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Data Analytics Application Development Services

Outsource Data Analytics Application Development Services

We use big data analytics application development and big data integration services to accelerate the growth of your company and improve your day-to-day operations

Big data application development is hugely beneficial in today's business landscape. Its integrations increase a firm's operational effectiveness dramatically, while also providing significant revenue generation.

Outsource2india's analytics app development engineers are experienced with designing and implementing software harnessing big data solutions.

Data Analytics Application Development Services We Offer

With 10+ years' experience, O2I has grown into a specialized firm when it comes to handling massive data sets. Backed with leading-edge big data technologies, the team builds strategic solutions which align with the goals of our clients.

Our services include -

  1. Data Storage

    Data Storage

    Most of our customers come to O2I with the problem of storing, managing, and retrieving a lot of data. We help them select the best, most efficient way of storing, depending on the amount, speed, and variety of data.

  2. Data Visualization

    Data Visualization

    The data visualization solutions that we provide enable our clients to add additional dimensions to their presentations and show the critical statistics in a consolidated way.

  3. Data Management

    Data Management

    Our solutions to manage big data helps you to efficiently migrate, store, replicate, and analyze data. We leverage proven data management technologies to ensure that our customers can maintain their data in well-organized, easy to access, and secure location.

  4. Predictive Analysis

    Predictive Analysis

    Data mining solutions combined with statistical analytics and automated machine learning algorithms assist our customers to uncover invaluable data that works in their favor. We provide solutions that thoroughly but rapidly analyze all data from the specified sources.

  5. Cloud Computing

    Cloud Computing

    Depending on budget and data security levels, we recommend our customers choose either a private or hybrid cloud storage option, allowing them to scale up or down storage capabilities depending on their needs.

  6. Big Data Application Development

    Big Data Application Development

    As a data analytics app development company, we provide deep learning algorithms that will make sure that your company's forecasts are as accurate as possible.

  7. Custom Big Data Integration

    Custom Big Data Integration

    We offer big data integration services that provide you with a single view of critical data from different sources, all in one place.

  8. Maintenance and Support

    Maintenance and Support

    For your data analytics app development services, we offer professional maintenance and support like updating software or adding new users. Our team also performs periodic maintenance checks.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Data Analytics Application Development Services?

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    Our analytics services pricing is specifically designed to fit the different budgets of our customers. We offer very affordable and flexible pricing options.

  • Individual Pricing

    Whether you are looking for time-and-materials-based pricing or fixed-price, our analytics app development team can deliver pricing models tailored to your business needs.

  • Use of the Latest Analytics Tools

    O2I is a leading data analytics and business analytics services provider and uses every possible tool to offer expert services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Created a Big Data Platform to Automate the Processing of Documents

O2I Created a Big Data Platform to Automate the Processing of Documents

A leading banking firm was looking for specialized help to automate its document processing workflow. Our team of data scientists designed and implemented a big data-based platform for the client within a quick time.

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O2I Designed and Implemented an Analytics Platform for a Finance Provider

O2I Designed and Implemented an Analytics Platform for a Finance Provider

A leading bank was looking to partner with a reliable and experienced data science firm to create an open-source analytics platform for their unstructured and structured data. We provided the required services and solutions within a quick turnaround time.

Read the case study

Outsource Analytics Application Development Services to Outsource2India

Outsourcing firms are equipped to manage data gathering, processing, and analytics, along with automating processes, in order to provide invaluable insights. As a data analytics app development company, we can help you make optimal decisions, uncover insights from large data sets, and discover the correlations and connections needed to meet business needs.

Do you want your company to get the best from the massive user data pools? If so, contact us immediately to receive your custom, efficient analytics solutions.

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