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Charge Entry Services

Outsource Charge Entry Services

Robust and cost-efficient charge entry services to transmit clean claims and get maximum reimbursement for individual practitioners, hospitals, and clinics starting at $1280/month

Are charge entry tasks keeping your front office professionals occupied? Are you tired of dealing with claim denial due to errors? Is your practice missing coordination between charge entry and coding professionals? Declutter the bottleneck by outsourcing medical billing charge entry services to professionals whom you can trust. With shrewdness in assigning the correct dollar value as per the fee schedule, we can accelerate the claim and reimbursement process to quickly grow your revenue.

Outsource2india's charge entry services are specially designed to streamline revenue cycle management of companies. The charge entry process is carried out by considering account specific rules for various specialties. This will greatly enhance your revenue as we will ensure that only clean claims are transmitted to insurers.

Charge Entry Services We Offer

We can turn around your requirements faster than other providers. You will be amazed by the agility and accuracy of our charge entry services without stretching your budget. Our auditing experts will ensure that only a clean claim is transmitted so that the reimbursements can reflect the actual cost of a physician's service. O2I's medical billing charge entry services include the following -

  1. Billing Data Capture

    Billing Data Capture

    Capturing the billing data is a critical process that demands precision avoid delays and denial in claims. We at Outsource2india have experienced a team of billers who are adept at account specific rules for most specialties. The gathered information is consolidated and verified against invoices to ensure that the charge entry is error-free.

  2. Comparison and Mapping the Physician Charge

    Comparison and Mapping the Physician Charge

    A patient account is created in the medical billing system and based on the account-specific rules we will compare the physician charges with the pre-determined fee schedule. The amount eligible as per the fee schedule is entered in the patient account along with all supporting documents that justify the claim. You will be notified if the documents are partial or erroneous.

  3. Capturing Patient Demography Data

    Capturing Patient Demography Data

    Patient demography data collection can be availed as a bundled or standalone service. Our services can plug the leak in your revenue stream by ensuring that your patient data is accurate. This will enable you to get in touch for sending notification and charge entry follow-up.

  4. Billing Data Audit

    Billing Data Audit

    We have specialized teams to carry out auditing. The invoices and documents will be checked for quality so that it will enable you to secure assured value through reimbursements. The charge entry is closely audited to spot potential gaps and strengthen them before the document is transmitted.

  5. Submission of Claims

    Submission of Claims

    After through-and-through verification, the claim documents will be dispatched by ensuring that the coded entries are CPT, HCPCS, and ICD compliant. The bill will be prepared without errors and submitted in the format prescribed by the insurance companies. This will guarantee maximum reimbursement in quick TAT.

Charge Entry Services Process We Follow

We are not alien to rules and compliances behind medical billing and charge entry services. Empowering our growth is a close-knit collaboration with our clients. This gives an incredible amount of flexibility to gather, process, and transmit a large number of claims without fuss. Our transparent charge entry process is as follows -


01. Document Aggregation

We will collect and consolidate scattered documents that include patient authorization, invoices, reports, etc.


02. Preliminary Assessment

We will scrub documents to ensure that paperwork is complete and error-free. If documents are pending or on hold, we will send a notification requesting action


03. Submission of Claims

Once the charge entry services meet the prescribed quality, we will reorder files and dispatch the same to insurers in the right format


04. Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

We will fetch the EOB provided by the insurer and furnish the same to your team for further action or documentation


05. Denial Management

We provide denial management support to resolve challenges that arise when claims return unfulfilled


06. Reporting and Feedback

We will compile reports so that you can learn more about the process. We will also request your feedback to understand your satisfaction with the service levels

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Why Outsource Charge Entry Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india's charge entry services are not only accurate but also reliable at a budget you won't have to cope with. Our services will save you the time & money otherwise spent on remedying denied claims. With a focused strategy, we can help you get paid faster without hiring dedicated people to charge entry tasks. Outsource medical billing charge entry services for the following reasons -

  • Certified Charge Entry Services Company

    Outsourc2india is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited charge entry company that is also a HIPAA compliant. We are experts at charge entry and can document data with precision like no other.

  • Data Security

    Outsource2india employs people who are signatories of a non-disclosure agreement to handle your confidential data. Our strictest healthcare data security laws can fiercely protect your data from unauthorized elements.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The quality of the charge entry process will leave your feeling awed. We leave no stone unturned during the execution of charge entry so that any contributing factor for claims denial will be taken care of before the problem precipitates.

  • Short Turnaround

    When it comes to turnaround time there is no other brand that can keep up with the speed of Outsource2india. We can complete charge entry, verification, and dispatch of claims within quick turnaround time. How fast you ask? 30% quicker than the competition.

  • Scalability

    Outsourcing charge entry services can be the best choice if scalability matters to your practice. We can scale up or down based on your needs to streamline revenue cycle management. Tell us about your needs and we can customize the charge entry services accordingly.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    You will be blown away by our rates because we offer charge entry services at an unbelievable price that you will not be able to ignore. Get in touch with us and get a special price.

  • Single-point Contact

    We can assign a dedicated contact person who can bring you fresh and timely updates from the charge entry professionals. Get all your concerns addressed by sending your queries or pinging our agent through your preferred medium.

  • Experienced Team of Charge Entry Agents, Project Managers, IT Personnel

    Our team comprises of expert charge entry agents who come with 10+ years of experience in the charge entry process and several other healthcare services. Trust us with confidence and you can multiply your savings in no time.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We prefer to work with the latest and robust infrastructure. Therefore, we use intelligent software, hardware, and security systems that combinedly ensure that charge entry services are completed in the most fluid manner.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Sending and receiving data is not only safe but also time-saving if your choice is SFTP or VPN. This is because unlike the regular Internet our networks are monitored with accuracy.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can get in touch with our skilled contact center agents for help or reports. You can reach us via your preferred means be it a phone call, email, or webchat. Our agent support is open to all clients on a 24/7/365 basis.

Client Success Stories

O2I Delivered Charge and Patient Demographics Entry for Georgian Client

Outsource2india Delivered Charge and Patient Demographics Entry for Georgian Client

Outsource2india process 1200 claims a month for US clients. Our service was delivered with 98% accuracy and the client was elated with the outcome.

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O2I Provided Charge and Demographic Entry by Using Karo Software to a US-based Client

O2I Provided Charge and Demographic Entry by Using Karo Software to a US-based Client

With 98% accuracy and 45% cost-saving, the client was happy with Outsourc2india's charge and demographic entry service. We processed 17000+ claims in a month to meet their goal.

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I wanted to inform you of what a great job O2I is doing for our firm. Vinoth Kumar and his team have done amazing work and are extremely reliable. We consider O2I a part of our strategic plans moving forward. Initially, we needed to get a feel of your services and expertise to move forward on other enterprise accounts, and now we have the confidence in doing so. Thank you to you for all the help over the year!

Managing Director,
Medical Billing Company, USA
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Outsource Charge Entry Services to O2I

If you are contemplating to outsource medical billing charge entry, turn to Outsource2india. With 25 years of experience in healthcare BPO, there is nobody better than us who can understand your challenges better. Our medical coding and billing services are a notch above the rest because of the quality. We know what practices prefer and have just the solution to improve your chance of getting reimbursed. When it comes to pricing our rates are simply unrivaled. You can customize the charge entry services to your preference and get the best ROI. Our service and accompanying support will guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Reach us now if you require charge entry services to streamline your revenue cycle management.

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