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How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

How Call Center Outsourcing Works?

Call center outsourcing means that all or part of the sales service portfolio is provided to external teams to reduce overhead, save time, and the likes. Learn how we do this

When the enterprise grows or expands, it must find a better, more cost-effective way to commercialize the business. Thus, as your business thrives, you must spend on services, operations, and more. This requires a pioneering role in collaboration by expanding the organization's capabilities. Getting the right people, systems and tools are critical to growth.

As a businessman, entrepreneur or C-level manager, you do not have to rent or free up any space for new infrastructure in your organization during any process or technology development. You can stay agile through call center outsourcing and focus on your core competencies so that your experts can complete their core tasks. In this way, you can use the workforce as you deem fit. You can also control the burn rate and customize your business processes to international standards.

How Call Center Outsourcing Works @ O2I

With the fierce competition, the need for faster time to market, security, and compliance issues, you cannot upset your customers, but expect to enter into less-explored markets. Call center outsourcing can help you at all stages of the project, including initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, control, and completion.

Before you scale the barrier of finding collaborative partner, you must make a checklist of your requirements, including -

  • How the vendor is going to solve your specific problem?
  • Is pricing flexible?
  • What are the experiences of the outsourcing partner?
  • Most importantly, specify your goals - time-based goals such as monthly, annual goals, and more.
  • Analyze your current leadership and identify areas where outsourced call centers can benefit you.
  • Once you understand your goals and the provider's call center portfolio, contact them and let them know your specific needs.

Below is an overview of how call center outsourcing works.


Understand & Document Requirements

At first, we will collaborate with you to understand your business functions and objectives. Your organization's processes and operations will be evaluated by a team of expert consultants and subject matter experts.


Price Negotiations

We offer custom priced call center outsourcing service models starting at $8/hour to $25/hour, based on the type, size, and complexity of the service.


Contracts & SLA

After finalizing the specific list(s) of business functions for which you need our call center outsourcing services, we will then come in agreement and seal our partnership with a legal contract and assorted SLAs.


Training Plan & Process Documentation

At this step, the actual service will start. Based on your organization's set of tools and CRM, we will plan the training process. It will help them acquaint your business functions and operations. Moreover, we will document the process.


Shortlist Potential Candidates

After having a ready-to-use template of the service operations and offerings, we will screen potential candidates to work on your call center outsourcing project.


Nesting [2- 4 Weeks]

We have a two to four weeks of call center nesting period where the shortlisted candidates get the chance to learn from the experts. They listen to the live calls taken by the call center agents. Here, they get ample opportunities to apply their learnings.


Training Assessments & Mock Calls

After the candidates are done with the nesting, we assess their growth. Also, they take mock-calls, which are coached and closely monitored.


Training [1- 4 Weeks]

We have a well-curated training process, which is provided by experts. New agents are groomed across all areas of call center outsourcing operations, including training on corporate culture, products, customer engagement, and more.


Onboarding Shortlisted Candidates

Our onboarding programs help the candidates with 360-degree knowledge of all the call center outsourcing traits. They are assigned a peer mentor and get projects according to their expertise.


Client Interviews

At O2I, we are flexible with our onboarding processes and often ask the clients to conduct their own set of interviews or discussions to screen their choice of candidates.


Go Live

Once, the candidates are on board and ready to work, we start the project.


Quality Calibrations

We have a standard scoring system to evaluate the performance of the agents. In order to evaluate the agents, we test them on several parameters, including, English proficiency-level, call response time, clear communication, resolution time, etc.


Ongoing Reviews & Assessments

We deploy specific methodologies and approach to streamline the call center outsourcing operations so that it becomes a profit-making addendum. At each stage of the collaboration, we review the progress with our client. It helps us work out the gaps that affect the project.

What is Outsourced Customer Service?

By outsourcing customer service, you can save resources, money and reduce stress. It generally means farming out some or all the customer service portfolio to an overseas team to cut overheads, save time, etc. Providing superior customer service is a key factor in the success of any business. Efficient, fast and more compliant customer service ensures a satisfying customer base. Outsource2india is a leading customer service provider with 20 years of experience in providing efficient customer service for your business' relationship management.

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing


Scalability and flexibility


Average time to answer a call is shorter


Cost-competitive advantage


Shorten time to market


Time zone advantage


Access to the ready-made framework


Easy to monitor




Better control


Control over the burn rate


Availability of on-demand workforce

How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Call Center Services?

Outsource2india's modest pricing models are based on contract terms, required agent capabilities, project complexity, call volume, etc. The charge for training, custom reporting, and setup are free. Here is a quick overview of the prices for a few of our leading services -

Technical support
Starts @
$10 - $15
per hour
Telemarketing & non-technical support
Starts @
$8 - $10
per hour

Planning to set up a call center,but not sure what it takes?


What Services are Provided by Call Centers?

Here is a list of services offered by us -

Partner with O2I for Call Center Outsourcing

Outsource2india is among the most revered call center outsourcing services provider with 20 years of service expertise and over a thousand international clients. We have established good relationships with our global partners. By working with us, you can quickly and proactively strengthen your call center activities and exploit the untapped market.

Our call center outsourcing services can be customized to the size and scope of your business function. We can identify vulnerabilities in your organization's existing workflows and propose better ways to understand the effectiveness of call center outsourcing services. O2I can enhance your reach by continuously addressing the most pressing needs of call center operations. Our approach is to provide the industry's best call center outsourcing solutions through our time-tested process and expertise.

To know more about our call center outsourcing services, get in touch with us.

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