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O2I Provided Outbound Call Center and B2B Lead Generation Services to a European Research & Manufacturing Giant

Call Center Services

The Customer

A research and manufacturing giant - the company is a leading manufacturer of precision instruments, based in Europe, operating in the B2B (Business-to-Business) market space. Small companies form their primary customer base and lead generation services were key to their business.

The Challenge

The customer instructed us to conduct a combined survey and sales process to gauge the user base of their products amongst their target customer segment and track their competition. A second mandate was to simultaneously promote our customer's products among those users who were using a competitor's products, as well as to target first time users of similar products.

Outsource2india was instructed to initiate phone calls to each company among the current user base and to log information on the following:

  1. Usage of the company's precision instruments in their company.
  2. Length of usage (in years).
  3. If customer's instruments were not being used, name of the competitor, whose products were being used.

The "cold call" methodology was also to be used to promote the company's products among new potential customers, and to generate sales leads.

The Solution

Outsource2india categorized the customer's requirements as Research Services, Outbound Calling, Pre-Sales Qualification, Sales Lead Generation, Data Entry and Reporting.

We set up an outbound call center that would focus on two prime tasks:

The customer directly selected agents to staff the call center and provided appropriate training to them. Our call center is based out of Bangalore from where our outbound call center team operates. The entire process was streamlined to exactly match the customer's requirements.

Outsource2india agents would:

  • Research and identify small companies who could be using precision instruments
  • Call and speak to the correct contact person within such companies.
  • Query the contact person whether they used our customer's precision products or those of a competitor.
  • Find out for how long they were using the precision products if our customer's products were already being used.
  • Find out which other products were being used if our customer's products were not being used.
  • Inform contacted person about our customer's products, their features and benefits.
  • Generate a lead if contact person evinced interest and record lead's information.
  • Send a periodic report listing all the information and leads generated to our customer.

Our customer would then directly follow the leads and try to convert them to prospects and generate sales. Our customer reverted to us with feedback about the quality of the services that we provided. There were periodic reviews and surveys conducted to measure our customer's satisfaction levels with our services.

We offered the best rates and our expertise and experience in providing such services helped us clinch this deal. These services are an ongoing process and the customer is happy with our performance since we have exceeded their expectations.

Benefits to the Customer

Exact benefit details and metrics cannot be divulged in the interests of customer confidentiality. We can, however, disclose that for the past three quarters, we have been consistently meeting the SLAs agreed upon and are delivering services beyond the expectations of our customer.

The positive feedback received from our customer indicates to us that our customer is not just satisfied but delighted with our outbound call center services.

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