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Case Study on Customer Support Solutions for a Leading Health Supplement Provider

O2I Assisted a Successful Health Supplement Providing Company with Enhanced Customer Support Solutions

The Client

An innovative nutrition powerhouse operating in the health and wellness realm, our client emerged in 2019 after years of dedicated development. Based in vibrant West Hollywood, California, they offer a diverse range of premium products and services, tailored to meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers. Notably, the company proudly holds the prestigious Certified B Corporation status, passionately collaborating with other impactful organizations through its For Good program to create positive change in communities and the environment.

The Challenges

As the company's products gained immense popularity, propelled by influential brand ambassadors like Ellen DeGeneres, Jennifer Lopez, Arnold Rodriguez, and Tabitha Brown, a tidal wave of customer demand ensued. Though a positive sign of success, this growth brought forth unique challenges -

  • Supply Shortages and Timely Deliveries

    The rapid surge in demand resulted in product shortages and shipment delays, leading to customer dissatisfaction and an upswing in complaints.

  • Overwhelmed Customer Support

    The exponential rise in email volume and customer inquiries overwhelmed the existing support team, hindering their ability to promptly respond to customers' needs.

Our Solutions

To address the unique challenges posed by the company's rapid growth and soaring demand, we implemented a bespoke approach. These included -

  • Augmented Customer Support Team

    To ensure unparalleled customer care and efficient query handling, we advised the client to expand their email and chat support team. Our team of skilled agents launched Chat and Email Support on November 4, 2019, starting with 15 proficient agents, and rapidly scaled up to 90 agents within just four months.

  • Continuous Performance Enhancement

  • Determined to raise the bar, we remained steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. Despite the substantial headcount increase, we diligently worked towards improving response times and overall support experience. Every customer query was addressed promptly, ensuring utmost satisfaction.

The Positive Outcomes

The impact of our innovative solutions was truly remarkable, resulting in transformative outcomes for our client's business and enhancing the overall customer experience. The strategies we implemented led to the following exceptional results -

  • Diversified Product Portfolio

    Capitalizing on the effectiveness of our social media marketing tactics and seamless email and chat customer support, our client successfully broadened their product range from one to an impressive selection of 15 goods. Notable products include the highly sought-after Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, Ashwagandha Gummies, and Supergreens Gummies.

  • Expanded Market Presence

    The harmonious blend of outstanding products and top-tier customer support paved the way for the transition from consumer-focused sales to flourishing business-to-business sales. As a direct outcome, our client's products are now available in various leading retailers across the globe, significantly augmenting their market presence and boosting revenue streams.


Through our tailored solutions, we facilitated the expansion of our client's product line and amplified their market presence. Our expert team assisted in the hiring and scaling of their customer support team, ensuring top-notch care and timely query handling. Witnessing the growth from consumer-focused sales to thriving business-to-business transactions, our client's products now shine on the shelves of esteemed retailers worldwide. Embracing the Certified B Corporation status and partnering with impactful organizations, they gained the trust and loyalty of customers, strengthening their brand reputation.

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