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Call Quality Analytics Services

Outsource Call Quality Analytics Services

We help you interpret every customer interaction and enrich your service levels with our call quality analytics services

Providing rich customer experiences at every touchpoint is one of the top priorities of all businesses, but is your business efficiently monitoring call quality with in-house resources? Are you losing time and money running resource-intensive errands? If yes, we have just the solution at Outsource2india. Slack in service levels can lead to customer defection or negative press on social media. Therefore, with the analysis of all customer calls, the customers can be satisfied.

How your agents greet, interact, offer solutions, and resolve caller's concern must be constantly monitored and analyzed critically for lasting relationships. O2I is a renowned call quality analytics services providing company that leverages cutting-edge technologies to analyze every call and generate practical insights for increasing customer satisfaction as well as optimizing operations.

Call Quality Analytics Services We Offer

As a globally trusted call quality analytics services outsourcing company, O2I has been providing exceptional results within a short time using the right analytics technologies and strategies. We bring out the tiniest of insights that can have a big impact on the business outcome. Our call quality analytics services include -

  1. Call Quality Measurement Metrics

    Call Quality Measurement Metrics

    The definition of quality is different for each client. Although there are several international benchmarks for call quality assessment, we first work on creating a precise definition of what constitutes a high-quality call. We define all the expectations, accepted behaviors, key performance indicators, quality roadmap, and external benchmarking. Our team creates customer feedback collection processes through surveys and scorecards. Our aim is to understand your business expectations and align your call quality goals with them.

  2. Call Analytics

    Call Analytics

    Your customers don't just hear that "the call would be monitored for quality and training purposes." We install a call monitoring software to track all the outbound and inbound calls. We ensure that each call is monitored, documented and analyzed for tangible quality improvements and optimization of the call center operations. O2I uses automated speech analytics tools in combination with human ears to listen in to all the calls and analyze them.

  3. Agent Analysis

    Agent Analysis

    Each agent has a different skillset and areas that can be improved. By thorough analysis of all the calls handled by individual agents, we assess their temperament, friendliness, empathy, effectiveness, professionalism, voice clarity, average call handling time, adaptability, proactiveness, and overall behavior. We also collect customer feedback about the agent after each call to get real insights on how the customer felt. O2I also helps in calibrating call quality scores, creating coaching workflows for performance management, live agent training, and a lot more. Some of the unique areas we analyze include predictive behavior mapping, tenure segment analysis, skill gap analysis, and heat map analysis.

  4. Call Center Quality Monitoring and Analytics

    Call Center Quality Monitoring and Analytics

    O2I pioneers in creating a complete call center quality management solution for analyzing and enhancing the overall quality levels across teams, departments, voice and non-voice domains, etc. Our tried and tested techniques and tools help in analyzing all the gaps in achieving customer support excellence. We identify those areas, define training programs, tweak the team structures, and offer support for improving customer interaction in various ways. As an experienced and trusted call quality analytics services provider company, we know how to improve quality and customer satisfaction.

Call Quality Analytics Process We Follow

At Outsource2india, we ensure transparency in the process to give you a complete insight into our workflow. Our call quality analytics process is as follows -


We will work with you to collect and analyze the requirement. It helps us understand the services you are looking for and how we can approach the challenge


The team at our end will convene a meeting to discuss the best call analytics strategy and how it can be applied to your call center process


The calls will be analyzed by appointed agents. They will listen to the conversation between your agent and the client to determine the caller's satisfaction, problem resolution, and other factors


The calls will be rated individually, and the ratings will be documented and compiled into meaning reports


After evaluation of reports, we will furnish our findings to your team

Why Should You Outsource Call Quality Analytics Services to O2I?

Outsourcing call quality analytics services to O2I can save you countless hours of frustration and valuable money. The service we offer is customized to help you get the best leverage without draining your marketing spend. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider our expertise -

  • ISO Certified Analytics Services Provider

    When you opt for O2I for call quality analytics outsourcing services, you get a complete package. Our analysis covers the agents, the script, the customer, the supervisors, the content shared, the technologies used, the processes followed, the call center operations, and so on. We measure how the interplay of all the above factors impact your results and what are the areas that can be tweaked for generating better outcomes, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and reduce your overheads. Therefore, we are ISO 9001:2015 accredited for the quality of service.

  • 100% Security and Confidentiality Guarantee

    O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified call quality analytics services outsourcing company. We have robust processes in place for assuring 100% data confidentiality, access controls, safe cloud storage, data transfer protocols, and so on. When you outsource to us, you can rest assured that there would be no breach of information.

  • International Quality

    O2I is a well-established outsourcing services provider with state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern technologies, superior networks, and plush office spaces. When you engage with us, you get world-class services and transparent execution.

  • Affordable Services

    Our call quality analytics services have optimized the call center processes for our global clients quickly and cost-effectively. Our services have reduced their overheads by up to 40%, increased revenue and tuned their call center with the voice of the customer. Our offshore service model allows us to deliver round the clock coverage for your requirements.

  • Scalable Services

    The call quality analytics is a scalable service that can be scaled up or down depending on how you prefer. If your subscribed quality analytics performance is insufficient to meet an unprecedented surge in calls, we can upgrade the service to add more agents to the task and fill the performance gap.

  • Timely Services

    The call quality analytics is carried out in time estimated at the outset. We walk the extra mile to avoid delays from our end. Our timeliness in service delivery is ensured by project leads with 10+ years of experience.

  • Real-time Analytics Dashboard

    We would implement the latest call center analytics technologies, speech recognition technologies, and visualization tools, and ensure that they are integrated with your CRM system. You would be able to access reports or data on insights with ease, anytime and from anywhere. We would set up instant alerts for any discrepancy or escalations so that immediate action could be taken. Our call center quality management solutions are trusted by hundreds of clients across the globe.

  • Speech Analytics

    With the use of natural language processing and AI tools, we can do real-time speech analytics of all the in-bound or outbound calls of your call center. There is a lot of unstructured data in customer interactions that are not directly apparent. With AI, we can understand the nature of the call; customer's emotions, stress or tone; satisfaction or frustration levels; agent's empathy and friendliness; agent's effectiveness, and a lot more. Real-time speech analytics also gives the agents pointers and instant feedback about what they can do to enhance customer experience during the call. The audio files of the recorded calls are also easy to archive, search based on keywords, and retrieve for training and analysis.

  • Prescriptive Analytics

    We not only prepare reports, but we also implement BI technologies that automatically suggest the right course of action to reduce your costs, boost performance, improve operations, and so on. These prescriptions are then followed through and the results are measured to generate better insights and prescriptions in the future. Our prescriptive call quality analytics solutions will take your call center on the road to continuous improvement.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reporting

    Based on your analytics needs, we would create customized dashboards for various members of your team and send you frequent reports about the performance according to the KPIs and benchmarks defined by you. Our call quality analytics reports are visually appealing and easy to understand. The interactive nature of the reports would enable you to drill down on any field or parameter and get to the root of the challenges faced by your business.

  • SPOC

    We provide a dedicated consultant will liaise with the team to refresh the process updates for you. The SPOC can be reached quickly through your preferred channels for cutting through the queue or other barriers that only cause more delay.

  • An Experienced Team

    We have been in the call center industry since its inception. Our team understands the domain inside out and knows what it takes to deliver results quickly. Having worked on a wide range of call center technologies for varied domains, we can help you to set up a call quality analytics process efficiently.

  • Round-the-clock Customer Support

    With an analytics solution focused on your customers, you would see all the insights and prescriptions would be pointed towards that goal. Improvement in agent effectiveness and call center operations would directly result in improved customer experience.

  • Powerful Technologies for Drill Down Analytics and Data Visualization

    Our team is adept at all the popular tools and technologies used for analytics. We can make these solutions work for you or develop customizations and personalized dashboards sing the best infrastructure so that you get only the most relevant and practical insights.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

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Outsource Call Quality Analytics Services to Outsource2india

O2I is the most trusted provider of call quality analytics services in India. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified call center services company with refined processes and top-notch infrastructure. By partnering with us, you would not only streamline your call center operations but also raise productivity levels, boost revenue and consistently improve customer satisfaction scores. We can find deep and hidden insights while tracking every word or emotion uttered or expressed by your customers or agents.

Contact us today and learn how these insights can be translated into business decisions that will boost profits and delight your customers.

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