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Call Auditing Services

Outsource Call Auditing Services

Gain valuable insights into caller relations while managing high-call volumes with efficiency and professionalism by outsourcing call auditing services at rates starting at just $8/hour

Have you ever wondered how effective your call center strategy is? Are you worried about efficiency and compliance, and whether your customers are left satisfied after every call? Our call auditing services can help you strategically answer all these queries and many more while ensuring maximum compliance and customer satisfaction.

At O2I, our call auditing outsourcing services provide valuable insights into caller relations while helping you manage high-call volumes with efficiency and professionalism. When companies try to perform in-house editing, more often than not they assign a small team of individuals who only manage to have a myopic view of the entire operation. This is where our all-in-one auditing service comes into the picture. With our help, you can now easily audit 100% of all your incoming or outgoing calls, check for keyword frequency, generate regular audit reports, streamline scripts, and better understand your customers.

Our Call Auditing Services

For an effective call center strategy, you need to have measurable performance criteria. Our call auditing services in India help you ensure the processes are optimized for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Being a known call auditing service provider, we identify lapses in performance by using the assimilated data, and then take suitable actions to perfect the existing processes. Our services include -

  1. Call Quantity Auditing

    Call Quantity Auditing

    The efficiency of your call center is directly related to the number of inbound or outbound calls you can make within an hour. It's a primary KRA for most call centers around the world, as the increase and decrease in the same tell clients about how satisfied their customers are with the call center's service levels. Our call auditing experts can audit entire customer calls based on a pre-designated checklist and provide you with a report so you can then take necessary calls and analyze performance.

  2. Call Center Performance Auditing

    Call Center Performance Auditing

    As part of our overall call center performance audit, we take into account several call center metrics that provide a holistic view of the way the entire call center operations are performing. These include -

    • Calls per Agent - If you are receiving more incoming calls coming than your agents can handle, it tells you that you might need to hire more staff to ensure peak customer satisfaction.
    • CPC (Cost per Call) - Calculating the CPC or the total cost involved in handling calls ensures you have deep insight into the ROI of the call center, allowing you to normalize expenses and create better budget sheets.
    • Service Quality - This is directly tied to the perceived customer service quality and your overall call center performance. Your service quality tells you whether you have enough staff to solve issues and whether they can do so quickly.
    • Average Speed of Answering - If this metric is high, then it means your agents are spending too much time on a single call, and you need to bring it under check to improve efficiency.
    • Forecast Accuracy - This number tells you if you are forecasting your average calls properly or not, and if it is higher, then it means your team is working under pressure. If smaller, then it means you can assign more work without losing efficiency.
  3. Call Handling Time Auditing

    Call Handling Time Auditing

    An important KPI for any call center is it's call handling time, which provides a larger picture around our overall agent efficiency and how they are handling customer queries. It also further allows you to understand customer satisfaction, as well as the overall agility of your executives. By auditing these numbers, you can strive to improve efficiency across the board.

  4. Agent Efficiency Auditing

    Agent Efficiency Auditing

    Our auditing for call center agent efficiency covers the following metrics -

    • Adherence to Schedule - a high rate indicates that your agents are sticking to script and rarely go off it, allowing them to remain constant in their answers and thereby leading to better satisfaction.
    • Occupancy Rate - This allows us to determine how busy your call center agents are, and whether you are overstaffed or understaffed.
    • Quality Assurance Scoring - This allows us to score the quality of calls and how good your executives are when it comes to calling handling, problem-solving, script adherence, following protocols, and general etiquette.
  5. Customer Resolution Auditing

    Customer Resolution Auditing

    For any call center, resolving customer queries on the first call itself leads to better customer satisfaction, while also indicating the efficiency of your personnel. If it takes more than a single call to handle customer queries, then you can strive to improve performance. As one of the few call auditing services companies who can help you better your services and increase customer satisfaction, we record and segment multiple calls and help you zero in on what your agents might be lacking.

  6. Call Center Script Auditing

    Call Center Script Auditing

    We can review your call center scripts to ensure your agents are dispersing the correct information while leaving no room for secondary queries. Efficient scripts directly lead to better performance. As part of the services we can -

    • Check if the scripts are well-crafted, to-the-point, and simple to understand
    • Check how often the scripts are refreshed as per changes in company policies
    • Whether script entertains agents to go off-script with the help of pointers given a particular situation
  7. Call Drop Auditing

    Call Drop Auditing

    Call drops are brutally real and allow you to understand if your existing infrastructure can handle the call coming in or being made. Call drops directly lead to reduced customer satisfaction, and our call auditing experts will analyze and categorize dropped calls in a manner that will allow you to take charge and make the correct decisions.

  8. Answer Relevance Auditing

    Answer Relevance Auditing

    It is good to understand whether your customer inquiries are being met with clear and concise answers. This also helps you track customer satisfaction. As customers want to spend as little time as possible on a call while still receiving a resolution, the answers they receive must be concise and to the point. Since the number of customers looking for instant customer services has increased, the relevancy of answers plays a significant role in efficient customer services.

Our Call Center Auditing Process

As your chosen call auditing services outsourcing company, we understand how important it is for you to create a positive work atmosphere where customer satisfaction remains paramount. With more than 25 years of experience, we have worked with hundreds of clients to understand their call auditing requirements, and our process is a culmination of years of analyzing and understanding industry shifts.

Our process includes the following steps -


01. Requirement Briefing

During this stage, we understand the nature of the requirement and finalize the exact nature of services in defined SLAs. Once we finalize the pricing, we are then ready to move ahead


02. Transfer of Recorded Calls

We receive the entire dump of recorded files from the client transferred through secure channels


03. Resource Allocation

During this stage, based on the complexity and overall requirement, we assign the right resources to the project who then create the team and choose the right software to work on the project


04. Call Auditing

We begin auditing all the calls as per our set procedures, and go through the entire checklist as decided upon with the client. All details are analyzed and reports are generated for easy information disbursement


05. Quality Check

At O2I, quality remains one of the hallmarks of our call auditing outsourcing services. Our team carefully analyses the reports and the generated results for compliance with the checklist provided by you. This ensures every call auditing report is 100% factually correct before it is finally delivered to you


06. Final Delivery

Once we are satisfied with the end product, the comprehensive call auditing report is delivered to the client through secure means, ensuring there is no data breach. Further, all original call recordings are returned to you and the copies deleted from our servers as well for your consideration

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Why Outsource Call Auditing Services to O2I?

As someone who has seen the call center industry change in front of our own eyes, we at O2I have always remained at the forefront of offering highly distinguished call center services to our clients. Some of the many benefits we offer our clients include -

  • ISO Certified Processes

    As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we are one of the few providers of call auditing services in India which can follow global requirements while delivering exceptional services.

  • Strict Quality Measures

    We have always put heavy emphasis on the quality of our end products, and is something which always ensures we have returning clients who cannot get similar levels of service from anywhere else.

  • Affordable Pricing

    Our pricing options are extremely flexible and are made to fit your exact requirements. We have zero hidden charges, the transparency from which directly leads to more savings for you.

  • State-of-art Infrastructure

    To ensure the highest quality of service, we only employ the best-in-quality workstations and server infrastructure which ensures work gets done fast, and without any unforeseen hiccups.

  • International level Data Security

    As an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company, we have strict measures and data security architecture in place to ensure complete peace of mind.

  • Modular Services for Scalability

    We pride ourselves in our approach towards projects, however small. We believe a successful business will always have requirements that will scale with time, and we ensure at that moment, we are ready to help you out by scaling up as per your requirements without any break in services.

  • Fast TATs

    With a team lead by people with decades of experience in call auditing services companies, we ensure all your requirements are met and the final deliverables are always provided to you before the due date.

  • Dedicated Project Managers

    Be it CCTV monitoring , live video monitoring or call auditing, proper communication is the backbone of any outsourcing service and for the same, we always ensure a dedicated project manager is assigned to your project who can follow up on all relevant tasks and serves as a single SPOC to quick follow-ups.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Client Success Stories

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Choose O2I for Outsourcing Call Auditing Services

Being a reputed call auditing services providing company, at O2I, we have always placed the demands of our customers above everything else. With our passion for delivering the highest quality services, we make sure we evaluate all your organizational interdependencies, optimize current operations, validate staff performance, and successfully implement new business processes based upon regular feedback.

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