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Case Study on CCTV Surveillance Services for an Aluminum Recycling Company in USA

Outsource2india Delivered CCTV Surveillance Services to an Aluminum Recycling Company in the US

The Client

Being a US-based 15-year-old aluminum recycling company, the client has obtained an irrefutable reputation in the industry. To achieve their corporate objective of accelerating non-ferrous market share growth, they were ready to take their operations to the next level. That's when they reached out to us for outsourcing support.

The Requirement

To ensure unhindered business growth, the client needed to curb internal inefficiencies. They also wanted to ensure 100% security at one of their warehouses and recycling plants. So, they contacted us, looking for reliable CCTV monitoring services.

The Challenges

This project would be the client's first brush with outsourcing. They were apprehensive and had little idea about what to expect. They wanted an experienced and dependable partner. One that is familiar with the industry standards and would provide a bespoke solution.

Our Solutions

We scheduled several calls with the client to get a detailed understanding of their expectations. We approached our best project managers for a complete assessment of the situation. Then, we scoped out the capabilities of the installed cameras and created an escalation matrix to optimize the solution.

The Results

The client witnessed increased efficiency among their internal teams after deploying our solutions. Not only that, but they also relished the enhanced security in their warehouse. To this day, they remain a great advocate of our services.

Our top-notch solutions paved the way for long-term business associations. Now, the client is planning to increase the hours of coverage. They also want to expand the scope of the project to cover multiple sites.

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