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What is an Intelligent Contact Center

Intelligent Contact Center - What is It?

Googling the term "intelligent contact center" shows that it has been used for many years. However, the meaning of the term has evolved with the passage of time as new technologies have been developed and incorporated in contact centers. The meaning of the term is also often widely disputed, what with contact center vendors each putting their own spin on the term and defining it in ways that highlight their own capabilities and platforms.

However, it is important to know what the term means from the perspective that matters the most, that is, from the perspective of the customers themselves who interact with the contact center. In this article, we look at what an intelligent contact center is in the modern context and how you can leverage it to significantly enhance your customers' experiences.

What is Contact Center Intelligence?

Contact center intelligence simply means the harnessing of technologies that make the contact center process more intelligent and better positioned to address customer queries. The technologies that are available to make the contact center intelligent include customer analytics, contact center artificial intelligence, interactive intelligence contact center, advanced analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, sentiment analytics, speech recognition, behavioral analytics, ICC customer service, and customer interaction analytics, among others.

How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Contact Centers?

Artificial intelligence is being used in management contact centers to enhance the customer experience. Some AI tools that are being used are advanced analytics to streamline process and extract insights faster, speech analytics to analyze what customers are saying and predictive analytics to anticipate what the customers need in order to deliver better and more personalized interactions.

So what exactly constitutes an intelligent contact center. Below, we shed some light on what it takes to make an intelligent contact center in the modern context.

  1. Customers Can Contact Intelligent Contact Centers In The Way Most Convenient To Them

    All of us have had experiences with contacting contact centers. However, in this hyper digitalized world, the route of communication is also a factor that needs to be considered. Customers can contact centers through chat, phone, email, or social media channels. An intelligent contact center is one in which the customer is provided a seamless connection experience irrespective of the channel used for communication. It is imperative for modern contact centers to gain the capability to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels.

  2. Modern Contact Centers Provide Individualized Communication

    It's a given that in the modern context, customers expect a personalized communication route with their contact center. However, customer expectations have gone beyond just personalized communication - they want highly individualized experiences in the form of one-on-one interactions. They want to be treated as individuals and want customized experiences. This requires that contact centers provide an omnichannel experience by integrating and synthesizing single customer records that contact center agents can access whenever they need. Having access to customer profiles can go a long way into ensuring that agents can provide a seamless and useful experience to all customers based on their personalities.

  3. Modern Contact Centers Should Provide Complete Information on Any Customer to the Agents

    Often, agents lack access to customer data and this lack of information can lead to poor customer service when the customer contacts them. This poor customer service can make the agent unable to fully resolve the customer's issues and can leave the customer feeling less than satisfied. Modern intelligent contact centers ensure that they have current and up-to-date information on all their customers which they provide to their agents so that they can better serve their customers and resolve their issues in the first interaction itself.

  4. Modern Contact Centers Deploy the Latest Technologies

    Modern intelligent contact centers go a step ahead of the competition and deploy cutting-edge technology to better serve their customers. These technologies can include customer analytics, contact center artificial intelligence, interactive intelligence, advanced analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, sentiment analytics, speech recognition, behavioral analytics, and customer interaction analytics, among others.

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