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Medical Transcription Services

HL7-Integrated Medical Transcription Services

Enhance your EHR with our certified medical transcription services-seamless data flow, impeccable accuracy, and elevated healthcare interoperability.

Our transcription services are tailored to align with Health Level Seven International (HL7) interoperability standards, streamlining the exchange of vital health information and optimizing EMR integration. By adhering to the HL7 messaging framework, we ensure that the transcribed data is precisely formatted for efficient absorption into healthcare IT ecosystems, addressing common pain points such as data silos and manual data entry errors.

We specialize in the complexities of HL7 transactions, from CDA and FHIR standards to ADT and ORM messages. This technical proficiency allows us to enhance the Continuity of Care Document, directly impacting clinical efficiency and patient care quality. Our commitment to upholding the latest HL7 standards mitigates compliance risks, enabling seamless Meaningful Use adherence and workflow optimization for our clients.

Streamline your clinical data management and enhance patient care with our integrated transcription services. Contact us today to elevate your EMR capabilities and resolve data interoperability challenges. Let's achieve seamless healthcare communication together.

Our Specialized Professional Medical Transcription Services

Our transcription specialists are trained across a wide spectrum of medical fields, ensuring every transcription is cognizant of the latest in medical practice and research. We help streamline the documentation process, empowering healthcare professionals to elevate patient care.

  • Radiology Transcription Services

    Radiology Transcription Services

    Our transcriptionists are adept in radiological lexicon, delivering reports that seamlessly integrate with Picture Archiving and Communication System (PARS) and Radiology Information System (RIS), enhancing radiologists' efficiency and diagnostic capabilities.

  • Pathology Transcription Services

    Pathology Transcription Services

    Our services leverage the NLP technology to ensure precise transcription of complex medical terminologies. NLP not only reduces errors but also captures nuanced information, enhancing the quality of pathology reports. By understanding context and language variations, our services greatly improve patient care.

  • Ophthalmology Transcription Services

    Ophthalmology Transcription Services

    Our transcriptions are attuned to the detailed nature of ophthalmic care, ensuring that each visual field analysis and surgical note is accurately captured for patient records.

  • EMR Transcription Services

    EMR Transcription Services

    Our robust transcription processes ensure data integrity and are customized to support the diverse array of EMR platforms, contributing to enhanced patient care management.

  • Cardiology Transcription Services

    Cardiology Transcription Services

    Tailored to the cardiology domain, our transcription services encompass the full spectrum of cardiac care, from outpatient evaluations to complex catheterization procedures. Our services entail seamless EHR and EMR integration along with end-to-end interventional cardiology procedures, cardiac rehabilitation, and cardiac screenings.

  • Neurology Transcription Services

    Neurology Transcription Services

    Our precision in documenting neurological care extends to capturing intricate details of EEG, EMG, and sleep studies, vital for comprehensive neurological patient management.

  • Deaf Transcription Services

    Deaf Transcription Servicesn

    Dedicated to inclusivity, our transcriptions for the deaf are crafted to bridge communication gaps. Our advanced visual recognition and sign language interpretation technologies accurately transcribe sign language into written text to ensure better accessibility.

  • Psychiatry Transcription Services

    Psychiatry Transcription Services

    Our transcriptions in psychiatry guarantee the highest discretion, providing clinicians with detailed records that support ongoing mental healthcare and therapeutic interventions. Whether using a gadget or direct dictations into our secure system, we ensure easy capture of your notes.

  • Physical Therapy Transcription Services

    Physical Therapy Transcription Services

    Our services document the full scope of physical therapy—from initial evaluations to discharge planning - ensuring a continuum of care that is informed by detailed patient progress.

  • Chiropractic Transcription Services

    Chiropractic Transcription Services

    We specialize in chiropractic terminology, providing transcriptions that accurately reflect each adjustment technique and therapeutic approach for optimal patient care documentation. The scope of our services covers a range of treatments, from CMT to comprehensive maintenance care plans.

  • Gastroenterology Transcription Services

    Gastroenterology Transcription Services

    Our transcriptions detail patient assessments and endoscopic findings, delivering comprehensive documentation that is essential for digestive disease management and interventional procedures.

Clinical Specialty-Focused Online Medical Transcription Services

Embracing the nuances of each clinical specialty, our online transcription services bridge the gap between medical knowledge and practice, ensuring that every document accurately reflects the specialized care provided.

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 Anaesthesiology Transcription Services
 Internal Medicine Transcription Services
 Surgery Transcription Services
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 HL7 Transcription Services
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 Medical Reports Transcription Services
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 Genetics Transcription Services
 Pain Management Transcription Services
 Rehabilitation Transcription Services
 Virtual Medical Scribing Services
 Patient Charting Services
 Physician Assistant Virtual Scribing Services
 Urology Transcription Services
 History and Physical Notes Transcription Services
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 BSL Interpreting Services

Refined Operational Process for Medical Transcription Solutions


01. Dictation Options

As the first step, we let our clients choose from various convenient options such as digital dictation machines, toll free numbers, secure cell phone dictation, conference call recording, or a user friendly cell phone app.


02. Audio Recording Submission

In the next step, our team safely submits audio files through a browser based Dropbox, secure FTP, or directly into your EMR system for seamless transfer.


03. Expert Transcription

Our skilled transcriptionists accurately transcribe audio recordings into written text, leveraging their medical knowledge and expertise.


04. Quality Assurance

Rigorous three level quality assurance ensures maximum accuracy, grammar correctness, punctuation, and adherence to formatting guidelines.


05. Secure File Delivery

In the final step, transcribed documents are securely delivered through a browser based Dropbox, secure FTP, or direct integration into your EMR system for easy access.

The Wide-Ranging Perks of Our Healthcare Transcription Services

Our services act as a strategic tool for healthcare data management, providing an interoperable format for information exchange that enhances collaborative treatment efforts. We help transform the way healthcare providers access, retrieve, and use patient data for clinical decision-making.

  • Improved Accuracy

    Our transcription services employ advanced language processing technologies and rigorous quality control protocols, ensuring that each document reflects precise medical terminology, reducing the margin for error and enhancing patient care outcomes.

  • Quick Processing of Claims

    By delivering meticulously transcribed medical records, we enable swift and accurate claims processing, facilitating timely reimbursements and optimizing revenue cycle management for healthcare providers.

  • Makes Documentation Easier

    Our transcription solutions streamline the documentation process, offering user-friendly interfaces and seamless EMR integrations that simplify record-keeping and enhance accessibility for healthcare practitioners.

  • Cost Saving

    Outsourcing transcription to our specialized services eliminates the overhead associated with in-house transcription, offering a cost-effective alternative that reduces operational expenses without compromising on quality or security.

  • Save On Time and Effort

    Our efficient transcription workflow minimizes the time and effort required by medical professionals to manage patient documentation, freeing them to focus on patient care and other critical clinical responsibilities.

Our Meticulous Medical Dictation Reports

Our reports reflect our dedication to precision, delivering documentation that stands as a critical component in patient history and treatment analysis. Each report serves as an essential instrument for medical reviews, billing, and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Follow-up Notes Transcription Services

    We ensure that nuanced clinical information, from incremental dosage adjustments to subtle symptom shifts, is captured with technical accuracy, providing a reliable basis for longitudinal health informatics and patient care optimization.

  • Patient Charting Services

    Our detailed charting captures essential data points for quality metrics and healthcare analytics, facilitating robust population health management and contributing to large-scale medical research initiatives.

  • Medical Reports Transcription Services

    By translating diagnostic imaging and pathology reports with technical precision, we ensure that each transcription aids in the meticulous construction of a patient's comprehensive health profile necessary for advanced diagnostic algorithms.

  • Operative Reports Transcription

    Our transcriptions of operative narratives include detailed accounts of surgical site conditions and procedural adaptations, essential for postoperative care planning and for contributing to surgical databases used in outcome studies.

  • Discharge Summary Transcription

    We craft discharge summaries that serve as a detailed blueprint for post-discharge care, accurately reflecting patient progress and therapeutic interventions, critical for ensuring continuity of care across healthcare ecosystems.

Why Choose Us as Your Medical Transcription Service Provider?

Our transcription solutions integrate seamlessly into your workflow and contribute to the overall enhancement of healthcare delivery. We stand out in this field by continuously investing in technology and talent to meet the exacting needs of modern medicine.

  • API/SFTP Functionality

    Our API integration facilitates real-time updating of transcriptions directly into client applications, minimizing manual entry errors and optimizing clinical workflows. SFTP protocols are employed to ensure that large volumes of transcription data are exchanged over a secure channel, maintaining data integrity, and preventing unauthorized access.

  • HIPAA/GDPR/CCPA Compliance

    We maintain a robust compliance framework, conducting regular audits and updates in line with evolving guidelines, ensuring our transcription services remain at the forefront of patient data stewardship. Our compliance efforts include staff training, data encryption, and incident response planning to mitigate potential breaches effectively.

  • Geofencing Capabilities

    Geofencing technology is integrated to enforce data access policies based on user location, providing an additional layer of security that is particularly beneficial for clients operating in multiple jurisdictions with varying data protection laws. This capability allows for precise control of sensitive health information, aligning with corporate security mandates.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our team is trained in technical troubleshooting and user support, providing not just answers but also proactive guidance to optimize the transcription service experience. The availability of support across time zones ensures that operational continuity for global healthcare providers.

  • Team Accounts

    Team accounts are designed with hierarchy and permission settings, enabling secure and structured access control within healthcare organizations. This feature allows administrators to assign roles, track user activity, and manage transcription workflows effectively at scale.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

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Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Medical Transcription Services to A Leading Healthcare Research Firm

US Based Healthcare Research & Consulting Firm Approached our team for Medical Transcription Services.

Read how we leveraged our extensive industry experience to deliver impeccable outputs. We started by carefully handpicking the experts who would work on these projects. We could assemble a sizeable team that would meet the client's demands in no time.

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Case Study on Rehabilitation Transcription Services

Our Team Provided Comprehensive Rehabilitation Transcription Services To Assist a Client Move To New HER Software.

We delivered high performing rehab transcription reports and synced those as per the EHR software requirements. The client achieved a few benefits by working with us, including increased revenue by 40%, reduced operating cost by 35%, and a significant fall in backlogs and errors.

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Outsource Medical Transcription Services to Us


As ever my very sincere thanks for your ongoing support of this practice, your excellent transcription services are greatly appreciated and valued.

Chief Physiotherapist,
Physiotherapy Centre,Dublin,Ireland
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Outsourcing medical transcription service to us translates into significant operational efficiencies, as our transcriptionists bring a deep understanding of medical terminology across subspecialties, from oncology to pediatrics. This expertise, combined with our rigorous data protection protocols, ensures that all transcribed documents adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and confidentiality, crucial for maintaining patient trust and compliance with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) Act.

Our transcription process is optimized with speech recognition and natural language processing, allowing us to handle large volumes of dictations with a quick TAT. By integrating directly with your Health Information Systems, we streamline the transfer of transcribed reports, reducing administrative bottlenecks and enhancing the overall efficiency of your medical record-keeping. Thus, our clients can reallocate resources to more critical patient-focused initiatives, secure in the knowledge that their documentation needs are being expertly managed.

Transform your clinical documentation with ease and confidence. Speak to our specialists and learn how our bespoke transcription services can support your healthcare objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Are Medical Transcription Services Priced?

Our medical transcription services adopt a transparent pricing structure that varies with the complexity and volume of work, tailored to deliver cost-effective solutions.

Which Audio Formats Can Be Transcribed?

We accommodate a diverse range of audio formats, from common files like MP3 and WAV to more specialized formats, ensuring compatibility and transcription precision.

Is Patient Data Kept Confidential in Transcription Services?

Patient data security is paramount; we adhere to HIPAA standards to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of all patient information.

Can Transcription Services Integrate with My Current EMR System?

Our transcription services are designed for easy integration with various EMR systems, enhancing your existing practice management workflows.

What Criteria Should I Use to Select a Medical Transcription Provider?

Choosing a transcription provider requires verifying HIPAA compliance, assessing industry-specific experience, and confirming adaptability to your documentation needs.

What is the Cost Range for Medical Transcription Services?

The cost for medical transcription services is determined by the project's scope, with options available to suit different financial considerations without compromising quality.

Will I Receive Comprehensive Support with Transcription Services?

We provide full-scale support throughout the transcription process, ensuring a seamless experience from the initial recording to the final document delivery.