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Outsource 4-step Transition Plan for Call centers

Outsource2india is a renowned service provider in India, with expertise across an entire range of IT, BPO and ITES services. What makes us so unique? We deliver high quality work by skilled professionals; our cost-effective services and timely delivery have set us apart from other vendors and have made us a trusted outsourcing company among global businesses.

Our BPO Transition Plan or Call Center Transition Plan delivers you a seamless outsourcing experience. We follow a proven four-step migration process. Each phase in the BPO transition process includes a detailed review and sign-off by the stakeholders.

We Cut Costs and Add Value

Do we offer you a cost reduction? Absolutely! But there's more. Our call center process will add value to your business as well as cut your costs. Communication with customers at our call centers provides you with valuable feedback. Through data capture, this information is fed to your product development teams, speeding up new product development or enhancement. The effectiveness of sales and marketing programs can also be measured through customer feedback.

Read the details below and see how we can give your business a competitive edge.


Transition Process Plan

Project Planning Phase


Transition Process Acquire

Documentation & Knowledge Acquisition


Transition Process Transfer

Project Migration


Transition Process Operate

Go Live

  1. The Planning Phase: The Project is Planned

    We will form a project team after a thorough evaluation of the complexity of the call center process, the number of processes to be migrated and the number of business owners across these processes. The project team will include three key players, such as, a project lead, a process migration manager and business stakeholders. A technology manager and training leads will also be included in the team.

    The appointed project leader will be held responsible for the entire call center project, right from the project initiation until the final rollout. Throughout the course of the project, the project lead will plan and track each activity. The project lead will report everything about the project to the business stakeholders, via a project plan.

    The business stakeholders will assume the responsibility of making sure that there is a sufficient availability of resources for a seamless and fast progress of the migration.

    The migration manager in the team will ensure a smooth transition process from the client contact center to the vendor contract center. The migration manager will map off-shore/near-shore processes, identify gaps and also ensure a "as is" documentation of the process. If need be, the manager will take the help of domain experts whenever needed.

    In this phase, a thorough and detailed plan will be created for a flawless transition and knowledge acquisition to happen. This plan will include the names of all the participants and will also include a deadline for every activity. At this stage, the project team will also chart out a detailed technology evaluation plan and a business continuity plan. All the plans made in this phase will be signed-off by the stakeholders.

  2. The Acquiring Phase: Documentation and Knowledge Acquisition Takes Place

    This phase of call center transition starts with a project kick-off meeting with all the key stakeholders, to make sure that adequate resources are allocated to commence the knowledge acquisition. The migration manager will acquire the assistance of networking, documentation and system experts to identify process details, benchmarks and call flows. These details will be documented and evaluated by the client. Reports and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will also be captured and documented at this stage.

    In the acquiring phase, the project team will map people skills to each process to make sure that the right competencies are identified before the recruitment begins. A program called "Train the Trainer" will also commence at this stage. Before this stage ends, the team will ensure that all the required documentations are approved and signed-off by the client.

  3. The Transferring Phase: The Steps in the Migration Phase are Implemented

    This phase begins with the functional managers executing the various plans that were developed and signed-off in the previous stages of the call center project. Next, the technology infrastructure will be deployed with a special provision for BCP, if need be. Experts will then perform availability testing on the infrastructure. Various back-ups will also be taken.

    The hiring plan will commence with the delivery team getting introduced to the project with induction, language and communication trainings. The agents and supervisors of the project will be given project specific training from experienced process trainers. All the members in the team will be required to clear a process knowledge evaluation before they begin answering live calls.

    The infrastructure and systems used for the project will be tested against varied measurement parameters. A test run of the infrastructure will be carried out to authenticate the technology and stability of the process from near shore and off shore business facilities. After obtaining the approval of the stake holders and the client, the project team will go forward with the "Go Live phase".

  4. The Operating Phase: The Go-Live Phase of the Project Beings

    This phase begins with an evaluation of all the parameters involved in the call center project. If all the parameters are met, a gradual ramp-up will be started. By the end of the ramp-up period, all the transactions will be performed from the offshore or near shore business facility. After the implementation takes place, the performance will be monitored closely. The team will send detailed MIS and reports to the Client based on the performance.

    The Quality of the project is maintained through daily data integrity checks, weekly call monitoring and regular coaching. Project review meetings will be conducted on a weekly basis, to measure the performance. If gaps are identified, it will be addressed by an action plan and a deadline for the implementation.

    The project team will follow a task-oriented approach to ensure consistent performance and compliance. The team will also use Six Sigma tools to increase the overall effectiveness of the assigned project. Knowledge base aids and Online FAQs will be developed by the team to provide fast and efficient customer services.

Your Input is Critical to Our Success

In addition to our efforts to get the best out of your call center outsourcing process, we suggest that you keep an eye on your specific benefits. Here is a small checklist for you to measure your business benefits:

  1. Measure performance by business outcomes - Business agility, increased customer responsiveness, cost control - enjoy these benefits by outsourcing strategic call center operations to O2I
  2. Work towards winning - Involve Outsource2india in performance outcomes, with risk/reward incentives
  3. Stay in control - Intervene proactively before a situation gets out of control. Regular reporting and operational transparency make this possible
  4. Work towards a long-term business relationship - You want improved service delivery, not just lower costs. Treat Outsource2india as a partner and look beyond the contract for long-term gains

Technology, People, Processes


At O2I, we're using recent advances in technology to speed up information flow and access, and make more efficient use of contact center resources. Among these are network-based routing, Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and speech recognition technologies, universal queuing (where all contacts enter the same queue - whether they are voice calls, emails, faxes or communication through the web).


Technology is only as good as the people who use it. And the people who use it can do so more effectively when processes are simplified. A combination of automation, advanced technology and human expertise makes it possible for O2I to deliver the kind of service the customer wants, at the time he wants it. A simple question may require no more than an automated answer. A more complex interaction may require the skill of an experienced contact center associate to walk the customer through a series of steps to achieve problem resolution. Routing the call to the person most qualified to handle it, is possible at O2I through advanced skill-based routing facilities. Security and Infrastructure are given high priority so that the seamless flow of information and the security of data are assured.


We've taken a leaf out of manufacturing's book and implemented Lean Six Sigma methodologies to reduce costs, shorten cycle times and improve productivity. Our contact centers aim for operational and service excellence 24x7. This is characterized by:

  • Well-designed, standardized processes
  • Proactive problem identification and resolution
  • Consistently successful business outcomes
  • Predictable and affordable costs

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The focus in O2I's call centers is on value addition rather than mere cost reduction. We realize that customer information is vitally important, especially to service-oriented businesses. Communication with customers at our call centers provides our customers with valuable input and feedback. Through data capture, this information is fed to their product development teams, speeding up new product development or enhancement. The effectiveness of sales and marketing programs can also be measured through customer feedback. Call centers in this new role have the potential to be profit centers and generate revenue, rather than remain as cost centers.

With a full-proof transition plan as the above, you can be sure to enjoy a successful and seamless outsourcing experience with us. Outsourcing to us can help your company save on cost, get access to superior skills, complete projects on time and concentrate on core business functions. Give your business a competitive edge by outsourcing. Get in touch with us right away.

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