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Outsource Digital Customer Support Services

Effectively and efficiently attend to customer support queries and problems through mobile and web applications and other digital devices at prices starting at $8/hour

Are you on the lookout for a company that can help you enhance your customer support services in the digital sector? Do you want help in attending to customer queries and problems through mobile and web applications and other digital devices? If that is the case, then there is no better choice than Outsource2india. When you need to have the best customer support options, OIi can help you out with beneficial strategies and comprehensive help.

Outsource2india is a leading digital customer service providing company that has been assisting clients all over the world to develop solutions related to digital client support. We have a team of talented professionals and robust technology to assist you with your needs. We will help you in providing ideal customer service options to make your call centre one of the best in the industry. Choosing to collaborate with O2I would definitely bring a lot of benefits to your company.

Digital Customer Support Services That We Offer

Our services include -

  • Chat Support

    Chat Support

    Customers are always on the lookout for instant replies and help in real-time that we can assist you in providing. With the help of our digital support options, you will definitely be able to deal with customers on chat in the best way.

  • Customer Interaction

    Customer Interaction

    As a leading digital customer support provider, we have different interactive services with our digital agents that can help in strengthening the relations and communications with potential clients in order to ensure proper business growth.

  • Social Media Customer Service

    Social Media Customer Service

    We have different social media customer service options for your digital customers. This way, your clients can easily get in touch with the agents and get all the help and support that they need in the first place.

  • Video Chat

    Video Chat

    At Outsource2india, we have reliable professionals who will ensure that your company is provided with important video chat services and that too at an affordable rate.

  • Multichannel Support Services

    Multichannel Support Services

    We have been extending our support through different channels in the digital sector and hence you can rely on us to provide seamless digital customer support services to your clients.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Digital Support Services?

Outsourcing digital customer support services to Outsource2india can provide you with a plethora of benefits which you can take advantage of. Some of the main reasons why you need to choose our company are mentioned below -

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure in terms of quality tools and technologies, world-class office spaces, and uninterrupted network connections.

  • Affordable Rates

    When you choose our digital services customer support packages, you will be able to gain benefits from the flexible pricing module that we have for our clients.

  • High-quality Services

    We believe in providing quality and error-free digital customer services to global clients. We are an ISO-certified organization which ensures that you will receive the best quality services at all times.

  • Experienced Team

    We are a top company for proper digital support services and when you choose to partner with us, you will be offered a qualified team of professionals who are fit to handle any project.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We understand that the customers of your company want to have real-time services and hence we have made it our mission to offer quick turnaround times with our services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Professional Appointment Setting Services to a US-based Firm

O2I Provided Professional Appointment Setting Services to a US-based Firm

A leading US-based enterprise was looking for a provider to help them with appointment setting services. Our team provided them with high-quality services within a quick time.

Read the Case Study
O2I Provided Robust and Reliable Telemarketing Services to an Insurance Provider

O2I Provided Robust and Reliable Telemarketing Services to an Insurance Provider

A leading insurance provider required help with telemarketing services. Our team of call center professionals provided them with high-quality and cost-effective services.

Read the Case Study


Outsource2india will have a positive effect on any company's turnover. I do not doubt that.

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Outsource Digital Support Services to Outsource2india

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