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Sales Management Services

Outsource Sales Management Services

Outsource sales management services to Outsource2india to scale your business and achieve your sales targets efficiently at prices starting at $8/hour

Sales are the key drivers of businesses. An organization can only scale its size, processes, etc. when the sales are looking up, making sales management a critical part of business operations. When scaling up, managing sales teams in-house can become challenging and less rewarding due to a lack of necessary training, skills, or motivation to be as effective as they need to be. In such cases, outsourcing sales management services serves as a great alternative to obtain your company's sales target as well as to fulfill all the other sales objectives. It is like having your own sales management department without the increase in your organizational headcount and the hassle of their effective performance.

At Outsource2india, we have a dedicated wing of sales experts in various fields with years of experience in driving business growth through effective sales management. From senior to executive sales roles, our professionals are highly qualified and have proven track records in their respective fields to enable you to achieve business growth.

Sales Management Services We Offer

From leadership to executive-level roles, we offer end-to-end sales management services to organizations of all sizes. Our customizable services include -

  1. Sales Strategy

    Sales Strategy

    Increasing sales requires a robust strategy based on your products/services, target audiences, and other variables. Our sales team carries out an in-depth analysis and research before developing a valuable strategy or a mix of strategies that deliver the desired results.

  2. Sales Model Development

    Sales Model Development

    Without a proper structure, the true potential of your sales organization cannot be realized. The dedicated sales management team not only builds strategy but also plans the sales model to ensure a streamlined approach towards responsibility, authority, performance, and accountability.

  3. Sales Processes

    Sales Processes

    The sales process funnel is a long and daunting one. From pitching to the client to closing the sale, there are multiple stages involved. As an organization looking to grow your business, you should have a modular and systematic approach to sales processes, and this is what our team of sales management experts brings to the table when you hire us.

  4. Sales CRM Building

    Sales CRM Building

    Effective CRM building can significantly impact your sales and customer engagement. As your sales management team, we can help you build, migrate, implement, and optimize your CRM.

  5. Performance Metrics

    Performance Metrics

    Our committed team takes charge of assessing, identifying, and driving the KPIs for effective sales management. They set different metrics and performance standards for various verticals including business development, account management, marketing, CRM, etc.

  6. Sales Coaching

    Sales Coaching

    One of the additional services that we provide is the extension of training services for your in-house sales team. Under this, we offer formal sales training as well as an on-the-job training model to choose from to improve the individual and overall performance within your sales teams.

Our Call Center Portfolio

Our Sales Management Team

Having a dedicated sales management team from O2I frees you from the hassle of day-to-day management and performance tracking so that you can focus on other crucial business tasks. Under sales management, we leverage a tiered-approach wherein we employ three main heads for core sales tasks and can build further teams under them or add other heads based on your unique requirements. Key members in our sales management team include -

  1. Sales Strategy Head

    The strategy head is in charge of creating the core sales strategies and plans. The head takes on a leadership role of driving the synergies of the sales organization towards the common objective of business growth.

  2. Sales Engineering Head

    The sales engineer will help analyze and set the metrics (KPIs) and shall take up lead reporting, processes management, etc.

  3. Sales Management Executive

    The sales manager will keep track and lead the sales meetings, carry out the strategy from the ground up, and will also be directly involved with sales coaching and training.

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Hire Us as Your Sales Management Services Providing Company?

Leverage the benefits of having an outsourced sales management team. Having us on board as your sales management service provider comes with many advantages including the following -

  • Affordable Prices

    Our services are not only personalized but also cost-effective and enable you to hire a dedicated team within your allocated budgets.

  • Dedicated and Experienced Team

    Hire a dedicated team for your sales project with deep expertise to drive meaningful sales.

  • Tailored Services

    We personalize our services to suit your organization's specific needs to deliver the desired results.

  • Measurable Impact

    With a proven track record, we ensure that we meet the performance expectations and achieve all your sales objectives.

  • Improved Processes

    Our sales management services and right mentoring of the in-house team enhance the sales processes, making them more effective.

  • Faster Growth

    With streamlined processes, synergies of teams, and dedicated efforts, scale your business and growth multifold with inbound call outsourcing and sales management solutions.

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      Outsource Sales Management Services to Outsource2india

      Looking to develop a strong sales culture within your organization to drive faster and improved growth? Choose to outsource sales management services to O2I. With 25 years of experience in the field of sales, we have a vast team of sales experts to handle projects spanning different industries and business sizes. Our team takes full ownership and responsibility to take your business to greater heights.

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