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Remote Video Monitoring Services

Outsource Remote Video Monitoring Services

Ensure that your properties are continually and professionally monitored at prices starting at just $8/hour

If you are running a business where security is paramount and has a direct effect on how your customers perceive you, video monitoring is the perfect solution in these post-Covid times. Not only is it easier to watch over your business property from any location in the world, but also gain through modern technological advances which ensure much better intrusion detection and other core feature sets.

O2I's remote video monitoring services in India allow you to create your own rules and ensure you can keep a close look at who is coming in and going out of your property. We assign trained specialists who monitor the premises and have hot links to requested authorities who can be dispatched as soon as possible.

Our Remote Video Monitoring Services

With O2I as your remote video monitoring service provider, you gain highly customizable services and a whole host of interactive solutions for video monitoring.

Our offerings include -

  • Virtual Security Guard Services

    Virtual Security Guard Services

    We assign a dedicated team of virtual security guards who are trained, professional, and readily available for any shit timings as per your requirement. These specialists conduct regular virtual tours by accessing remote monitoring cameras assigned to them for 24/7 coverage.

  • Virtual Opening and Closing Escort Services

    Virtual Opening and Closing Escort Services

    As part of our remote video monitoring solutions, our team of remote virtual monitoring specialists is always live on-screen with audio and video support to ensure the process on-ground goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Virtual Verified Alarm Monitoring Services

    Virtual Verified Alarm Monitoring Services

    Every single time an alarm is triggered at your premises, our remote virtual monitoring specialists stationed at the command center immediately verify the true cause of the alarm through a live video feed. If a suspicious event is detected, they directly inform the nearest law enforcement location as pre-determined with you.

  • AI-based Virtual Anti-Loitering Monitoring Services

    AI-based Virtual Anti-Loitering Monitoring Services

    Being able to proactively monitor your business perimeters and discourage incidents of vagrancy, wrongful intrusion, and vandalism is extremely important and remains a complex process to undertake. With the help of our autonomous AI-based anti-loitering monitoring system, we can do exactly that without additional overheads.

  • Audit Compliance Monitoring Services

    Audit Compliance Monitoring Services

    Businesses need to remain compliant with multiple audits related to various operations such as cleanliness, staffing levels, code safety for buildings, food safety, etc. As your video monitoring service provider, we go beyond simple security measures and leverage our technology stack to deliver extremely professional levels of audit compliance for whichever area you choose.

  • Additional Services

    Apart from the above, we also provide a whole suite of bespoke services including -

    • Customer Counting Table Monitoring
    • Queue Management and Time Analysis
    • True Alarm Detection
    • False Alarm Filtering
    • AI-based Face Detection
    • Crowd Monitoring
    • Perimeter Monitoring
    • Intrusion Detection
    • Vehicle License Plate Monitoring

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource Remote Video Monitoring Services to O2I?

We are a leading remote video monitoring service providing company and provide you with many benefits, including -

  • Responsive and Agile

    Every time an alarm is raised or an infraction is captured on the cameras, our average response time is close to 7 seconds. This is one of the best in the industry and ensures our clients never suffer under our watch.

  • Situationally Aware

    Our team is made up of ex-law enforcement officers who have developed a keen sense for all things related to security. This means better judgment calls and faster response every single time.

  • Flexible

    We leverage technology to give you multiple options which can be evaluated and finally deployed for better customer satisfaction.

  • Continuously Improving

    At O2I, our services are perennially being improved through our extended efforts into R&D and internal improvement processes. This ensures our SOPs are the latest, and our technology the best when it comes to implementing our processes on the ground.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Live CCTV Monitoring Services to a Hostel Owner in the UK

Outsource2india Provided Live CCTV Monitoring Services to a Hostel Owner in the UK

Our live CCTV monitoring support helped a UK-based hostel owner take measures against future intrusions by keeping a hawk-eye on the facility.

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O2I Provided CCTV Monitoring Services to a Leading Gym Based in Europe

Outsource2india Provided CCTV Monitoring Services to a Leading Gym Based in Europe

Outsource2india helped a leading European gym with high-quality CCTV monitoring services. Our services helped the client ensure that social distancing norms were being adhered to in the gym.

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Getting started with our suite of video and security camera monitoring services is extremely easy. Our security solution advisers will perform a comprehensive audit of your current security implementation and offer a solution that would solve all your monitoring issues. Outsourcing remote video monitoring services and live video monitoring solutions has never been this easy.

To know more about how we make your business security a personal concern, contact us now!

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