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How Can AI Help in Reshaping Customer Experiences?

How Can AI Help in Reshaping Customer Experiences

Customers, today, are tech-savvy and use multiple channels to search, purchase, and get information. Unfortunately, many companies still use outdated, legacy engagement channels, which can frustrate or disappoint customers.

To provide an exciting, engaging, and convenient customer experience, businesses must leverage artificial intelligence. AI can help in creating end-to-end, deeply personal customer journeys that feel natural and more interesting than ever before.

The Need for AI in Customer Experience

Customer experience is a double-edged sword. if you've not delivered it properly, it can lead to failure, else, it can provide huge competitive advantage. To enhance customer experience, what you need is real-time, actionable data insights. But customer behavior is hardly well-defined and structured - it's disorderly to say the least, making for messy datasets.

The rules are vague, and the criteria for success are hazy; in fact, for any AI developer, it is a tough challenge. However, this intrinsic complication is why AI has great potential in enabling businesses to deliver exceptional value to customers in terms of experience. Sales teams, call center executives, and any other employees who deal with customers can benefit from implementing AI. It can help them understand a customer's history, preferences, and behavior patterns in real time, allowing them to draw their own insights.

An automated system cannot be coded with rules to handle every imaginable consumer history. To deliver a consistent experience throughout the various touchpoints in an organization, it is necessary to identify patterns from a huge number of data points - this is where AI comes in.

Adopting AI in Businesses

Today, enterprises are employing strategies specifically to leverage AI. Industry experts predict that the investment of companies in AI will increase by about 300% in the coming year. However, with the increased adoption, organizations need to think about the three main types of stakeholders who will be affected -

  • The people who created the solution and implemented it
  • Employees who must digest the fact that some of their tasks will be taken over by the machines
  • Lastly, the customers who will be impacted

The younger generation will of course take to the new technology like ducks to water, but older customers as well as employees may have to do a lot of unlearning and re-learning. Consumers are also more likely to want regulation in the way brands use data, as a lot of data will be collected about them. The EU has already introduced a regulation for the same, GDPR, and it becomes all organizations dealing with sensitive client data to be GDPR compliant.

Collaborating with AI

When properly implemented, collaboration between humans and machines can drive great outcomes in any business. More and more enterprises are warming up to the idea of working with intelligent machines. But humans will still be very much needed, as only we have the requisite domain knowledge - of the customers, business, and the industry.

Of course, it may be necessary to equip employees with a new set of skills. Human knowledge can well be used to not only work with machines, but, also to control them. The most common method of human-machine collaboration is the use of natural language processing and computational linguistics to deliver enhanced CX.

These are the tools which help us understand and examine the customer-employee interactions, and pinpoint complaints and scope for improvement. Machine learning can make the systems smarter and more efficient at identifying these issues over time, as it analyzes more conversations.

Here are some of the ways AI can help in enhancing customer experiences -

  • Seamless Delivery of Relevant Experiences

    Seamless Delivery of Relevant Experiences

    When organizations use AI appropriately, customers can have seamless experiences without realizing that AI is responsible for the same. Cleverly used AI can make customers feel they are making the decisions, even though it's the system's machine learning and algorithm that's doing it for them.

  • Enhances eCommerce Accuracy

    Enhances eCommerce Accuracy

    The customer's journey is usually a path from education about the product to purchase. By implementing AI, businesses can pinpoint the channels through which a customer bought a product. The use of AI has been most prevalent in the eCommerce domain for some time.

    It is the AI which allows brands to configure dynamic pricing structures - a combination of luck, planning, and risk-reward. The trick is in pricing a product high enough so that you're making maximum profits possible, yet low enough to entice the customer to buy, while making them believe that they're getting a great deal!

    Businesses use AI to analyze data from the point of view of business intelligence and gain actionable insights that help them understand their customers well. In this way, marketers can provide delightful experiences to customers without intruding much.

  • AI Provides More Channels for Personalized Experiences

    AI Provides More Channels for Personalized Experiences

    Implementing AI can also help brands deliver a highly personalized experiences to their customers. This can be achieved by fingerprint matching, face, or voice recognition for placing orders or accessing devices, voice recognition for conversing with chatbots and so on, AI has opened the doors to immense possibilities for highly engaging and customized experiences. Businesses will, of course, need to enhance security as these methods are vulnerable to hacking.

  • Balancing Security and Convenience

    Balancing Security and Convenience

    AI can help companies to bring down operating costs and make more profits. Take internet banking and credit card payments. The companies use a combination of AI, analytics, and expertise - an end-to-end solution to ensure no financial fraud takes place. But financial institutions must apply security tools judiciously and ensure that they are not very intrusive.

    A customer who experiences inconvenience will likely get annoyed, and not want to return to this company. And yet, without robust controls, the risk of fraud looms large. Here, it's AI to the rescue, as it can help organizations strike the right balance. Machine learning and language processing can help minimize fraud and provide smooth customer experiences - no compromise on the security, and happier customers.

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