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Content Monitoring Support Services

Outsource Content Monitoring Support Services

Remove inappropriate and offensive content as soon as it is uploaded and maintain a clean brand image with effective content monitoring support starting at $8/hour

It is common knowledge that businesses today thrive on the engagement that their online content attracts from their users. The geographically and numerically indefinite amount of user-generated content that thus floats online can be as advantageous to your brand's reputation as disastrous. That is where content monitoring and moderation come in.

Good content monitoring support can make sure that these very advantages are well-publicized and anything that hurts your brand's reputation is flagged, restricted, or controlled. O2I offers a specialized range of content monitoring support services to ensure everything that is being talked about your brand online works in your favor.

Transfer your burden of managing user-generated content on your website, blog, forums, social media, and more to O2I's expert team specializing in content monitoring support services.

Our Content Monitoring Support Services

User-generated content is not only sprawled across various platforms but also in varied formats. For every format, unique approaches and solutions are needed to keep all your bases covered. O2I offers a diverse range of content moderation services to cover all your bases and these can be broadly categorized under the following specializations -

  • Text Monitoring Services

    Text Monitoring Services

    The internet is flooded with text. These could be in the form of inappropriate comments, unbefitting captions, spam, and trolling. Our text monitoring team promptly takes care of each of these across websites, blogs, and other platforms to maintain the required decorum across all channels.

  • Multimedia Content Monitoring Services

    Multimedia Content Monitoring Services

    When unsuitable content is uploaded in the form of images, videos, or any other form of multimedia, it becomes difficult to manually detect and keep track of each such post that goes up online. Our efficient multimedia monitoring team enables 24/7 screening of every media content uploaded on your website and takes immediate action in case of violation of company guidelines.

  • Social Media Content Monitoring Services

    Social Media Content Monitoring Services

    Social media is the easiest place to capture the attention of your target group -- regardless of if it's in a good light or bad. With O2I's expert social media monitoring services, you can moderate every dangerous tweet, post, comment, or message before it appears on your users' timeline.

Under these specialized services, we cater to a wide array of standardized and customized content monitoring support solutions for all your brand reputation management needs.

  • Self-Owned Machine Report

    Self-Owned Machine Report

    Screen and monitor short video contents submitted to users of various regions. We cater to all countries like the Middle East (like Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Syria, Afghanistan), Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa, Russia, South East Asia (like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines), and Europe (like France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland). The videos are screened as per rules and guidelines defined by respective countries/regions.

  • Sensitive Word Inspection

    Sensitive Word Inspection

    We scour the platforms for any multimedia or word-based content submitted by users of various regions to detect sensitive and private information. Any form of content that is offensive, objectionable, and unwanted is promptly taken down from the online platform as per specific guidelines and regulations.

  • Optimum Liker Inspection

    Optimum Liker Inspection

    Screen and monitor video contents submitted by popular users from various regions. Based on our screening, "Official User" is defined, and users are paid by the organization.

  • Live Streaming

    Live Streaming

    At O2I, you need not worry about your brand reputation even when live streaming. Our team monitors and moderates your streaming in real-time. We cater to countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, and Latin America and the screening follows guidelines issued by the respective regions.

  • Online News Monitoring

    Online News Monitoring

    One thing that has a chance to go viral faster than a tweet is an online news backed by a reputable source. Under this service, we manage all kinds of online press releases and engagements with news content relevant to our client's brand in any way. We also help our brands keep up with what's trending and help them navigate through online news-related opportunities and threats.

O2I's Content Monitoring Support Process

Every business is unique and so is the user-generated content associated with it. Our content monitoring support methodologies are tailor-made according to our client's brand management needs, their prominence across various channels, and their clout on different platforms. However, in a nutshell, this is how we operate -


01. Study Client and Regional Guidelines

Before we moderate content, we first study generic and specific regulations and guidelines to define good content from bad and demarcate the dos and don'ts


02. Screening and Monitoring Online Content

Next, we screen and monitor every bit of text, images, videos, articles, or social media posts for offensive/abusive language or prompts that defy user guidelines in real-time


03. Flagging

Any form of 'bad' content that we see is marked according to a predetermined system for further evaluation and is flagged until it is given the clear


04. Restriction and Moderation

If the evaluated content can harm or damage our client's reputation in any form, we either moderate the content to eliminate the damaging aspect or restrict it from publishing entirely


05. Community Engagement

Finally, we also take care of engaging with the users generating content after moderation and restriction to maintain an amicable and trustful relationship between the brand and users

Other Services You May Benefit From

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Content Monitoring Support Services to O2I

Outsource2india is an award-winning and highly accredited content monitoring support provider company and much of it has to do with our exemplary success rate in managing our client's online brand reputation. Out of the several reasons why you should avail of our content monitoring support services, here are a few notable ones -

  • Affordable Pricing Plans

    To ensure the best possible ROI for our clients, we have tried to keep our prices in check. We offer flexible pricing plans and even customize them to suit the unique business requirements of our clients.

  • Automated Detection and Flagging Tools

    At O2I, we recognize that even the slightest mistake can lead to a mishap for your brand reputation. Hence, we eliminate the chance or errors by employing smart technologies and automation tools to reach every corner of the world wide web that one manually cannot.

  • Multilingual and Multicultural Team

    Regional and lingual diversity is never a hurdle when O2I is at work because our team is equipped with multi-lingual experts adept at monitoring content across various languages and dialects. Regardless of how far your brand reach is, we ensure a safe, smooth, and mutually respectable online experience for our clients and their customers.

  • Global Prominence

    Our experience spans 25 years and 500+ projects, thereby giving us an edge in handling extra large-scale content monitoring support projects of international standing. So, regardless of whether you are a locally situated SME or a globally established conglomerate, our team can efficiently monitor and moderate your user content.

  • Press Content Monitoring Support

    Besides being one of the leading online content monitoring support services in India, we are also pre-eminent for our traditional media and press monitoring support. At O2I, we have dedicated teams to monitor content campaigns through broadcast media outlets like radio and television and print media outlets like newspapers and magazines.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

The client had outsourced call quality monitoring to us. They successfully realized their goals with our services by availing it at affordable rates in addition to the free trial.

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O2I Provided Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring services

Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring services

The client availed video monitoring services where our team worked on their backend monitoring systems to deliver accurate results. The client was also happy with our TAT.

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Pet Pharmacy Company in Florida, USA
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Outsource Content Monitoring Support Services to O2I

When employed correctly, content monitoring can significantly enhance your brand outreach, reputation, and impression among the users and circulate 'good' content across platforms. With content monitoring support services providing companies like O2I, you can tap on this potential and leverage user-generated content to your advantage, while addressing any issues that may arise, real-time.

Reach out to us today to have end-to-end online and offline content monitoring support for your brand.

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