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Audio Monitoring Services

Outsource Audio Monitoring Services

We offer fast and efficient remote audio monitoring services at economical rates so that you need not hire a full-time professional at a higher expense

Is audio monitoring is becoming a need of the hour for your business? Is your business transmitting a lot of audio content from one place to another? If yes, we can provide audio monitoring services to meet everyday demands where a lot of audio content is produced in terms of audio phone calls, marketing podcasts, customer service calls, sales calls, webinars, radio broadcasts, etc. All these need to be monitored for audio quality as well as client requirements for customer service.

Monitoring audio files in-house requires a complex setup. It is time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, O2I offers audio monitoring services that have been trusted by our clients for the past ten years. We have not only reduced their audio monitoring costs but also made sure that everything they broadcast is with top-notch audio quality.

Audio Monitoring Services We Offer

We deploy advanced technologies and monitoring tools to make the task systematic. Our team has worked with a variety of clients across the globe and know what to look for while monitoring an audio file. Our services include -

  1. Call Center Audio Monitoring Services

    Call Center Audio Monitoring Services

    Hundreds of customer or prospect calls need to monitored daily for quality and training purposes. There's a need to not only check for audio quality, clarity, transmission, but also the content of those calls. The behavior of the agent, the presence of mind, the solutions offered to the customer, the protocols followed, the language used, the temperament, and much more. The findings can be further used to enhance the service levels of your call center. We have been a go-to audio monitoring services providing company for over two decades and we can help you boost the quality of service at your call center by giving practical insights about individual agents. The audio calls of technical support call centers can also be monitored and stored for future resolution of similar issues or cases. O2I also offers live audio monitoring and provide instant feedback and alerts based on your needs.

  2. Webinar Audio Monitoring Services

    Webinar Audio Monitoring Services

    Webinars are an important marketing and customer training tools today and almost every business uses them for transmitting crucial information in B2B as well as B2C scenarios. O2I plays a critical role in helping you test your audio system for the webinar and ensure that it is working in perfect condition. During the webinar we keep a live check of the audio quality and instantly report issues about clarity, background noises, transmission errors, voice drops, etc. We ensure that your webinar goes smoothly, without any audio-related issues. We also monitor the content of the webinar and the two-way conversation during the Q&A session. Our team then prepares a practical list of strategies that can help improve engagement and conversions.

  3. Telecast Audio Monitoring Services

    Telecast Audio Monitoring Services

    Live telecasts need to be monitored constantly for audio-related problems. The audio should be in-sync with the video and there should be no sound mismatch. Any errors can lead to huge losses as viewers will soon tune out. O2I has a team of live telecast monitoring experts, who will instantly alert the right people and take corrective steps as well. As an experienced audio monitoring services provider company, we check for sound quality, frequency, background disturbance, sound lag, and other noises and help rectify the issues so that you can achieve a perfect telecast.

  4. Radio Broadcast Audio Monitoring Services

    Radio Broadcast Audio Monitoring Services

    O2I offers radio broadcast audio monitoring services to help you ensure that your audio quality is perfect all the time. Any disturbance, changes in frequencies, noises, drop in quality, etc., are reported immediately to the concerned team. O2I supports a range of radio broadcast channels in continuously monitoring their audio output.

Audio Monitoring Process We Follow

The audio monitoring process is transparent and efficient. We do not levy hidden or upfront charges to our clients. Our process will be explained by a dedicated consultant before the commencement of service. Our workflow is as follows -


We synchronize our remote audio monitoring station with your telecast or call center through a safe encrypted connection


Our team starts listening to all calls or broadcasted audio and checks the quality based on the parameters defined by you. We follow ethical listening practices and catch errors or issues if any


We will create a quick report along with the description and audio/video evidence and send details to operators at the client's side to take further action


Our technicians will use the right tools to rectify errors related to audio synchronization, background noise, disturbances, delays, etc.


In the case of call center monitoring, we create a detailed report about agent performance and share with the client

Why Should You Outsource Audio Monitoring Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing audio monitoring services to O2I can be great for your business because we take extra care to follow the instructions of all our clients. We ensure the quality and completeness of service in every step so that our clients can avail the complete benefits we offer. Here are more reasons why outsourcing audio monitoring service can help you in big ways -

  • ISO Certified Audio Monitoring Services Provider

    Outsource2india (O2I) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified audio monitoring services provider having 25 years of experience in the monitoring services as well as other call center services. We have had success in serving clients from domestic and international geographies and have brought 100% satisfaction to all clients we served.

  • 360-degree Security and Confidentiality Guarantee

    O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited audio monitoring service providing company. We have robust processes in place for assuring 100% data confidentiality, access controls, encrypted audio transfer, and so on. When you outsource to us, you can rest assured that there would be no breach of information. We have a state-of-the-art infrastructure with advanced tools and licensed technologies.

  • High-quality Services

    Our services are quality tested to ensure it meets the SLA. We have dedicated teams who will evaluate the audio monitoring process and furnish summary on the service levels.

  • Affordable Audio Monitoring Services

    Our remote audio monitoring services have reduced our client's costs by up to 60%. Our offshore service model allows us to deliver economical round-the-clock coverage for your requirements, so you don't have to hire local personnel and manage their shifts.

  • FTE Audio Monitoring Experts

    Our highly qualified and experienced audio monitoring experts will handle all roles assigned to them with utmost sincerity and dedication. Our team has 10+ years of experience in audio monitoring and will walk the extra mile to give you reliable audio monitoring support.

  • High-end Infrastructure

    We use a range of proprietary and in-house audio monitoring tools to aid the process. These tools and technologies are housed in our sophisticated facility. Our infrastructure is constantly updated to support evolving challenges.

  • Scalable Services

    We have a team of over 200 audio monitoring experts, and they are ready to get started whenever you need. We can take up short-term as well as long-term audio monitoring assignments and ramp-up or ramp-down the team according to your needs.

  • Fastest Response Time

    When we are working for you, we follow the SLAs and offer instant alerts and escalation protocols defined by you. We respond swiftly in case of live audio monitoring and provide a complete report about the issue.

  • SPOC

    At O2I, we provide a single point of contact who will take your queries and forward the same to our audio monitoring experts. The SPOC will ensure that you are satisfied with our service levels.

  • 24/7 Audio Monitoring

    O2I has a global setup with audio monitoring teams spread across geographical locations. This gives you a unique advantage of getting round-the-clock audio monitoring services seamlessly. Our teams work on your time zone.

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Outsource Audio Monitoring Services to Outsource2india

O2I is the most trusted provider of audio monitoring services in India. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified call center services provider with refined processes and top-notch infrastructure. By partnering with us, you would not only streamline your audio monitoring operations but also ensure that no issue gets overlooked. Our 24/7 audio monitoring support, instant alerts, detailed reporting, and impressive service levels are all available for you at affordable rates.

Contact us today if you are looking for audio monitoring outsourcing services. Tell us your requirements, and we will give you a free quote.

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