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Technical Helpdesk Infrastructure at Outsource2india

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The Technical Helpdesk takes care of inquiry management, PC support, server support and support of other devices - such as networking devices, mobile handsets and PDAs, peripherals such as digital cameras and printers and consumer devices such as camcorders and gaming devices. Technical helpdesk outsourcing involves transitioning the technical helpdesk function from within an organization to an external service provider.

Why are Technical Helpdesks essential?

Technical helpdesks contribute to organizational performance in many ways:

  • Optimized employee usage of technical resources
  • Higher employee morale and confidence in new products and processes
  • Organizational flexibility in upgrading to new applications
  • Optimized product usage by customers
  • Higher levels of product-feature awareness among customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction and customer retention
  • Inputs for product improvement and new product development
  • Database on customer queries and troubleshooting

  • Planning to outsource call center services, but not sure what it costs?

Outsourcing Technical Support Services to India

In the U.S and the European Union, technical helpdesk is viewed as a short-term career option and attrition rates are very high. In India, technical helpdesks are seen as a viable long-term career considering the surplus of educated and technically trained labor available here. Offshoring technical helpdesk functions to India ensures continuity of operations, high quality and cost benefits.

Global corporations have had to focus on customer service and post-sale technical support as critical service differentiators that help them stay ahead in a highly competitive business environment. Outsourcing IT helpdesk service is no longer looked at as a short-term cost-cutting tool with the focus now shifting to long-term competitive gain.

Technical Helpdesk Outsourcing: Challenges

Transitioning a customer's onsite technical service desk to an offshore model with least disruption and minimum cycle time is a challenge in outsourcing technical support functions.

The Technical Helpdesk Infrastructure capabilities of the offshore partner are a significant factor in ensuring seamless transitioning of helpdesk functions. Offshore technical support centers and IT helpdesks in India invest in cutting-edge technologies and state-of-the art technical service desk infrastructure.

Technical Helpdesk Infrastructure at Outsource2india

Helpdesk Infrastructure capabilities offered at O2I's state-of-the-art Technical Helpdesk include

  • 24x7 automatic call distributor
  • Handset connected to all digital ports for superior voice quality
  • Facsimile devices connected to all analog devices
  • Fully functioning 1024 kbps IPLC connection terminating at the U.S. with redundant parts
  • Nortel IVR platform (integration and hosting)
  • Comprehensive NORTEL ECRM tool
  • Voice comprehension technology
  • Technology for remote multiplex management
  • Interactive training rooms and simulation labs
  • Highly reliable desktops (Dell/IBM)
  • Redundancy provided at every point of failure
  • LAN based on advanced technology, firewall and secure
  • VPN for remote access
  • 100% UPS and full generator back-up
  • Power redundancy
  • Complete disaster recovery procedure in place
  • CCTV and entry restriction at all points via swipe cards
  • Facility for discrete client quality monitoring

The technical helpdesk infrastructure capabilities are sufficiently reinforced by backend support agreements.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Outsourcing Technical Helpdesk: Benefits

Companies aim to achieve a desired gain on their balance sheets and technical support service providers must relentlessly deliver value in addressing each client's specific business goals. The one-size-fits-all option no longer exists for global contact centers - that is, one location, one technology, one business model. Helpdesk models must be tailored to the needs of individual customers for successful outsourcing outcome.

Besides reduced operational costs, outsourcing technical helpdesk services help organizations in many ways:

  • Focus on core competencies
  • Achieve increased flexibility
  • Lower infrastructure investments
  • Shorter lead times to set up technical support helpdesks / call centers.
  • Leverage superior expertise of dedicated technical support teams
  • Enhanced service delivery models
  • Facilitates improved product design based on customer feedback
  • Higher operational efficiencies and lower risk
  • Emphasis on automation

Read more about the range of technical support services offered in India and additional information about the technical recruitment and training process, infrastructure, and other aspects of technical support services in India.

Outsource Technical Support to India

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