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Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) Billing Services

Outsource ASC Billing Services

Our ASC billing solution brings maximum value by helping you with billing, filling, and collection of dues to optimize revenue starting at $1280/FTE per month

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in offering high-quality ambulatory surgery center billing, coding, and other ASC add-on solutions for ASC billing centers. The ASC medical billing services we provide streamline invoice payment, on-time reimbursements, and care coordination to make billing seem like clockwork. With a core team of professional ASC billing service providers certified by the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC), they bring professional experience in ICD 9, CPT, and HCPCS to the forefront so the problems in billing can be overcome with correct modifiers and underpayment evaluation besides managing ASC billing to improve revenue.

Outsource2india is a top ASC billing service provider with experienced billers who specialize in billing, coding, claim submission, eligibility verification, and so on. They use billing software to ensure accuracy in the process and leave no reasons that lead to denials. We make sure to get your claims accepted in the first pass.

ASC Billing Services We Offer

Over the last 25 years, Outsource2india has branded itself as a top provider of ASC Billing services in India. Being an ASC billing service providing company with growth goals, we provide comprehensive ASC medical billing services using advanced billing software that includes -

  1. Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

    Fee Schedule Review and Analysis

    The fee schedule isn't a one-time process, it needs constant evaluation so that charges sent to the insurer aren't less than the permitted limits. So effective fee schedule review is critical in revenue cycle optimization. We review all insurance contracts and amend data to maximize reimbursement cost-effectively.

  2. Medical Eligibility Verification

    Medical Eligibility Verification

    We will verify the eligibility of each patient to ensure that they are eligible for the ASC services and whether they have valid coverage before the patient visit. We also check if the claims are authentic.

  3. Charge Posting

    Charge Posting

    Since your reimbursement depends much on entered charges, we will take over the charge entry services where your patient account needs to be created and assigned a value as per the fee schedule. This ensures zero error in the charge capture and entry process.

  4. Claim Submission

    Claim Submission

    We are the ASC billing service provider you can trust because our team has in-depth knowledge of the claim submission. We will help you determine the value you will get reimbursed from the insurer. Our team will validate the claims data and submit the same in time.

  5. Payment Posting

    Payment Posting

    Get a single view of EOB, payments from patients, ERA, and insurance checks on your medical billing software. O2I's medical billing team will enter the charges into the medical billing software to give a complete picture of financials in medical practice. We will also post the payment and match it with the actual.

  6. Coding


    We convert medical services, procedures, diagnoses, and other processes into universal medical codes as per the schedule to help accelerate billing and payment fulfillment. We work with agility and complete the task sooner than any other providers.

  7. Account Receivables Management

    Account Receivables Management

    If you want to have a running capital, we'll make sure availability of funds by capturing payment from patients and insurers. Our team will not only notify the patients to make the payments owed but also ensure that the captured amount is settled and reconciled.

  8. Incoming Patient Calls

    Incoming Patient Calls

    If you want a hotline managed to help patients with billing and payment queries, we have you covered. Our team can manage incoming patient calls by reducing the number of rings it takes before the calls flow into the voicemail. We also notify the patients when they can expect a callback.

  9. Payer Collection

    Payer Collection

    Collections entail a labyrinthine process where you must mail medical bills on time and follow up on patients with delinquent accounts and after payment is settled, the information must be updated. This is the reason why many hospitals and ASC turn to ASC Billing Company like us. We are the best providers of ASC medical Billing Services in India with extensive knowledge of the payer collection process.

  10. Patient Statement Preparation and Mailing

    Patient Statement Preparation and Mailing

    Most practices that undertake patient statement preparation and mailing incur expenses of over $2 per statement. This is a lot of money that you can save by outsourcing the bulk of your statement preparation. By outsourcing ASC billing services to O2I, you get rid of hassles while our professionals complete the task in no time.

  11. Denial Review and Management

    Denial Review and Management

    Claims denied? No problem, Outsource2india can help you with denial review and management which comes as an add-on when you outsource ASC billing services. What it means is you get the best medical billing experts to relook your application and fix issues that are contributing to the denial. After this step, the claims are resubmitted successfully. All that without incurring high charges per application.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Billing (ASC) Billing Process We Follow

O2I's ASC billing is done with maximum transparency and precision. The methodology adopted by us for outsourcing ASC billing services is as follows -


01. Requirement Gathering

When clients contact us for ASC billing, we look at their needs and assess the status of AR, revenue stream, and other records in the database to get a complete picture of their challenges


02. ASC Billing

We assign the task of billing to the ASC professionals and ensure they complete it in time


03. Validation of Billing Data

After completion of ASC billing, we validate the data to check for correctness of records. Our quality control team takes exceptional care to ensure the accuracy of data


04. Report Dispatch

The client will be sent a detailed report that summarizes all billing activities that has been performed

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource ASC Medical Billing Services to O2I?

Choosing our ASC billing service presents your practice with several benefits and not just a few. So choosing us over other ASC Billing companies brings you the following advantages -

  • Value for money

    Our ASC billing services offer incredible value for money. If you aren't cash-strapped like many larger companies, you can opt for economical services to extract maximum value.

  • Patient Data Security

    Being a top ASC billing company, we put our client's data safety above everything else. We ensure that the data is in top shape and is safe while with us.

  • Error-free Services

    Accuracy is everything in ASC medical billing services, and having records that have errors will not be considered for processing. So we take great care to work with legit data so the application is accepted in the first pass.

  • Experienced Team

    O2I's ASC billing services are handled by a team who has a cumulative experience of 30+ years. It should assure you that we have an experience that is of great value to you.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Speed is a key factor in our service. We are a top ASC billing service provider because we have the best resources and technology that when combined work to ensure 100% success.

  • Scalable Services

    Our services are scalable so you won't experience any issues when you need to scale the services.

  • All-round Support

    If you need support for services, we'll give you the best through our agents. You may reach our support by any means feasible and they will clarify your concerns with patience and attention to detail.

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Outsource your ASC Billing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is reputed in medical billing and has consistently offered high-quality ASC billing services. Our solutions have helped many clients in reducing burnout, revenue loss, and productivity loss. We help clients to secure dues owed to them by insurers and patients in time to keep a running balance at all times. So you want to have a healthier RCM, then there is no need to look past O2I.

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