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Case Study on Lead Generation Services to a Marketing Company

O2I's Effective Lead Generation Services Created Tremendous Business Impact

The Client

The client is a leading insurance lead generation company based in the United States; they wanted to scale up their operations. Their extended team already comprises 50 agents from Outsource2india, Philippines. They wanted to add more agents but not from the same center.

The Requirement

The client is headquartered in the US; they provide qualified leads to insurance companies. They wanted to offer more proactive services to their customers and were keen to explore the change in leadership and processes followed in our call centers in India. They wanted us to deploy a team of representatives for a telemarketing campaign focused on Medicare/Health Insurance during the Open Enrollment Period.

Challenges Induced by the Global Pandemic

The unprecedented limitations of direct contact with people during the pandemic posed significant challenges to team communication, ultimately impacting the client's in-house productivity. The situation was further exacerbated by staffing shortages. The lack of manpower made it increasingly difficult for us to keep up with the surge in service demand. Additionally, the pandemic had shifted customer expectations, with clients becoming more demanding and less patient, thus increasing the pressure on call center agents to not only meet these heightened expectations but also exceed the set targets.

Operational Challenges Faced the Client

The client aimed to enhance operational efficiency and was hesitant about keeping all agents in a single center. Often, transitioning between delivery centers could result in glitches and downtime, but our streamlined workflows, seamless coordination, and exceptional office infrastructure made the process smooth and hassle-free.

  • Technical Glitches - Factors such as disconnected calls, static interference, and subpar audio quality contributed to this issue in prior instances. Thanks to our diligence, system malfunctions were contained significantly, which could have otherwise led to decreased productivity, revenue losses, and a dip in customer satisfaction.
  • Agent Proficiency - Superior call quality isn't solely dependent on the technical elements but also hinges on the competency of the agent handling the call. Even with flawless technology, the call quality could suffer if the agent lacks essential skills in customer service and outbound calling. We carefully picked a competent team with crucial abilities such as effective listening, clear communication, and prompt query resolution which played a significant role in ensuring the desired outcome.

Our Solution

The client sought to harness the best benefits of outsourcing, which include business flexibility and quick scalability. Keeping in sync with the client's requirements, we initiated the project with a pilot team of 10 call center agents and mutually agreed to expand the team as per the client's seasonal demands.

Our Strategic Approach

We aimed to ensure a seamless transition for the client, so we brought on board 10 highly skilled agents to minimize hiring turnover and accelerate the learning process. In partnership with our IT Team, we worked closely with stakeholders to tackle urgent concerns. Our leaders ensured diligent supervision and guidance of all callers, while invaluable feedback from the QA team facilitated team enhancement. The role of training was instrumental, arming agents with a thorough understanding of our products/services and effective customer service protocols.

Comprehending our clients' mission, vision, and objectives empowered us to devise efficient strategies to cultivate robust business connections. We prioritized the allocation of competent agents and provided the requisite support to ensure callers obtained the necessary help to fulfil KPIs and attain targeted results. We proactively determined the number of agents needed for each season and efficiently expedited the hiring process accordingly. Moreover, to enhance performance management, we assigned experienced sales coaches to support the team.

Skillsets We Leveraged

  • Aggressive hiring timelines
  • Excellent coordination
  • Quality sales transfers
  • Cost-effective talent pool
  • Rapid scalability during peak seasons

Technologies Used for This Project

Zendesk & Magento

The Outcome

Our assistance resulted in significant reductions in operational costs for the client. Our services had a remarkable impact on the business, leading to a substantial increase in overall lead conversion. The client expressed utmost satisfaction with our services. As the project progressed, they expanded the team of agents from the initial 10 to an impressive 26!

Also, we broadened our focus from a single line of business to four LOBs. Venturing into new LOBs facilitated the company in enhancing their return on investment by diversifying their income sources. This strategic move aided in minimizing the company's risk associated with the underperformance of a particular LOB. It also enabled the achievement of cost efficiencies through resource sharing across LOBs. Our callers underwent cross-training to dial for multiple LOBs, ensuring optimal results.

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