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Benefits of Having an IVR System

IVR Set Up and Its Benefits

Having an interactive voice response system in place for your business helps ensure inbound callers are guided to a specific department or agent. It helps promptly answer client queries without leaving them in the lurch. When call centers experience high call traffic, the role of IVR system becomes all the more important so that you don't lose customers. Interactive voice response adds a personal touch to business-client interaction by not only addressing calls but also connect them with relevant agents. Here's everything about IVR and its benefits that you need to know.

What is Interactive Voice Response?

Interactive voice response, commonly referred to as IVR, is an automated voice response technology with a pre-recorded voice. The recorded voice first greets the caller and then guides them to navigate the IVR menu. It comes with a touch-tone feature, using which the caller presses buttons based on the agent or department they need to reach through instructions from the pre-recorded voice.

IVR provides a fool-proof way for callers to reach out to the right agent without any inconsistencies or errors. This saves the caller's time as they don't need to wait to find the support they need.

Multi-Level IVR

If your organization has multiple departments that clients would want to connect with, you need a multi-level IVR setup. An IVR system with multiple levels requires multiple extensions so that the caller is rightly guided and instructed to reach the suitable department. It uses a series of options given to the caller, out of which the caller selects one based on their needs by pressing buttons on their dial pad. When you create a multi-level IVR system, you can decide how many levels you need and assign numbers to each level.

Benefits of Having an IVR System

Most businesses are opting for an IVR setup these days to have an edge over their competition. IVR setup offers multitudinous benefits that prompt businesses to have a dedicated IVR system, some of which are as follows -

  1. Efficient Customer Support

    It can be an extremely expensive affair to hire call attendants to take hundreds of calls in a day and connect them with agents and departments. However, an IVR system is a one-stop-solution that offers support to countless callers irrespective of how high the call traffic is. This means setting up an efficient support system with round-the-clock availability. This adds to the efficiency of the complete call process by not only connecting callers in a hassle-free manner, but also notifying agents about calls they are to receive within the area of their expertise.

  2. Increased Business Productivity

    When you miss calls from a customer, you're missing out on business opportunities. And when this happens repeatedly, it results in a series of missed opportunities that, otherwise, could have been great business. When your business experiences increased call volumes, the interactive voice response assistance handles it well and attends to each caller. This helps improve customer service experience while ensuring you tap into every business opportunity.

  3. Connects With Remote Agents

    If some of the agents from certain departments work remotely, IVR system offers the advantage of connecting callers even to these remote agents. For such agents, you can opt for the call to be directly routed to their mobile phones. This ensures complete efficiency, no hold-time, and callers finding every agent irrespective of their location or mode of work.

  4. 24/7 Support as An Auto Attendant

    Many callers may attempt to reach an agent during off-business hours. However, this gives you no reason to turn away callers and suffer loss of opportunity. When you set up your IVR system to take calls during off-business hours, you can direct the callers wot the voicemail box after voice prompts. That way, the agents will be able to access these voice messages and get back to the callers during business hours.

  5. Impressive First Impression

    Potential clients take note of their experience with a company, and an organization's responsiveness is one of the major contributing factors to customer experience. When you have an IVR system in place, it helps make a great first impressions by giving your clients the assurance of effective communication and round-the-clock support.

Outsource IVR Setup to Outsource2india

IVR setups can prove to be immensely beneficial for different industries, such as real estate, call centers, airline industry, banking sector, and those that undertake payment processing. When you plan to have a flawless and accurate IVR system for your business, outsourcing this service to Outsource2india delivers the outcomes you expect. Outsource2india is an ISO-certified company with years of experience in providing IVR setup services and support solutions. Understanding every aspect of the business with respect to client calls for queries is crucial to set up an efficient and effective IVR system. And working with professionals is both time-saving and cost-effective while promising professional results.

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