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5 Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers

5 Ways to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in Call Centers

AI and Machine Learning have the potential to significantly enhance the customer experience in call centers. Read on to find out how to leverage artificial intelligence in call centers

The call center industry has witnessed sweeping changes over the last decade with technology fundamentally altering the way call centers function. Today, there is ever-increasing data on customer interactions, and call centers are poised with the unique ability to leverage this growing data to enhance the experience of customers. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the need to provide even better customer experiences that keep customers loyal and that, at the same time, makes them share their positive experiences with others.

Artificial intelligence is making inroads into the call center arena by its ability to help resolve customer questions and problems quickly and seamlessly, which is one of the best ways to delight customers. Everyone is familiar with having to wait long periods on hold just to be able to ask a customer support agent a simple question. Fortunately, call centers are quickly latching on to new innovative ways to leverage technology, including artificial intelligence, to improve their relationships with customers. How do call centers leverage artificial intelligence you ask? Read on to find out how to leverage artificial intelligence in call centers.

How to Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence - Top 5 Ways

The power of AI for call centers is rapidly being identified across the board and call centers are increasingly leveraging AI for customer service. While it is no surprise that call centers leverage technology to reduce call center costs, there have been recent developments and advancements in artificial intelligence that make it poised to contribute to enhancing the customer experience. AI improves customer service and AI is revolutionizing contact centers in the following five ways -

  1. Quicker Answers

    Quicker Answers

    It is no surprise that agents and callers both hate waiting. What makes this worse is that the answers are mostly quite easy to find. AI can be leveraged through live chat experiences to handle routine and simple questions and can also direct callers to helpful self-serve articles. Also, AI is available 24/7, which means that customers can get answers at any time of the day or night. Live chat experiences are great when it comes to answering simple questions. AI can step in to reduce the volume of email support required by being able to provide answers to simple and routinely-asked questions, thereby increasing the efficiency and efficacy of the call center.

  2. Reduced Time Spent on Research

    Reduced Time Spent on Research

    Customer support agents spend a lot of time researching answers to customer queries and pain points. This affects the contact center's ability to handle large volumes of customers since the agents are spending their time on activities other than providing support to customers. Hence, customers may have to wait long periods to talk to agents. Artificial intelligence can be used to store answers and recognize commonly asked questions. With this, agents can get access to a list of frequent questions and insert the answers automatically based on the content of the ticket.

  3. Enhanced Customer Engagement

    Enhanced Customer Engagement

    In traditional call centers, the performance of agents was measured by how quickly they could resolve a customer issue and end the conversation. However, in modern call centers, much of the conversation is conducted online, which has opened up new ways of engaging with customers. Call centers are leveraging AI for customer service in new and unique ways. One of these ways is by leveraging AI to make use of information from CRM solutions. AI can provide key customer information to agents, helping them approach customers with better intelligence than ever before. This leads to better engagement with customers and enhanced customer experience.

  4. Our Call Center Portfolio

  5. Predictive Analytics

    Predictive Analytics

    Chatbots need to "understand: the context if they are to be successful. Poorly built chatbots can be completely useless for organizations and extremely frustrating for customers. Context is also extremely important to get the call routed to the right agent at the right time. Armed with context, chatbots can stand out in an extremely crowded environment and be useful to both the company and the caller. However, chatbots also need to be optimized for them to work as planned. Predictive analytics can help to determine possible questions or issues that a customer may have. AI-powered assistants can low leverage the context of the conversation to better respond to prompts and advancements in machine learning and natural language processing are giving rise to even more advanced and sophisticated chatbots.

  6. Sentiment Analysis

    Sentiment Analysis

    It can be extremely hard to understand the real importance of a customer's issue, especially when analyzing email or chat messages. There are many different ways to interpret online communication, and when there are thousands of messages coming in every day, this task becomes even more difficult. However, AI technology using sentiment analysis can help agents determine when to flag issues according to importance, when to escalate them, and who to escalate them to. Using sentiment analysis, tickets can be automatically categorized as appropriate and can help agents prioritize their work. Customer issues can also be categorized according to the level of importance and this can help to increase efficiency and throughput in call centers.


The importance of AI in customer support is only growing as time progresses. Artificial intelligence and call centers are becoming intertwined and companies are now looking to improve call centers with AI. We have presented five ways in which artificial intelligence can be, and is being, leveraged in call centers to improve performance and customer experience. While AI cannot entirely replace the human-human interaction, it can be leveraged to surface the right information to agents at the right time and provide them with better intelligence to enable them to work smarter.

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