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How is AI Reshaping Call Center Interactions

How is AI Reshaping Call Center Interactions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) bolsters the customer journey through automation and personalization. Organizations are redesigning their strategies with elements of AI to improve customer experience (CX). Breeding innovations like conversational AI, call analytics, and predictive call routing, this leading-edge technology helps call centers elevate their customer service game. Have you embraced it yet?

Whether you have partially or entirely embraced AI integration, there is always scope to evolve and adapt. AI is becoming an integral part of call center operations. Deploying AI tools improves agent efficiency and customer interactions. Agents can offer personalized services to customers, resulting in higher customer retention and brand loyalty. A powerful blend of agent expertise and AI technology reduces Average Handle Time (AHT) and increases the overall quality of customer interactions.

Here are some top examples of AI call center technologies in action.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Are you familiar with the IVR call assistant, which compels customers to keep pressing “zero” (or a specific number based on their location) to talk to live agents before getting trapped into a maze of endless questions? Well, that has come a long way and has significantly improved now. Thanks to AI and Machine Learning (ML).

One such instance is when Humana, a health insurance provider, collaborated with IBM to build a Provider Services Conversational Voice Agent using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) software and Watson Assistant. With multiple languages and acoustic models targeting specific user data sets, this solution handled numerous sub-intents of eligibility, claims, benefits, referrals, and authorization. This enabled Humana to answer previously unanswered questions, reducing costly pre-service calls and improving provider experience.

Conversational AI

Popularly known as Chatbots, these AI-powered online chat options are becoming the “go-to” channels for addressing customer queries. Online visitors now use self-support options while engaging with website content. So, businesses are automating conversations across messaging channels at scale to help customers solve their problems on demand. This frees the agents from answering simple and repetitive questions.

Conversational AI goes beyond chatbots and offers internal teams a helping hand. One such example is HubSpot’s Conversational Intelligence Software to track agent performance. Here, the voice data captured in the CRM is used to derive deeper insights for evaluating the team’s performance and coaching them.

Call Quality Analytics

AI, coupled with intelligent listening and transcription tools, now unlocks a trove of previously untapped data from customer calls. This redefines how call quality management works. Call centers can use this to discover trends, analyze sentiments, and measure call resolution rates. Such well-rounded analytics empower managers with the necessary data to interpret customer interactions and improve service at every touch point.

Call quality monitoring and analytics create a comprehensive quality management solution for enhancing quality levels across voice and non-voice domains. Therefore, this serves as a means to identify and fix gaps to achieve customer support excellence.

Contact Center Modernization

AI is fortifying contact centers with intelligent applications to deliver flexible communication solutions. Implementing advanced solutions helps revitalize legacy processes across multiple points of contact to provide consistent customer experience, improve sustainability, and transform the customer support journey.

Businesses use AI to modernize their contact centers and provide next-gen service experiences through contact deflation and unified communication. Multi-channel customer engagement platforms, self-service web and voice portals, cloud enablement, and automated ticketing systems are some of the top contact center modernization options to improve agent productivity and customer satisfaction scores.

Predictive Call Routing

AI tools route customer requests to the right service representatives, significantly improving customer experience. These tools rely on customer behavior profiles to analyze customer personas and their journey. The software looks at customers' communication habits and natural predispositions and matches their queries with the best-equipped agents. This swiftly resolves calls and closes tickets, freeing up time. However, getting started with AI to route calls requires identifying metrics, such as agent characteristics, average ticket time, and agent expertise.

Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA)

An Intelligent Virtual Agent is a call center AI that is incredibly realistic. IVA solutions use advanced speech recognition, NLP, and ML technologies to make conversations that mimic human speech. Using such natural, human-like interactions enhances CX. IVA technology helps call centers to minimize costs and engage customers digitally.

AI-Powered Recommendations

Customer support representatives use AI tools to get recommendations during a call. AI-powered recommendation tools rely on sentiment analysis to interpret what a customer wants to accomplish. It then recommends the best solutions to the support rep, reducing call times and ensuring a positive customer experience. The technology also analyzes the number of times a customer calls or references canceling the account. Based on the analysis, a customer risk score will be allotted to each customer, and the service reps will be notified about it during the call.


Artificial Intelligence has reshaped call center customer interactions by streamlining multiple processes. Routine task automation reduces wait times and offers round-the-clock support. Instant query resolution contributes to overall customer satisfaction. Technologies like advanced speech recognition help agents better understand customer inquiries, reducing customers' need to repeat themselves. AI algorithms analyze customer sentiment in real time. This enables agents to deliver tailored responses and personalized assistance, leaving a lasting positive impression.

AI-powered chatbots learn from previous customer interactions and constantly improve the responses. This ensures that the customers get consistent and accurate information. AI technology helps businesses predict customer needs and serve them proactively. This develops a sense of care and helps foster a stronger customer bond. Besides, AI involvement allows agents to interact pleasantly with their customers and minimizes managerial intervention. This improves employee retention.

Personalized support, swift call resolution, and proactive customer service make AI a game changer for call centers. As this technology continues to evolve, the possibilities for further enhancements in customer experience are limitless.

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