down the foundation of any successful business and with the right tools, it's easy to make consumers happy. An online business needs to open all possible doors for their consumers and listen to what they are saying. Live chat is one of the important channels for making strong customer communication and holds supreme importance that must not be ignored.

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