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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Outsource Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Connect with a qualified virtual assistant and offload your time-consuming administrative tasks with our real estate virtual assistant services

Whether you are a large real estate establishment or an individual realtor striving to augment your business, routine administrative tasks are sure to bog you down. The time spent on prospecting, paperwork, and follow-ups minimizes your efficiency. Although these tedious operational tasks are necessary to grow and sustain your business, they can be delegated. This is exactly where leveraging real estate virtual assistant services can make a difference.

As a real estate virtual assistant service provider with 25 years of experience in serving global clients, we have a team of remote assistants equipped to take care of all your mundane tasks. When your daily administrative tasks are managed remotely, you will have the time to focus on expanding your real estate business. Get dedicated remote support to manage day-to-day operations with our professional real estate virtual assistants.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services We Offer

Wasted time and effort can be highly frustrating. Managing all the business development and client management paperwork takes away your valuable time, which can otherwise be used to close deals. We offer a wide array of virtual assistance services, including -

  1. Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant

    Commercial Real Estate Virtual Assistant

    Leverage our real estate virtual assistant service and connect with our remote assistants to extract statistical information, network with local businesses, update property maintenance costs, and evaluate possible renovations.

  2. Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Cold Calling

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Cold Calling

    Reach out to potential customers on time, improve engagement, and share updates on property information with our remote cold calling services. This includes interaction with the prospective buyers and ensuring timely reconnects.

  3. Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Investors

    Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Investors

    Let our virtual assistants research and identify the properties worth developing, renovating, and improving, while you focus on growing your business. Our real estate virtual assistants team can help you set up meetings with different stakeholders.

  4. Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Marketing

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Marketing

    Get email campaigns, virtual staging, activities to build new connections, and efforts to develop your brand voice bundled into innovative marketing strategies that work. Our real estate lead generation service helps you target multiple platforms and reach a wider audience at the right time..

  5. Virtual Assistant for Property Management

    Virtual Assistant for Property Management

    Remote assistants manage updates and follow-ups on rent collection, handle maintenance requests, manage documents while filling vacant units, and more. We interact with renters and buyers to answer their queries and reply to their emails in a systematic and timely manner.

  6. Real Estate Lead Generation Service Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Lead Generation

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Lead Generation

    Our resources implement the right lead generation strategies, identify high-quality leads, and shortlist hot leads that convert. We have the skills to follow up with your leads and provide them with the best quality customer service.

  7. Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Social Media

    Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Social Media

    We have the expertise to post relevant updates on your social media and maintain your company's website. Our agents update the property information on various platforms and help you improve engagement.

  8. Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

    Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Agents

    Our virtual assistants provide the necessary support to juggle numerous tasks and manage everything from paperwork and calendar to maintaining and building a customer database.

  9. Calendar Management

    Calendar Management

    We ensure that your business is streamlined and you are not overbooked. We can help you with accurate and timely calendar management services to manage your business systematically.

  10. List Building Services

    List Building Services

    Our team has the required skills and expertise to provide clients with accurate list building services. This includes building the list of probates, foreclosures, FSBOs, and more.

  11. Paperwork Management Services

    Paperwork Management Services

    Get real-time remote assistance to collect, create, organize, and manage real estate paperwork with our professional services. This helps streamline the workflow and gives you on-the-go access, putting crucial documents at your fingertips.

Our Approach to Deliver Real Estate Virtual Assistance

Aimed to help you win back your time, which lets you focus on high-impact tasks that generate revenue, we follow a systematic approach to deliver value. Our process involves -


01. Defining Project Scope

After onboarding the client, we analyze the client's exact requirements and define their project's scope


02. Assigning Suitable Remote Assistants

After identifying specific needs, we delegate your tasks to a real estate virtual assistant for cold calling, who delivers remote assistance


03. Constant Review

We have project managers who review the support provided by our virtual agents to ensure they align with your requirements


04. Timely Reporting

We compile multiple reports and present you with a dashboard, which makes it easy for you to track the work of our remote agents

Why Should You Choose Our Real Estate Virtual Assistant Company?

Our remote assistants work as an extended arm of your existing team and help you accomplish your business goals. With our real estate virtual assistants in the Philippines, we assure timely services that precisely cater to your needs. Some of the significant factors that make us one of the preferred outsourcing partners are -

  • Superior Quality Services

    We are an ISO-certified firm and follow quality control protocols. This ensures that all our services are of superior quality and completely error-free.

  • Data Security

    Being an ISMS-certified organization, we ensure that all the data you share with our team remains safe without the scope for data breaches.

  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

    We have the technologically advanced infrastructure to support our virtual agents. You can leverage our advanced dashboards and virtual reporting systems to track and receive timely updates.

  • Skilled Virtual Assistants

    Our remote resources are qualified, trained, and experienced in delivering virtual support. Experienced in catering to complex client needs, we provide unwavering support to real estate clients.

  • Easy Scalability

    We provide the flexibility to scale quickly based on your requirements. Ramp up or ramp down based on seasonal needs with our easy-to-scale services.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    As our remote agents work from multiple time zones, we deliver 24/7 support to ensure your crucial operations and administrative tasks are completed on time.

  • Flexible Pricing

    Remote assistance is a project-based task, so we bill our clients based on the specific needs and skills of the remote agents involved without any added cost.

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I highly recommend Outsource2india. They are easy to work with. The process was easy to get started. We were able to meet and select the callers we felt were the best fit for our campaign.

Chief Operating Officer,
Drug and Alcohol Testing Company, Texas
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Outsource Real Estate Virtual Assistant Services

Often, clients struggle to identify the bottleneck in their business operations. We walk the extra mile to assist our clients in identifying the challenges and setting them up with suitable virtual assistants. Our remote agents are trained, experienced, and courteous. They analyze your administrative office tasks and approach them with the right strategies to complete them on time. Advanced tools and timely remote assistance support data entry, database management, and other crucial real estate office operations, leaving you ample time to focus on your core tasks.

Work smarter, not harder - hire our virtual assistants to manage tedious real estate back-office tasks and focus on identifying opportunities and closing sales.

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