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Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Services

Outsource Business Intelligence Services

Get a clearer picture of where your business stands. Boost performance, control costs and identify new opportunities in the market with our business intelligence consulting services

Are you looking for a robust BI analytics solution to help improve your performance through strategic data-driven insights? If yes, you must consider our business intelligence services. We can set up the right BI and analytics development mechanism to help you with BI implementation, market research, strategy, forecasting, budget planning, financial analysis, reporting, tools integration, performance metrics analysis, trend analysis, customer engagement, and much more.

As a premier business analytics service provider, we have a rock-solid track record in assisting companies with their business analytics requirements. With over two decades of service expertise in data analytics, we have assisted over 1000 global companies with various BI solutions.

Business Intelligence Solutions We Provide

Our team of data management experts makes use of several management methods to turn raw data into valuable insights. So, choose our BI solutions to leverage your organization's data in the best possible way. Our business intelligence services include -

  • Business Intelligence Implementation Services

    Business Intelligence Implementation Services

    We will help you analyze your organizations data to support effective decision-making at tactical, strategic, and operational levels.

  • Business Intelligence Development Services

    Business Intelligence Development Services

    We can help you leverage the full power of your firm’s data with our BI development services. Identify gaps and opportunities by receiving powerful insights.

  • Business Intelligence as a Service

    Business Intelligence as a Service

    We provide a business intelligence platform that can be accessed through the cloud. Our platform has all the tools needed for successful business intelligence implementation.

  • Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

    Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution

    We have significant experience and expertise in helping enterprises make the full use of their data through successful business intelligence implementation.

  • Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Services

    Predictive Analytics & Data Mining Services

    We help clients apply business knowledge to datasets to find patterns in the data and obtain valid business predictions. We will provide you with customized data mining algorithms as well.

  • Data Warehousing Services

    Data Warehousing Services

    Our data warehousing solutions provide clients with a central repository of data that can then by analyzed using sophisticated techniques to make informed business decisions.

  • Data Visualization Services

    Data Visualization Services

    We make use of powerful data visualization tools, techniques, and workflows to intuitively visualize data and find trends and patterns.

  • Big Data Analytics

    Big Data Analytics

    We have a team of capable business intelligence consultants with expertise in big data. We empower you with data-driven decision-making by using big data analytics.

  • Business Performance Solutions

    Business Performance Solutions

    We collaborate with IT and non-IT firms to categorize their framework of complex data and convert those into an organized mesh of structured data, which gives them power over their data.

  • Business Intelligence Consulting Services

    Business Intelligence Consulting Services

    Through our BI development services, we can enable you and your employees with a powerful BI solution that will help you seamlessly navigate through the large volume of data.

  • Data Analytics Services

    For all kinds of business intelligence solutions, our team makes use of advanced data mining software to structure your data and recognize patterns.

  • Data Governance and BI Compliance

    BI tools facilitate the use of consolidated data. We have the necessary capability and resource numbers to enable you to handle and address all sorts of vulnerabilities and risks professionally.

Business Intelligence Services Process We Follow

We are stringent with our business intelligence development solutions and follow the below time-tested BI and analytics process -


01. Requirement Gathering

At the start of BI consulting, we will gather your exact requirements and understand your needs vis-à-vis BI deployment


02. BI Implementation Plan

Then, our team will create the roadmap for BI implementation. Once it's approved, we will decide on the technologies, programming languages, and frameworks to be used


03. Schedule BI Implementation

Identify the most important business areas and phases. Our team will plan the implementation phases based on your organization's size and dynamics


04. BI Iteration (Deployment)

The BI implementation will go in phases. Thus, after each phase's completion, we will proceed to the data validation stage


05. Testing

Our QA experts will use iterative methods to test data accuracy. The complete BI implementation will be thoroughly tested upon several parameters and if any issue or performance issue comes up, our team will rectify it


06. Enhancement and Support

At last, we will continuously monitor the BI system for improvement and upgrade

Business Intelligence Technologies We Use

To provide the best business intelligence services, we leverage diverse technologies, frameworks, and programming languages, including -

MySQL C# Python C++ Java Oracle Hadoop Tableau Power BI SQL Server pentaho Qlik Sense Qlikview

Why Are We The Preferred Business Intelligence Company?

Once you decide to outsource BI development services, you can avail the following benefits -

  • 100% ISMS Compliance

    If you collaborate with is for business intelligence development solutions, you will not have to be concerned about any kinds of information-related compliance.

  • Modern Infrastructure Facilities

    We take pride in our advanced infrastructure facilities. Our employees work in a safe, clean, and secure environment and have access to the latest BI tools and software.

  • Short Turnaround

    Our business intelligence solutions are the best in the industry. With a capable team of over 200 data science experts, including consultants, Hadoop professionals, and BI savants, we can considerably reduce the turnaround time to suit your deployment schedule.

  • Capable BI Consultants

    Our consultants have worked across IT and non-IT industries. With two decades of extensive experience, we have established ourselves as a leading brand in the data science field and onboard only experienced, hard-working, and knowledgeable BI experts.

  • High-Quality BI Development Services

    With a high-quality BI system at your facility, you can amplify the opportunities and predict all kinds of shortcomings.

  • 100% Project Security

    All the projects that we undertake are properly documented. We make use of FTPs and secure server to share files.

  • Custom-priced BI Consulting

    Our business intelligence pricing will be based on the type and size of your industry. If you have any budget constraints, you do not have to worry.

  • Economies of Scale

    Our BI development services are known for their quality, flexibility, and scalability. If you want to scale up or trim the project's pace, we can do that for you.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Engineering Services

We help businesses by organizing structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data into properly consolidated databases to maximize productivity.

Analytics Services

We help firms leverage data and analytics to build new business models to streamline revenue generation while ensuring accuracy, quality, and regulatory compliance.

Analytics Services

We help enterprises leverage the power of big data analytics to analyze customer behavior and make the right business decisions to drive sales.

Intelligence Services

We provide comprehensive artificial intelligent services to businesses by developing AI applications that help clients gain a competitive edge.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Developed a Robust Big Data Platform to Enable Document Processing Automation

We Created a Robust Big Data Platform to Enable Document Processing Automation

Read the case study to learn how a prominent banking organization leveraged our services to develop a data-driven document processing automation platform. Our data science team created the platform while considering every need of the customer.

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O2I Developed a Processing Infrastructure and Data Storage for a Leading Bank

We Developed a Processing Infrastructure and Data Storage for a Leading Bank

Read the case study to know how a premier Indian bank approached us to build a powerful data processing infrastructure that could store all their data. Our team completed the project in a short period of time.

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