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Cold Canvassing Services

Outsource Cold Canvassing Services

Getting conversations started with new customers has never been easier. Spend $8/hour on our agents and get cold canvassing experts to attract potential clients for your business

Is your business always looking to expand the customer base by swimming through the toughest competition? It could get challenging to reach targeted prospects with a traditional approach. The core principle of cold canvassing services we offer is to fully understand the needs of the individual or the organization on the other side of the call and make a suitable pitch to pique their interest and fuel their purchase temptation.

In short, our sale-strategy shifts the focus from interruption-based selling to generating leads through meaningful interactions. O2I is a pioneer in the field of cold canvassing services as we deploy unique strategies, personalized communication, and pay attention to the prospect's requirements. Remodeling the way telemarketing is done, we have been successful in increasing the client base, brand value, and positioning of our clients.

Cold Canvassing Services Offered We Offer

We have encompassed several interlinked solutions for both B2B and B2C cold canvassing services. Our services include -

  1. B2B Cold Canvassing Services

    B2B Cold Canvassing Services

    Our telemarketers' prime focus, while engaging in B2B cold calling, is to connect and network with the decision-makers of the company. Our proficient team of professionals undergoes an intensive training program to learn the inside-out of the field and are experts in identifying the leaders who perpetually influence the purchase. We study the background and current situation the company is in, find out the top decision influencers, and contact multiple people in the organization to create a bigger impact. We also prepare a customized pitch for each business.

  2. B2C Cold Canvassing Services

    B2C Cold Canvassing Services

    We have skilled and dynamic professionals who have years of experience in the field of B2C cold calling and successful lead generation. A large database, a detailed questionnaire, and high script-improvisation skills are all support systems that help our experts to close deals with customers. We ensure that our tactics do not irritate or disturb the prospects, rather stimulate their interest in your offerings.

  3. Developing Customized Scripts

    Developing Customized Script

    The call script is tailor-made after a careful analysis of the client's requirements. The script entails personalized greetings, relevant questionnaire, pain points, and other details imperative to understand the target customer.

  4. Meticulously Devised Strategies

    Meticulously Devised Strategies

    The experts are trained to work around the script and improvise whenever required. The entire idea behind cold canvassing is to understand the ability and interest of the customer by engaging in valuable conversation to build a connection. Therefore, a customer-driven approach is used for lucrative business generation.

  5. Follow-up Calls and Feedback Sessions

    Follow up calls and Feedback Sections

    We place high regard to building lasting connections and we make sure to stay in touch with the prospective customers. Regular follow-up and periodic feedback on the quality of communication is significant in rapport-building.

  6. Marketing Automation

    Marketing Automation

    We implement and make use of advanced marketing automation tools to make the process efficient, faster and transparent. We can also work on your in-house tools for an integrated solution.

  7. Appointment-setting

    Appointment Setting

    We understand and value the importance of time of your sales team, therefore, we make sure that only high-quality leads are qualified for appointment setting.

Cold Canvassing Process We Follow


01. Target Market Definition

The first step towards outsourcing cold canvassing services is to establish the target market. Our diligent team coordinates with your sales/marketing team to identify potential clients and their purchase behaviors towards similar products/services.


02. Goal Definition

Once the target market is identified, the quantifiable goals are set based on various factors like industry type, the scope of a business, time, etc. The goal could be to generate awareness, interest, inquiries, information downloads, forms filled, website visits, or sales.


03. Content Strategy

The next part is to draw out customized scripts, messages, questionnaires, and other marketing tools to pitch to the target market.


04. Making Calls and Understanding the Customer

Our experts are attentive, excellent listeners, and compelling sellers. They understand the customer's need and extemporize the script to ensure that your product/service is what they really need and want, thereby, developing an urgent purchase intent.


05. Quality Check

We match the deadlines and the set goals to deliver you quality leads. After a successful lead generation campaign, our team checks the records for the quality and completeness of the information.


06. Appointment Setting and Lead Transferring

We directly transfer the leads to your sales team or arrange for appointments with your sales team.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Outsourcing Cold Canvassing Services?

Our prime focus is always on growing your business through significant interactions and building meaningful relations with your prospects. Shunning the aggressive-selling approach and adopting an assertive approach to generate purchase behavior gives us an exclusivity from the others in the market. We offer several advantages -

  • High-quality Assertive Selling Services

    We cannot emphasize enough on this point that we do not coax the customers to buy the company's product/service. We understand their behavior and generate genuine interest. Because of our focus on understanding the customers, we filter out disinterested ones and only pursue the responsive ones. This superb process is what makes us an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider.

  • Accomplished Telemarketers

    It takes experience, rigorous training, and the right skills to win the customers' interests and make sales. Our telemarketers have all this and so much more. They have the compassion to build businesses for our clients and they excel in performing their tasks with utmost sincerity and integrity.

  • Affordability and Service Quality

    Our unmatched, superior quality work comes with prices that are easy on your pockets.

  • Sound Infrastructure

    Technological support and a favorable working environment are imperative for our teams to work efficiently and effectively. We boast of state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities available at all our centers.

  • Tailor-made Approach

    We fully understand that each business has specific needs, hence, we do not offer the standard, pre-packaged solutions. We customize them to suit your requirements.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    Our compelling messages and relevant interactions build the interest of the customers faster than other marketing strategies adopted by the clients. We are always on our toes and swift in closing the deals with the prospects.

  • High acclamation

    Our 21-years of experience in the field of cold canvassing services has given us a distinct recognition and acclaim for our work. Our credibility as an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company is an assurance of our transparency, commitment, and successful campaign runs.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

The customer we served needed to outsource call quality checking and discovered relief through our moderate and profoundly solid call quality observing administrations.

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O2I Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services

Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services

We offered video observing capabilities that utilized the customer's backend frameworks for monitoring. This helped them to spare the expense and time for more productive tasks.

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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to thank Jay / Customer Service Rep. who contacted me twice regarding my order status. He left me a second message today at 12:46 pm (CST) with detailed information. What wonderful customer service!! I never had this superb customer service from any other company before.

Pet Pharmacy Company in Florida, USA
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Outsource Cold Canvassing Service to Outsource2india

A highly dependable outsourcing company for cold canvassing services and telemarketing in general, O2I has been consequential in developing businesses and their brand value for over twenty one years. Our dedicated telemarketers are always one step ahead in devising innovative strategies to intelligently position your product/services in the minds of your target customers. With a global presence and a strong foothold in the industry, we are the leading providers of cold canvassing services in India.

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