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Real Estate Call Answering Services

Outsource Real Estate Call Answering Services

Since most crucial business dealings happen outside business hours, our real estate call answering services will ensure that you never miss any calls from your customers starting at $10 per hour

Being a real estate agent or a property manager requires pushing boundaries when it comes to being available for business around the clock. While you may have definite 9 to 5 at-work timings, customers are at the liberty to call you outside of the work hours to make inquiries and grab opportunities immediately when the offer you make is exciting enough. Additionally, many customers would find it more convenient to call during the weekends, which generally encapsulates the prime customer service hours for most real estate agents. Given how competitive this industry is, you need to put an effort to stay relevant and make use of every opportunity that knocks on your door in the form of customer calls. When you're outsourcing real estate call answering services to professionals like us, we put that extra effort in your place to make sure you don't miss out on any opportunity.

Outsource2india is an experienced real estate call answering services providing company that you can depend on when you look for live-voice customer support such that your business gives your customers the assurance and support they need when they're making a big financial commitment. An industry like real estate demands personal attention to each client, and our professional real estate call answering services give your clients just that, leading to immense growth for your business from maximized client satisfaction.

Real Estate Call Answering Services We Offer

Outsource2india houses a large and fully-equipped team of real estate call answering service executives who are proficient at handling an estimated 30,000 inbound calls on a day-to-day basis. We understand that your customers look for professionalism and would want to feel valued to put their trust in you. Therefore, we add the personal touch that each call needs. Here are the real estate call answering services we offer -

  1. Appointment Scheduling

    Appointment Scheduling

    Our real estate call answering services also include appointment scheduling that can help you have all your appointments in one place and get notified well before time so that you miss no important event or meeting. We integrate our systems with your online calendar management software and schedule property visits, office meetings and appointments with customers, open houses, and much more. Any cancellation or modification is notified to you and your staff immediately so that you can make the needed arrangements. Our services can help you avoid miscommunication and no-shows so that you make the best impression for your customers as well as your team.

  2. Lead Capture

    Lead Capture

    One of the most crucial aspects that help capture leads is a prompt response. Clients develop that trust and confidence in you that is required when they decide to make a huge financial decision with you when the communication is efficient enough. It is ideally recommended to return the call to a customer within 30 minutes after it is made to retain a customer, and we help you achieve just that. Our team is committed to answering calls within 3 rings so that your potential customers have complete access to you via calls. We also notify you promptly via calls, text, or emails so that you can respond to your customers swiftly.

  3. Sending Messages

    Sending Messages

    When you opt for this service from our real estate call answering services, we can also get in touch with your customers via emails or text messages if need be and when deemed necessary.

  4. Multilingual Support

    Multilingual Support

    We cater to clients from different parts of the world and therefore work with native speakers to provide flawless real estate call answering services to the non-English speaking clientele. You can get in touch with us and let us know what language you require our services in, and we will work with you to offer you the specific real estate call answering services that you need.

  5. Complete Availability

    Complete Availability

    Given you can only be available for calls for a fixed number of hours in a day, we completely have your back and are available 24/7 even during the weekends to take the calls from your customers when you're off-duty.

  6. Conditional Call Forwarding

    Conditional Call Forwarding

    We offer conditional call forwarding services so that when you're on a call with a customer and get another call, you don't miss out on the opportunity of entering into business with them. You can opt for conditional call forwarding both when you have a call on wait and when you let the call ring and forward it to us so our trained professionals answer the call for you.

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Real Estate Call Answering Process We Follow

What makes Outsource2india a pioneering real estate call answering service provider is our systematic approach when it comes to offering a range of services. We plan each step of the project so that the outcomes are flawless and free of inconsistencies and confusion both for our teams and our clients. Here are the steps that we follow when offering our real estate call answering services to you -


01. Requirement Analysis

When you get in touch with us for our real estate call answering services, we get right back to you to analyze your requirements. When then come up with the scope of the project and give you cost estimates as per your business needs. Once you give us the approval, we move on to the next step


02. Planning

We allocate resources to your project as per your real estate call answering requirements and delegate a team and a team manager who would handle the project. Tasks are distributed among the team members


03. Implementation

Once all the tasks are delegated to the respective professionals, we are ready to take calls from your customers on your behalf and implement other real estate call answering services that you opt for


04. Timely Report

We keep you updated, provide you with reports, and notify you daily as to the number of calls attended and other details, ensuring you are always in the loop

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Why Outsource Real Estate Call Answering Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india is a reliable real estate call answering company with significant experience of around 25 years in the industry. Our work experience with countless clients who are completely satisfied with our real estate call answering services testifies the excellence of our services. Here are the benefits of outsourcing real estate call answering services to us -

  • Cost-saving Solutions

    We offer our real estate call answering services at the most competitive prices and charge our clients only for the services that they opt for. Our call answering services are also chargeable on a per-minute basis which means you don't have to pay anything beyond the operator time that you use.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We take measures to assess the quality of engagement between agent and client to ensure each conversation has culminated in the customer receiving the promised values and satisfaction.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have a high-end call center infrastructure that gives our agents the host of tools they need to accept inbound calls and provide solutions in the least possible time.

  • Experienced Team of Contact Center Agents and Managers

    Our contact center agents are professionals with years of experience in interacting with concerned callers and know the latest call center tools to improve productivity.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our punctual services are swift and will not leave your customer irritated. We will address concerns within moments of receiving the query to provide values in the shortest time.

  • Scalability

    You'll always have the advantage of scaling your requirements with us because we have the bandwidth to add more members to the contact center team.

  • ISO Certification

    We are an ISO-certified company that assures our clients that all the methodologies, practices, processes that we follow meet the highest industry quality standards. We work in compliance with commercial regulations and strive to achieve top-notch quality when delivering our real estate call answering services.

  • Complete Data Security

    When you share any confidential information about your business or related to your customers with us, we follow stringent measures to safeguard the security of your data, preventing any third-party access or data security breach.

  • Single Point of Contact

    When you collaborate with us, we assign a dedicated project manager to you so that you can get in touch with them to communicate all your queries and give your feedback. The project manager will also keep you updated and send you reports regularly.

  • 24/7 Support

    We have a team of customer care and support service executives who are available around the clock to address your queries related to our services. You can get in touch with us over calls, emails, or the chatbox on our website and we will get back to you in no time.

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      Outsource Real Estate Call Answering Services to Outsource2india


      I'm impressed! :) You ladies and gentlemen are doing fantastic work. Thank you so much!

      Reservations Supervisor,
      Travel Website Company, CA
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      Outsource2india is the leading provider of real estate call answering services in India and we also cater our inbound call center services to global clients.We have an experience of 25 years in providing unparalleled phone answering services. Our supervising managers exhibit a sense of urgency in delivering quick calls that are encrypted to prevent breach of confidential information. If you own a real estate business or are a property manager, managing all the incoming calls can be challenging. And missing calls from your potential customers could mean missing the opportunity of generating sales for your business. We go the extra mile to ensure that businesses operate seamlessly and these vouch for our answering services. You can maximize your real estate business by relying on us as it is a walk in the park for our experts to streamline online solutions.

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