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Consumer Product Support Services

Outsource Consumer Product Support

We make your customers feel valued by offering them a unique and enriching experience through consumer product support at prices starting at $10 per hour

Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in consumer product support services to a range of industries. Over the years we have followed a methodological approach to help businesses overcome challenges related to customer churn, customer expectations, changing technology, and high cost of operations. Our approach across the product support services lifecycle consists of active knowledge gathering of customer expectations and design and delivers services accordingly.

As a trusted consumer product support services providing company, we deliver consumer product support services by leveraging multiple channels such as e-mail, voice, chat, and web-based support. We follow a round-the-clock model with a remote support model, standardized industry best practices, and integrated business management. Besides, we train our agents to actively listen and then provide empathetic assistance to customers' ensuring their needs are always at the forefront of every interaction.

Consumer Product Support Services We Offer

We offer our clients a wide list of consumer product support services. Some of these include -

  1. Bilingual Chat Services

    Bilingual Chat Services

    We have bilingual experts to manage bilingual customers who form a major part of the population in countries such as the UK, Spain, France, Germany, the US, etc. Our experts are equally fluent and comfortable in English and one of the native European languages which makes them a perfect fit to meet the bilingual needs of your customers. Our bilingual chat agents specialize in solving customer problems, guiding and processing customer orders and inquiries, providing knowledgeable answers, responding to shipping inquiries, and so on. We hire agents based on their proficiency in 2 languages and train them till they acquire competency in meeting customer needs in 2 languages. Our bilingual chat services have helped our clients cut down on costs without compromising on quality.

  2. Multi-lingual Chat Support

    Multi-lingual Chat Support

    We have extensive experience in assisting our clients with quality multi-lingual chat support with the help of chat support experts. We provide services with the single-minded objective of improving customer experience and enhancing customer satisfaction levels. Our clients have leveraged our multi-lingual chat support to meet diverse needs such as assisting customers in completing orders via text chat, boost conversion by answering the right questions, provide real-time assistance in pushing pages to visitors, closing e-commerce sales through timely assistance, up-selling and cross-selling of services and products, increasing customer loyalty by providing answers to queries in real-time and even gathering real-time data about website traffic. We offer our clients a flexible delivery network across the world to enable them to tap the right skills and services.

  3. Pre-sales Services

    Pre-sales Services

    Our pre-sales support services are designed to assist the sales and marketing teams to find customers and renew existing ones. In the process, we have assisted our clients in identifying opportunities and making use of them to grow their business. We have wide experience in product and market research, prospecting and qualifying leads, tailoring call scripts, crafting a unique selling proposition, carrying out customer data analysis, identifying customer pain points and the best possible solutions to them, managing proposals and deal qualification, etc. We bank on highly trained experts and the most advanced sales techniques to build profiles of ideal clients as well as build behavior patterns to understand the best possibility of closing leads. We have a successful track record of ensuring that our client's sales team only invest their time and resources on the promising leads.

  4. Soft Collection Services

    Soft Collection Services

    Our soft collection services are tailored to help you recover the money your borrowers owe in the shortest possible time. We ensure this with the help of a range of collections solutions which includes tele calling through our telecallers, sending regular emails, chatting with defaulters, and even calling guarantors to intimate the default. Over the years we have given several clients the leg up they need to collect outstanding funds in a highly professional manner. In the process, we have not just recovered the money for our clients but also helped them retain a positive relationship with their customers. We owe our success in the soft collection to our customized approach to the soft collection and trained customer service representatives with expertise in managing collection disputes and settling resolutions.

  5. Conference Registration Services

    Conference Registration Services

    We have wide experience in managing conference registration for our clients. Driven by a highly experienced team and the best ticketing software we manage the registration process end-to-end. Some of the exclusive event registration services we provide include custom website development, with special attention to conference logos and banner art, managing and tracking wire transfer, membership validation, customer service for conference registrants, prepare up-to-date reports, support organizers in matters such as troubleshooting, arrangements, last-minute updates, etc. Our dedicated services have helped our clients shift their focus from a time-consuming challenge and instead focus entirely on conducting the conference.

  6. Seminar Registration Services

    Seminar Registration Services

    Like our conference registration services, our seminar registration service is driven by highly skilled and expert call center agents. We bank on a sophisticated web-based seminar registration system, to assist our clients and agents and view all seminar details, including the topic, speakers, availabilities, and prices. With years of experience in seminar registration, our consumer product support agents take telephone calls to answer all queries. They also forward any information that needed to be passed on to registrants. We build a management strategy for every seminar which helps us to customize the registration service to meet specific business needs. Our services have been availed not just by companies with a limited staff to handle seminar phone calls; but also by large corporations to streamline regular events.

  7. Direct Response Services

    Direct Response Services

    Our direct response service is tailored to encourage your prospects to take an instant and specific action on your products and services. We have wide experience in direct response advertising and direct response marketing. Our clients have leveraged our direct response call center services to not just grow their business but also enhance their relations with existing customers and discover opportunities that were not tapped previously. We have provided substantial results to our clients by ensuring every marketing initiative is targeted, traceable and personalized. We owe our success to deft ability in combining the key components of direct response marketing which primarily includes the right information, a great offer, and a strong call to action.

  8. Email Response Services

    Email Response Services

    Our email response service serves the purpose of opening the lines of communication with your customers and giving them an alternate window to contact your business. Once we take up the task of email response our call center agents monitor the particular email box and send a reply no sooner than they receive a query or complaint. Every reply is strictly tailored according to your instructions. Our agents are deputed 24/7 and so respond to emails promptly. With on the toes customer service we keep your clients highly satisfied, thus keeping you ahead of your competitors. We owe our success in an effective email response to, our adherence to a completely customized script mapped to your unique business needs and experienced email service agents. Our services have assisted our clients to maintain a highly professional image.

Consumer Product Support Process We Follow

As a consumer product support service provider we have a well-defined process to engage with prospects and kick start a project. The process consists of the following steps -


01. Upload Project Requirements

This is the first step towards getting us involved. Here you upload all your requirements such as industry, project objectives, practice type, number of agents, kind of skills required, call script, reporting schedule, and so on. Our sales agents will, analyze the requirements and get in touch with you with the feasibility aspects along with a strategy


02. Select Hiring Model

We offer different hiring models to our clients. This includes live agents on per head or hour or project basis. Self-service with automated systems and hybrid models are other available options. You can choose a model that suits you the most


03. Assigning Team

Once you make your choice we build a team from our current workforce with all the required skill sets to match your business needs. We acquaint the team with your business objectives and handholds them through your business script


04. Final delivery

This is the stage when we kick start your project. Once our agents hit the floor we monitor every aspect of consumer product support interactions with your customers. Our quality analysts continuously analyze calls to improve agent performance

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Why Outsource Consumer Product Support Services to Outsource2india?

As a reputed consumer product support company, we provide a range of benefits to our clients. These include -

  • Cost-effective Services

    The one significant reason for outsourcing consumer product support services to third-party partners is that it helps organizations save significant money each year. This is because third-party partners come equipped with the necessary infrastructure to handle all client requirements, have trained personnel to provide top class product support services, bank on a streamlined process to maximize efficiency, and have proper control over quality measures. All this saves expenses on an in-house solution that would otherwise require a big investment in money and resources.

  • State-of-art Technology

    All reputed consumer product support providers bank on the best-in-class technology to maintain operational efficiency. Moreover, they keep upgrading themselves with the introduction of new technology in the market. Some technologies adopted include consolidating systems to pull data from different silos, self-service tools, social media monitoring tools, enterprise content management tools, etc. Today's consumer product service companies also develop a customized process for their clients to meet specific business needs. The synergy of efficient processes and the latest technology helps enterprises avail seamless customer support solutions from vendors.

  • Enhanced Scalability

    Besides cost-effectiveness, third-party partners are always prepared to scale client operations as per expected business demands. This is a big advantage for businesses with fluctuating consumer demand as they need to adjust to peak season demands with equal ease. Third-party vendors have the required customer support workforce to meet scaling demands. This workforce is trained and skilled and can seamlessly scale up operations for you.

  • ISO Certified Consumer Product Support Services

    Outsource2india is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with rich expertise in compliance and product support methods. We have access to the best technologies to ensure the fulfillment of promises.

  • A Highly Specialized Workforce

    Third-party vendors have trained the workforce and back their clients with a good customer support strategy. As a result, consumer product companies can readily avail a workforce with the required expertise to handle company software and qualified enough to follow the best practices in customer service for ensuring a great customer experience. The immediate fallout of getting easy access to a specialized workforce is winning new customers and retaining existing customers with complete ease. With no upfront costs involved in training a workforce, outsourcing can provide a win-win situation for companies.

  • Timeliness

    We commit to deadlines and ensure on-time delivery of services to help you focus on priorities. Our competent staff is courteous to inform you in advance about the TAT.

  • 24/7 Services Guaranteed

    An enterprise has to remain available for its customers round-the-clock. Third-party vendors make this possible by working 24/7 to address customer needs. This is because third-party vendors either work in shifts or have their presence in different parts of the globe thus making complete use of the time zone difference. Additionally, they have an adequate workforce to counter issues like attrition thereby ensuring customer support remains an ongoing and round-the-clock service.

  • Complete Data Security

    Third-party vendors go out of their way to ensure client data is always safe. They follow the strictest protocols to ensure this. These include installing strong perimeter security and protective software, encrypting sensitive information, update system patches and software regularly, back up important files, etc. Besides, they go the extra mile to create an atmosphere of security awareness within their organization such as identifying phishing attacks, not clicking on embedded links, etc.

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Outsource Consumer Product Support Services to Outsource2india


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Outsource2india has over 25 years of experience in assisting customers to build good customer relationships with superior consumer product support services. We owe our success to our competent team and meticulous approach to customer support. Our approach of striving to continuously discover customer expectations, ceaseless efforts to convert negative impact to positive ones, and non-stop lookout for ways to improve the customer service level has ensured high client satisfaction over the years. Likewise, we train our agents to develop the requisite knowledge and expertise, and key skills in building trust, listening, asking thoughtful questions, and having empathy for others help our agents connect straight away with your clients.

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