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Outsource Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services

Is your organization looking for a data storage and analytics solution which is more flexible and offers increased agility than traditional data management systems? Big data lakes allow data storage in its native format and from different sources in a centralized repository. Big data lakes solution is the right choice for you!

A data lake can help you create a centralized data management infrastructure which will help you to constantly store, analyze, classify, and manage your data. Outsource2india can provide big data lakes solutions and consulting services which form the foundation to all the latest tech revolutions such as Adaptive Machine Learning Systems, IoT, AI-based Robotic Automation Systems, etc. Outsourcing big data lakes solutions and consulting to us can give you access to a series of benefits.

Our Big Data Lakes Solutions

With the number of data sources such as mobiles, wearable devices, healthcare devices, and other connected appliances, etc. increasing on a constant basis, big data consolidation has become a necessity. Our Big Data lake solutions help businesses understand what to do and how to handle the humongous amounts of data which piles up in the organization. Our team with the help of state-of-the-art infrastructure can help you with all your Big Data lake solutions. Our services include -

  • Data Lake Implementation

    Storing unorganized and unmanaged data in a Hadoop cluster can severely affect the big data analytics. Our team of highly experienced data scientists can help you design and implement a highly efficient data lake strategy within a quick time.

  • Analytics and Data Science on Big Data

    Our expert data science specialists have the required skills and experience to provide our clients during the modeling, materialization, and preparation of different BI and analytical tools.

  • Big Data Training

    Our team of data science trainers can help your employees completely utilize the full business value of your data using our expertly customized modules. We provide skill-based training as well as certification training to our clients.

  • Establishing Big Data Competencies

    We have the required experience and skills in working with some of the latest technologies including machine learning and deep analytics and we can help you to set up some of the trending big d ata competencies depending on your requirement and nature of your business.

  • Big Data Strategy

    Our experts can help you identify and discover the required big data strategy. We can also access and classify the information based on the types of data structure.

  • Big Data Engineering

    Our data engineering services help clients to reduce operational costs, speed up new product development, and discover new revenue and information sources. We have the required experience of working with enterprise data lakes, cloud platforms, ingestion pipelines, big data integration for structured and unstructured data.

  • Managed Services

    We have the required skills and bandwidth to provide our clients with a series of managed services including 24/7 monitoring, maintenance of Hadoop Distribution in both cloud and local environments. We can also provide dedicated project managers and onsite support as per the client's requirements.

  • Big Data Knowledge Partner Services

    Big Data is still in its initial stages and it is important to have an experienced partner to help you through all the processes. We will ensure that all your requirements for the big data initiative will be met at the right time.

Big Data Lake Consulting We Offer

We believe in providing our clients with the best quality services as we understand the importance of big data analytics in the modern business world and how it impacts the decision making of an organization. To ensure that the big data pools project is implemented in a smooth manner, we stress on making use of some of the latest tools and technologies as a part of our consultations.

  1. Technology Consulting

    • Data Ingestion technologies - Kafka, NiFi; Streaming data ingestion tools - Flume, Spark Streaming
    • NoSQL Database design and management - Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Neo4J
    • Warehouse Data management tools - Hive
    • Workflow Management tools - Oozie and Luigi
    • Query Layer tools - Pig, HiveQL, Phoenix, Spark SQL, Presto
    • Security and Governance layer - Sentry, Ranger, Atlas
    • Software Programming - Spark, Map Reduce
    • ML tools - Python MLlib, Mahoot, R
    • Federation Tools - Apache Drill
    • Enterprise Search tools - Solr
  2. Solutions Consulting

    • Architecture of Big Data Lakes
    • Data Ingestion design criteria for disparate sources
    • Data Governance and consumption solutions
    • Downstream analytics use case solution approach
  3. Corporate Training

    • Basic Level - onboarding Big Data Engineers and Data Scientists
    • Intermediate Level - Tool specific training and solution design
    • Advanced Level - Solution Architecting and Development using Big Data Platform and ML tools

Our Data Science Team

Our team comprises of some of the most talented and experienced data science specialists who are capable of handling any of the client's requirements. We have over a decade of experience in delivering big data lakes services and consulting in machine learning and deep learning. Our team's expertise covers -

  • Big Data solutions and cloud hosting of SaaS services
  • Adept in image and text-based mining solutions
  • End-to-end machine learning-based automation solutions
  • Cognitive computing and deep learning
  • Partner assisting organizations in data science maturity
  • Predictive analytics

Our Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Process

Our team of data scientists follows a highly streamlined and systematic process while delivering big data pools solutions to our clients. We ensure that we deliver the best quality services within a quick turnaround time and help clients in their decision making at the right times. The key steps in our process are listed here -

  • Analysis

    We initiate a streamlined and systematic analysis of the data at your organization which will lead us to formulate a proper roadmap. The analysis is carried out on the information about the customers, decisions, data, and analytics at the organization.

  • Road Map

    After all the information is carefully analyzed by our team, a systematic and clear roadmap for data science solutions are rolled out.

A typical process journey for any data science project usually follows the following steps -

A scalable data infrastructure is designed and developed

Demonstrator use cases are identified and implemented

Structured and unstructured data repositories are created

Internal and external data sources are added

The internal team is empowered with data science skill-sets

Advanced analytics is enabled on the pooled data

AI and Machine Learning use cases are designed

New opportunities for limiting customer attrition, customer delight, acquiring more customers, growing the share of wallet for existing customers are generated

Client Success Stories

We have served several clients across the globe and received great reviews on the all the projects we have delivered. Some of the projects we have worked on include -

O2I Created a Data Storage and Processing Infrastructure for a Banking Group

A leading Indian banking group was looking for a data science partner who could help them create a centralized data processing and storage infrastructure. Our team at O2I developed the required infrastructure within a quick turnaround time.

O2I Architected an Open Source Analytics Workbench for a Bank

A leading banking organization was looking for a reliable data science service provider who could create an open source analytics workbench by making use of their in-house structured and unstructured data. Our team provided them with the required services within a quick time.

O2I Developed a Big Data Platform for Document Processing Automation

A leading banking organization was looking for a service provider who could develop a big data-based platform which would help them to automate the document processing. Our team of data science experts developed the platform incorporating all the requirements of the client.

O2I Identified High-value Transaction Parties for a Bank

A leading banking group was looking for a data science service provider who could provide them with the information of high value transaction parties and approach them as potential clients. Our team of experts provided the client with the required information and helped them to identify their potential clients.

Why Choose Us for Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services?

We are a highly advanced company with an unwavering focus on data science. We have been in the industry for a long time and understand the requirements of the client with ease. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  1. Affordable Pricing

    We use some of the most efficient data lakes consulting and solutions processes which allow us to provide competitive pricing on services and consulting

  2. Expert Team of Data Scientists

    Our team comprises of industry experts with comprehensive knowledge on latest and greatest of in the big data technology space

  3. Multi-domain Expertise

    We have the required skills and experience to provide a solution to clients from multiple domains and our solutions are customized to suit that industry

  4. Several Patents

    We have issued 9 US Patents in Data Science and another 12 patent applications are filed

  5. Quality Services

    We follow all stages of testing that a solution should undergo before it is deployed in the production environment. Quality assurance is embedded in each of the stages to ensure that we deliver only the best quality solutions

  6. Infrastructure

    The infrastructure is recommended by our consultants after due diligence and requirements study and will be based on the solution blueprint, infrastructure sizing, on-premises versus cloud, open source versus proprietary, software selection, bridges of existing software, etc.

  7. Highly Qualified Top Management

    Our founders and top management have PhDs from Ivy League Universities combined with decades of industry experience

  8. Data Security Measures

    All the required security guidelines are followed to ensure that all the data is completely safe and is accessible only to authorized personnel. Our solutions can integrate with third-party applications and can be hosted on various cloud setup - Internal, External, or Hybrid

Outsource Big Data Lakes Solutions and Consulting Services to Us

Outsource2india has been leading provider of big data lakes solutions and consulting in India and a host of data science services to global clients. Our team comprises of some of the most skilled and experienced data scientists who are trained to cater to all the requirements of the client. We have trained in Big Data and Data Science teams from all large private organizations in India, and multiple large Government finance institutions, in topics such as Machine Learning, Big Data Engineering, Text mining, Social Network Analytics, Streaming Analytics, etc.

If you are looking for an efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and accurate big data lakes solutions and consulting service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

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