Real Estate Cold Calling Services

Real Estate Cold Calling Services

One never knows which client call will bring you thousands of dollars in commission. Never miss an opportunity with our real estate cold calling services

Real estate cold calling is a standard in any successful real estate sales office. However, maintaining a cold calling team in-house adds to your operational and infrastructural costs. So, the best option is to outsource it to a professional service provider like us. We can help you with new methods to tap prospects and increase your customer base.

Our real estate call center services enable you to reduce costs and improve profits. Our agents are skilled in tactfully pursuing your prospects and are updated with all the cold-calling guidelines. Once you outsource real estate cold calling, rest assured that our services will precisely cater to your requirements.

What Services Does a Real Estate Cold Calling Company Provide?

People wonder what a real estate cold calling script is and why they are so effective. Real estate cold calling is a process in which agents contact prospects and make conversations about properties for sale, lease, or rent, using a calling script specific to a client. It prevents the agents from fumbling or sounding foolish to the prospects.

Our Real Estate Cold Calling Services

We provide a comprehensive range of affordable real estate cold-calling services. Our commercial real estate cold calling and real estate telemarketing services are scalable according to your business needs; you can start the project with two seat minimum. Our services include -

  • Pitch Property Listing

    Pitch Property Listing

    We will identify the leads from the database and pitch property listings to the customers. Our agents will follow a specific real estate cold calling script and successfully engage in meaningful conversations with them.

  • Prospecting System

    Prospecting System

    We create a prospecting system for real estate cold calling to make genuine business connections and find new opportunities. Master the technique of telephone prospecting with our resources to establish successful client connections.

  • Purchase, Lease, and Sale Recommendations

    Purchase, Lease, and Sale Recommendations

    After identifying property leads, we will provide suggestions and recommendations for purchase, sale, rent, or lease. We leverage your market knowledge and assist prospects in making the correct choice while renting, purchasing, or leasing a property.

Call Center Software We Use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Our Call Center Portfolio

How Will Outsourcing Real Estate Lead Calling Services Benefit Me?

Cold calling and appointment setting services are money burners; they require a highly efficient inside sales team. From a financial perspective, outsourcing real estate and cold calling makes a great option. The benefits of partnering with a real estate cold calling company include -

  • Eliminate the cost associated with hiring and replacing agents, leading to enormous cost savings.
  • Associates in outsourcing companies are trained to make numerous calls a day. It ensures that your pipeline does not slow down.
  • The work continues unhampered if one or more sales associates are unavailable. The outsourcing company will have backup sales associates who assume the role of dedicated resources in their absence.
  • Sales process outsourcing companies are less likely to make serious errors that annoy the customers than your in-house staff.
  • When working with outsourcing companies, rest assured of consistent and reliable services.

Why Outsource Real Estate Call Center Services to Us?

From preparing specific real estate cold calling scripts to valuable real estate cold calling tips, we help you with everything. By outsourcing real estate cold calling services, you can avail the following benefits -

  • Affordable Rates

    We provide reliable and efficient real estate cold calling services and charge you based on the call volume, call center agents involved in the project, and project complexity, which makes our services highly affordable.

  • Unmatched Quality

    Our quality monitoring processes are ISO compliant and assure top-quality cold calling services that are specific to your business needs.

  • Operational Transparency

    Many clients are apprehensive about sharing confidential information about their company. Therefore, we instill trust in our clients by maintaining operational transparency with 100% call recording.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    Our state-of-the-art call center infrastructure has full-fledged training facilities. We also have disaster recovery measures in place to ensure uninterrupted services.

  • Easy Transition

    Once you choose us for real estate cold calling, we will ensure the easy transition of your services. Our transition management services will ensure that the customers will be catered to efficiently from offshore premises..

  • Uncompromised Security

    We understand that the real estate cold calling data is critical. Hence the information shared with us will remain safe. We also have strict data security measures to prevent a data breach.

Additional Services to Drive Better Business Revenue

B2B Cold Calling Services

Our B2B cold calling services help nurture, rejuvenate, and convert leads. It adds a human side to your business.

B2C Cold Calling Services

Our B2C initiate personal contact with buyers to fix appointments for out-of-office sales reps and to schedule follow-ups.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Our real estate virtual assistants come with unique skills and specializations. We ensure that not a single business query goes unanswered.

Real Estate Lead Generation Services

Our real estate B2B lead generation strategies ensure that high-quality prospects convert into high-value customers.

Customer Success Stories

Case Study On Appointment Setting Services for a Mortgage Lender

We Delivered Appointment Setting Services to a Mortgage Lender

A leading mortgage lender approached us for professional appointment setting services to help them funnel warm leads to their in-house sales team.

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Case Study on Appointment Setting Services for a US-based Mortgage Lender

We Provided Appointment Setting Services for a US-based Mortgage Lender

Our team was approached by a licensed US-based mortgage lender. They needed assistance with appointment setting services for their mortgage clients.

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Customer Testimonials

We would like to appreciate your work and the endless hours of service that you have dedicated to our company. You have all those influences which accolade in an honest company.

Executive Team,
A Leading Medical Coaching Institute
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Outsource Real Estate Cold Calling Services at Outsource2india

We are an outsourcing company offering a gamut of real estate telemarketing services to global clients. Being in the industry for over 24 years, we carry rich industry-specific experience that enables us to provide professional real estate cold calling services. We cater to various other industry sectors like insurance. We have experienced and trained agents to provide services that precisely cater to your requirements.

So, if you are looking for reliable, efficient, and affordable real estate cold-calling services, please contact us. We look forward to assisting you.

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