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B2B Telesales Services

Outsource B2B Telesales Services

Reach a bigger market, generate genuine leads, and get more customers with our B2B telesales services. Our services start at just $8/hour, contact us now

A team of well-trained staff using modest, yet powerful techniques of telemarketing can take your business to new heights. If that's what you need, do what most smart companies prefer - outsource B2B telesales services to Outsource2india. We have the right people who can understand how your investment can be wisely handled.

O2I is a leading B2B telesales service providing company in the market. Our committed telesales support, unique conversion tactics, and 24/7 customer service enable you to generate more business with ease. Our telesales agents are always on a hustle to meet targets and shore up conversion rates. Our team of experts creates a customized strategy for your brand to ensure better lead generation, event marketing, and developing the company's brand image.

B2B Telesales Solutions We Offer

As a trusted B2B telesales service providing company, we offer a complete spectrum of services to meet all the telemarketing needs of our clients. Our services include -

  1. Outbound B2B Telesales Services

    Outbound B2B Telesales Services

    Our highly skilled team of tele-callers is trained to understand your business and is given monthly targets which ensures a high ROI for your company. They take the effort to understand the targeted prospect and then deliver a customized pitch to increase conversion ratios.

  2. Event Promotion and Reservation Services

    Event Promotion and Reservation Services

    Hosting an event is not an easy task, especially when it comes to calling potential attendees personally to confirm their attendance. Our team personalizes invites by offering relevant details about the event to increase event turnout.

  3. Lead-response Management

    Lead-response Management

    Our communication tools are up-to-date and effective, therefore, when leads are generated, they are reciprocated by an immediate follow-up. A prompt response increases the chance of lead conversion, and also sets a good reputation of the brand for being active and alert towards their customers.

  4. Technical Support Services

    Technical Support Services

    Every company has its own set of norms and guidelines when it comes to technical help. Our highly skilled teams are pre-trained to absorb the technical aspects of your company so that they can deliver solutions to the most complex technical problems.

  5. Help Desk Services

    Help Desk Services

    Insurance services, educational institutes, travel and tourism, information technology, and other service-based industries often receive phone calls to understand signing-up for services. Our expert tele-callers can majorly reduce your burden by providing these services for inbound calls.

  6. Virtual Receptionist

    Virtual Receptionist

    Hire a virtual receptionist through our B2B telesales services and be assured that your appointments will be well-organized by our tele-assistants and all the calls would get answered with the utmost professionalism.

  7. Bilingual Agents

    Bilingual Agents

    We also have a team of agents that can speak two languages, making your company more versatile and sensitive to the customer and their chosen language.

B2B Telesales Process We Follow


01. Company Analysis

We understand the company's needs, scope, target audience, and other relevant information. Based on this we create content and communication strategy.


02. Assigning a Dedicated Team

Once the profile of the company is established, a team of B2B telesales executives is selected based on their expertise in the company's field.


03. Establishing Goals and Calling

Short-term goals are established for the company to ensure a visible change for the brand while proceeding with a defined strategy to achieve the bigger goals. Our team starts the telesales process keeping the goals in mind.


04. Prospect follow-up

Calling the prospects occasionally is not enough. Keeping the constantly increasing competition in mind, we periodically follow-up with your potential customers to ensure conversion.


05. Collecting Lead Response

Once the goal is established, and the response starts pouring in, it is important to revert quickly. Our team ensures that the potential of each lead is measured, and the reply is prompt.


06. Goal Revision

The results are analyzed, and a higher goal is set for the subsequent month, with a revised strategy, aiming to ensure superior results.


07. Fully Confidential

The strategy, leads, goals, and data of potential customers of your company are kept fully confidential by our B2B telesales solutions team.

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Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing B2B Telesales Services?

O2I is India's leading B2B telesales service provider and continues to offer superior services to its clients across the globe. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified provider, we offer several advantages over the competition and it includes -

  • Personalizing Every Phone Call

    Our team of experts is well-trained to build a connection with the user so that the potential client gets comfortable with our team. Our virtual receptionist services facilitate lead generation and streamline the appointment setting procedures. We adhere to the protocols and observe the workplace conventions while catering to a diverse clientele.

  • Competitive Pricing

    We are a company that believes in delivering the best B2B telesales services to our clients. We offer high-quality services at affordable pricing. We promise that the leads generated by us are genuine and have higher chances of conversion.

  • Powerful Infrastructure

    We have the infrastructure needed to support B2B telesales without cutting through your budget cap. We give our team the technology and stable network to run smooth sales conversations.

  • Turning a 'no' into a 'yes'

    Our B2B telesales team is equipped with countless techniques to turn objections into approvals. The utmost goal of our company is to give your brand opportunities to grow.

  • Goal Sheets

    Stringent targets make us more efficient, transparent and goal-oriented. We endeavour to improvise our virtual receptionist services on a monthly basis to guarantee business expansion, higher return on investment and high-class lead generation.

  • Verification of Data and Quality Check

    Data is highly dynamic and is always changing. It is important, in the sales world, to get your data right, otherwise, you are just knocking the wrong doors. We ensure a constant clean-up and verification. This minimizes errors and ensures better results.

  • Safe and Trustworthy

    When you sign-up to work with us, we mutually consent to a safe and trustworthy partnership. We are proud to be a reliable B2B telesales service provider that only concentrates on delivering the best services to its clients. Our meticulously implemented protocols and advanced procedures ensure confidentiality of information by preventing security breaches. We are a trusted provider of technical support services and ensure peace of mind, let customers heave a sigh of relief and provide immediate assurance.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

Provided Call Quality Monitoring to a Leading Tech Firm

The customer we served needed to outsource call quality checking and discovered relief through our moderate and profoundly solid call quality observing administrations.

Read the Case Study
O2I Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services

Helped a Major Internet Company in Singapore with Live Video, Audio, & Text Monitoring Services

We offered video observing capabilities that utilized the customer's backend frameworks for monitoring. This helped them to spare the expense and time for more productive tasks.

Read the Case Study

Customer Testimonials

We only use O2I for marketing purposes & no one else due to the extremely high levels of professionalism & clear communication that they deliver on a consistent basis. We have used marketing organizations all over the world, but not one of them come close to what O2I produce daily for us, I hope they will use this letter as a reference so they can grow & help other who struggle with marketing.

Marketing Director,
Spray Foam Insulation Company, UK
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Outsource B2B Telesales Services to O2I

Our transparent approach to working and efficiency with deadlines make us the leading provider of B2B telesales service in India. Having being accredited by renowned institutions, we feel immensely proud of providing b2b lead generation services. These online solutions spell good fortune for several firms, allow room for experimentation and have taken entrepreneurs places across the digitally global ecosystem. With 25 years of experience in telemarketing our team is constantly growing, getting better, and appreciated by our clients from all around the world. Being a reputable provider of outsource cold calling services , we strive for excellence and are extremely meticulous with our work. With our dedicated efforts, we have maintained a flawless accuracy record and won the trust of B2B telesales firms.

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